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Dude living in Michigan. Been writing since middle school. I love games and playing piano. Married to a lovely artist.

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Well, I have a feeling the citizen of Equestria are about to face a new, massive threat (to their orifices). I truly want to see her break-in Rarity. As well as any others that defy her until she clams Celestia. I hope Chrysalis shows up as well.

10/10 Hot! L-O-V-E the cock and ball worship I hope this story continues!

This is pretty good. I am going to warn you though that since this seems to be a multiparter that it'll be easy to get discouraged in writing the rest. Since a lot of people tend to dislike rape fits l. Hence the 15/7 ratio

7335049 Well, I've already been paid to write the rest, so backing out isn't really an option. Honestly, though, I am having fun writing this one, so I don't think continuing will be a problem.

As for the like/dislike ratio, I've come to learn that people will downvote anything on this site that isn't straight, lesbian, or vanilla, and I've seen enough comments tell me that it's not the quality of my writing per se, but simply the subject matter. Whether that's fair or not doesn't matter to me, as long as people don't think I suck. XD

7335059 I'm fine with it, I tend to dislike rape fics (due to past run ins with the crime) but when I usually read them they then turn to consensual sex, but I don't care it's good so far

7335059 haha now it's 40 to 10nso shows what I know. And I didn't know this was a commission. I've just seen good rape fics get shit on so hard that the writers stop. Even though it was probably enjoyable for everyone else.

I... want Nightmare Moon to win. Why do I like this? Why is this my life?!

Not too fond of unquestionable rape myself, but even less fond of drive-by downvoting based on themes. And this was indeed written quite well, which is probably what should matter the most. Also, your prices are incredibly, ridiculously low.

7335059 glad to know you're continuing this it's very well written and I canthink wait to see more, do you perchance know when you will approximately be finished with the next chapter?

7336261 $5 for 2500 and $15 for 5000?

Yeah, that's mega cheap. Like, the leftover coins at the bottom of my wallet, cheap :rainbowlaugh:

Like a lot of other people, I charge per thousand words: $4-$6NZD. I've seen people charge $10-12USD per thousand words.

7338625 That commission sheet is outdated, and I'll change it once I've got this current batch done. No worries.

I don't know how people think this is a "bad" downvote ratio. For fetishy clop, this is a downright phenomenal rating very early on. I've seen waaaaay worse downvote ratios in just as good fics for foot fetish, fat fetish, foalcon... I guess people aren't into f's.

Either way, I quite enjoyed this, so far. Looking forward to more! I'm certainly hoping that NMM realizes how stupid it is to think that women (mares) only have a place of submission in the bedroom. I know she likes her new toy, but I sure would like to see her dominate Celestia with her more feminine side.

Just my two bits though! Keep up the good work!

7339368 Well it started out 15/7 so

Glad you like it!

Ooooooh awesome story, lets see where it takes us :duck:

and her new, mighty cock.

Right to the point, I see.

Great read I must say, even though rape fics generally makes me feel like more a shitty person that I already am.As a guy who was appropriately named, One-Pump Man, in freshman year of college, this appeals to me though.

Regarding your pricing do happen to accept Bitcoins or Pig's feet cuz I'm as broke as prostitute in Montana.

So long as it's Nightmare in control, I have no qualms with character abuse.

For a clopfic, this was surprisingly deep, with some actual fleshing out of the Luna/Celestia argument and the reason why the Nightmare imbued her with a shlong. It was, of course, very clopful as well. 10 outta 10, well done.

Absolutely love it. Please do more.

I'll upvote for now. That's stays or goes based on Tia's treatment. I love Moony, but I have no real wish to see her openly abuse her sister. The feeding thing is a good start

Please God, let this be a long story.

7342170 There will be nine chapters

7342390 Alright then! I usually don't follow these types of stories, but something about a villain being the perpetrator makes it easier, even more enjoyable, to read. I would've been disappointed if it ended here, but since it doesn't, I'm glad that the story so far has the buildup that it does.

Liked and followed, keep up the great work!


Liked, just because I enjoy the idea of Celestia being force-fed cake. (As if they'd have to force her.) :rainbowlaugh:

Without going into spoilers , can you say what kind of tone the remainder of the story is going to have? Like, will it all be this brutal, or will it be more moderate as time goes on and Celestia begins to enjoy her new role? :trollestia:

7346443 Hopefully the tone will remain somewhat consistent. I can't spoil any plot details, but Nightmare Moon is a villain, and I have no intention of making her any less evil. However, that doesn't mean she won't be sympathetic, so expect to see more of her little inner conflicts as the plot thickens.


> As the plot thickens

Well, thanks to the aforementioned cake force feeding, that should be soon, eh? :rainbowlaugh:

7340234 I fucking love your profile picture.

7339368 What's foalcon? Isn't that young ponies?


Sex with ponies that are younger than adolescents. We haven't seen a lot of adolescent ponies so just think CMC age or younger.

7359990 I love how one of the rules states nothing under 18 but yet this (Foalcon) is still widely popular.


From what I understand, it's because the laws regarding child pornography (which are in place to protect real life, actual minors, which no sane person would argue against) have some wiggle room regarding fantasy. Fictional pony children in the magical land of Equestria aren't protected. Although, just to be safe, I hear that anthro foalcon is a no-no, since they're even more humanized.

Personally, just like the rape contained in this fic, I have no moral qualms about people enjoying something that some might consider "sick," as long as it's only a fantasy. Again, just like this fic, although some people may take it too far, on occasion I even find both really hot, but you can rest assured that if I found someone attempting rape irl, I wouldn't be whipping my dick out, I'd be pulling out my CC and putting it to their temple and calling the cops. Same goes for all the other "weird" or even "wrong" stuff. As long as it's just a fantasy, and you never actually harm a real living thing or person, either directly or by supporting an industry that does (see: child/animal porn industries), I couldn't give less of a fuck what you get off to.

tl;dr It's allowed because of a moral grey area, and I happen to agree wholeheartedly with that decision.

7362862 I don't mean the fucking law xD

I mean when you write a story and send it off for submission one of the rules is "Nothing under 18" or something like that

7362901 It's only for anthro ponies. Normal foals are okay by site rules.


And I answered your question. That rule is in place because of the law. But Foalcon gets a pass because it falls under a gray area of fantasy. Maybe I lost you because I waxed political on the whys and what-for's and my opinion on the matter, but I said why it gets a pass. Because age of consent doesn't matter for cartoon horses in fictional porn. They have to put that rule there for actual cases of underage sex. I have a feeling if someone did an HiE fic with a pony having sex with a human child it'd get denied faster than you can say WTF.

7342390 I'm glad there's going to bend nine chapters, but first we need the second one. Could we possible get a progress bar?


Still waiting for more cock worshipping goodness...

You had everyones attention but the time to post a new chapter is fading fast. I wouldnt be surprised if it got 1/4 the views the first one got.

7457255 Good thing writing isn't a popularity contest then.

My story list is filled with ideas that barely got off the ground. I don't write for views. I write for the shared enjoyment of myself and others. The readers who like this fic will come back and like the next chapter whenever it updates.

Who said anything about popularity? Writing and posting this online is so you can share with as many people as possible. Now that you had your 15 seconds of front page fame, you blew the chance to update and ran. Its been over a month I say theres no excuses. Will others like me come back to read? Yeah. But your not getting the amount of viewers someone would want. I dont care, not my story. But you haven't updated. Other fans are antsy.

eh , to mean for me , but was still good....

Is this still alive?

Are you STILL alive?

RIP decent story, you had a bright future that was ripped from you.

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