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Haha I don't even pass out before ten bears

1982040Lol bro, i'm 15, I don't know shit about bars or getting drunk!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Well it sometimes sucks and sumtimes it rocks so doubt try it

1982502Wasn't gonna try it at fifteen, Pinkie Promise! Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!:pinkiesmile:

Why the human tag. That ttag is only for when humans are in the story, and if the ponies are humanized. You don't need to use that tag for anthro stories.
Anyway, there is a group for anthro stories. It is called Anthropomorphics. Hope you join, and add your story.

1982512Already joined; and the tag says to use in case of Anthro ponies.....

Good if you get asked be the driver

Okay then.
There really needs to be an anthro tag. Human, and anthro are not the same thing, so a story with anthro ponies, and with no major human characters would not need the human tag. Unless you are using umamimis, and you are incorrectley using the word anthro to describe them.

1982537So lost...........but I see kinda what you mean...sorta

Sorry if I am confusing you. Basically anthro is not human, so unless there are humans that are important to your story the human tag is not needed.
Umamimis are basically just humans with vague pony features. This is really just humanized ponies, but i have seen some call that anthro, when it really is not.

Soarin wants to be Spitfire's slave?

Can't say I'm terribly surprised...

Addendum: And we need a damnable anthro tag already. There've got to be enough stories to warrant one by now!

1997579Well played......well played:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This is what happens when you get drunk you fell bad and somehow then when you wake up bam you some how got laid

1997764lol, I wouldn't know!

Bravo my friend, bravo.........but some form of matter is confusing me at this point.......are they human/ponies? because im having a hard time picturing thier physical characteristics.
Any who.............cheerio:moustache:

1997936Its Anthropomorphic characters. They're like ponies that walk, talk, and behave like humans, but still have fur, horns, and wings. Go check out this deviant art to get a good pic of it all

pleaz wright more its gitting good:pinkiehappy:

In the wise words of the Joker

MOAR TODAY!!! meh wants to see gilda scene like BADDLY

2026087I'm working on it! Excuse me princess!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

r.i.p. Michael Jackson. hes mucik is still great tho.

2026293Smooth Criminal is my favourite song by him! P.s. I'm a white boy too!

HEAL! how do u know imma girl?? i could be a guy...

lol jk, imma girl xD

ooooo yay nexts chappsy's out

2026578Se gusta, hermana?

Leg remember she attacked you with a knife and you reacted, it was self defense...now go "defend" yourself from that griffon:eeyup:

2027171I can't tell if you're insulting me, or if you're making a reference. And if it is a reference, it precedes me.

awsome :pinkiehappy: pleaz wright more the suspents is killing me

Giles is a bitch she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world she's a stupid bitch to all the little boys and girls. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder what would of happened if gildas eyes were bullet proof?:rainbowhuh:


*BF3 Medic runs into room* (American Side) "Don't worry I'm a medic." *Pulls out Defibs* CLEAR! *Shocks Legs with defib units, then drops down a medkit, and runs away into the game-ending sunset with theme in the background* Spitfire: Da fuq just happen?


Do you know how many times I did that in my head in each story I read? With the exact lines!? Lucky bastard :twilightangry2:


2026097 Were you just saying that just because, or referencing The Ledgend of Zelda show. If so then you deserve an internetz.

2028732Lol bro! I'm like Jesus in BF3 with my defib!

Follow,Favorite and a Like! Very well done, can't wait for the next installment :pinkiehappy:

please add more soon I want to know what happens :pinkiehappy:

Thanks to this reason, plus some nice music, I got to come up with 101 to brutally murder Gilda! Thanks!

When is your next chapter?! I NEED TO KNOW!

2138828Soon child.....soon. I'm on break this weak, so that means 1.) no parents, 2.) no school, and 3.) no homework

Needs some dialogue work. Different speaker is different paragraph. It makes it more organized.

2190029AHA! Someone finally posted fixes! Yes, I re-read this today, and see my plethora of mistakes

Update!! All my other favorites stories passed urs

2250784Wow...........I never realized how popular this was!:twilightoops::twilightoops:

2252181 rolf dude, look at ur veiws

Oh yeah, Sonic Rainboom. Not that it even mattered to me. I walked over to the supply closet and grabbed your broom.

why you gonna use my broom bro? did you break yours :facehoof:

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