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Dude living in Michigan. Been writing since middle school. I love games and playing piano. Married to a lovely artist.

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Welp, consider me interested.

Sorry, didn't read the story. Not really interested (no offense, not my cup of tea), but you really should at the very least credit Pusspuss for that cover art. Common courtesy is to ask for permission first. Considering that cover art is already being used for a story by one his good friends, I think he deserves to know.

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"You didn't see the tent he was pitching? Because I sure did." Spitfire said with a grin.
^This line, right here. XD You've got me interested.

This comment section is 2edgy4me

Well, that escalated quickly.

Spitfire sure knows what she wants xD

Huh, alright I'll bite.

So, the secret Wonderbolt requirement is to be a pervert.

I don't have a problem with that.

6358413 Good because if you did I'd be in trouble. There's no defending that.

Why does this not have a sex tag?

I am loving all the anal and rimming in this story <3

Well...It seem like this is a standard issue clopfic...No real story, just fuck a lot.
Usually, if the story is clop. I prefer it having some proper story combine with good quality clop...So, not really my cup of tea here...

6395068 I prefer some story with most fics too, but to each their own. If you're looking for more plot though, let me recommend my other story, and offer the comments section as proof.

Well......That escalated very quickly.

"Wanna fuck?" Night Glider asked without moving.

"Yeah," Josh replied.

Well that escalated quickly.

Will there be some mare on mare tribbing or scissoring?

6401791 I checked the magic 8 ball and it said, "Outcome is likely."

:moustache: this needs a comic version of it ...TROLLESTIA APPROVES :trollestia:

This vacation really was going to be paradise.

I can sense something at Final chapter.

6457011 Depends on what you consider the "final" chapter.

There has to be a 4way orgy at some point

Mhm. . . Curious as to how this will end. . .

I need a shower......

This is getting better by the chapter ^^.

Ok, they are all changing, pretty obvious considering the carefree life and total lack of control they are having, how will they coup after vacation? They'll have to talk it out.

I have to say, a good chapter. I am looking forward to the next one. I like to know if they well be able to live without the others after the vacation? It seems to me they have formed attachments to one another.


He's going to be given a job in the wonderbolts.

"Taking it up the ass is hingry work!"
Spitfire is my favorite.

ok defiantly a story to keep a eye on.

Nuu, it's over! But I want so much more! XD Very well done man. I've loved every chapter. Can't wait to see what you do next. ^^

Aww I wanted MOAR damnit ....Snu Snu w/ rainbow seriously needs extended plz
Bonus chapta woo
Overall Definatly in my top three fav clopfics of all time
Dat humans libido is LEGENDARY !

the lord of all boners demand another sacrifice!

A super ending to a really good story good work.
I will be watching to see if you find time to work on a sequel.

6456990 What the hell was that?

I have to say that was a enjoyable story. It also had a happy ending. I look forward to your next story.


Eine Fortsetzung wäre schön lieb Autor zu sein, wäre es schön sei Dank !

This in German for you language noobs

6826987 Es sei denn, jemand zahlt mir.

"I hope he likes anal."

Umm.. okay :rainbowderp:
*takes out a bucket load of popcorn*
Do go on...

6456990 lol? :rainbowlaugh:

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