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I love sporks. And I love soup. Those two things unfortunately don't go together very well.

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A fantastic start! I like how you portray these two like they really are, when you get down to it: Young teenagers still struggling with new feelings about themselves and others around them. It's easy to forget this sometimes because they're pretty much the eye of the storm for crazy stuff that keeps happening every week. Looking forward to more!

Wow, interesting start. I like it!

Interesting. I actually wanna follow this just for the story.

Came for the porn stayed for the plot
( not even making a pun)

Back again. I'd like to point out that two sentences in different paragraphs could be merged into one.

Twilight Sparkle is a creature of rules.

Sunset Shimmer was never one for following them.

Could be changed into something like this:

Twilight Sparkle is a creature of rules. Sunset Shimmer was never one for following them.

A very entertaining read. It was sad to see the lack of a next chapter at the end since I got really hooked up in the story.

Hooray for problems I'll never have! :ajsmug:


It's about two teenagers struggling against their own hormones and mutual love and lust for each other.

I am curious why you wrote it, though

It's because I'm a huge Sunlight fan.

Liked the read. But I'm going to say that I really wasn't fond of Twilight in this. No I'm not saying that she should just put out. Yes, what Sunset shimmer did in the first chapter wasn't right, you should always stop after the first "no". But I do see Twilight as a tease. Intentionally? No, I really don't think she's being cruel or manipulative. However she is fully aware that her partner is willing, itching to go all the way and she lets her tread the line so dangerously close. I don't think the first chapter counts in this regard because, unless I misread, I believe that's the first time Twilight ever let Sunset go so far as to apply her tongue to her nipples. Twilight got caught up in the moment and was just testing the waters here, and turns out they were too deep for her at the time. But then we get to the part where she decides to let them both sleep naked together. I know her rationale was that they do it in pony form so it should translate, but she already state herself that in the human form it is associated with sex. With this, plus knowing Sunset's urges and furthermore where she admits she likes Sunset pushing the boundaries so she can get angry (those I may be misinterpreting that line), I just get this sense that subconsciously Twilight gets a sense of satisfaction knowing that she's master of the gate and can slam it shut whenever Sunset tries take a peek into the garden. Twilight likes being desirable, which is no crime, but if she has a partner who is very eager to go all the way when she doesn't feel the same, it's only frustrating and a bit inconsiderate to instigate situations like this (lying in bed naked together but no touching) that just put a strain on Sunset. Sure in this instance it all resolved nicely, but it's still unintentional teasing and that's not very fair to her partner.

7589646 Except it's in the description. That's how shit like that runs.


That wasn't the first time Sunset went under her bra, she mentions they did so the first night in that bed. So it was not the first time, but may have been the first time Sunset suckled.

Either way I have to agree. While your partner needs to be understanding of hesitation, you should also be talking about it with your partner - not going around in circles making no progress in your own head. Four months of essentially blue-balling Sunset. If you don't want to have sex don't even indulge in the heavy petting -you- want, because then you're getting what you want and your partner's not getting what they want. Twilight, entirely through self-doubt and inexperience, makes for an extremely selfish lover if you can even call her that.

Part of most relationships, especially early on, is providing that sexual relief for each other, for emotional bonding and just the straight up aforementioned sexual relief. That is a duty on the heads of both partners. Waiting can be fine if both can handle it, but there is a limit to how long many people can wait before their needs have just built up sitting there going nowhere and there's no relief in sight. "Love will see us through it." is a romantic ideal but not a practical one. If a partner isn't seeing to the other partner's needs then the relationship is suffering and can become less attractive, the emotional bond can fade.

Especially in this case where Twilight's getting what she wants and is comfortable with having and Sunset is the one having to hold back for months at a time. I can hardly blame her for yelling at Twilight, that kind of frustration is insanity waiting to happen. Hell, a prolonged form of it is even a torture technique and has been for centuries.

10/10 - IGN best start

Good Chapter. Reminds me of how my first time went. Except there isn't fighting, or blood.

You know what, I like this. Sometimes in most stories, which annoys me to no end, Sunset and Twilight seem to jump right into sex. But it's all about building up intimacy. And while indeed what Sunset did in the first chapter was not...the best thing, she was willing to go at the pace that Twilight wants. And when they do finally make love, then it will be all the more enjoyable.
This was well written my friend.

This fic does so well at showing how big a deal we make out of sex... when it's really not. Literally every sexually reproducing creature has sex, shocking, I know. It's a completely normal, healthy, part of life that isn't just for continuing the species (kinda moot in this case). But our culture makes this big thing of something that's a completely normal part of an advancing relationship, something fun you can do with someone you trust, or if you feel lucky even just something wild you can do with a total stranger (I know perfectly well why society sees that last one as a big deal, you can take precautions but you're still rolling the dice on a few big things).

Also the whole virginity thing... technically it's a physical thing in some women (although depending on the woman your hymen could be torn by stretching), but virginity isn't some special magical thing that you lose or can give to someone, it's fake! A completely made up binary state invented by ignorant people THOUSANDS of years ago as a tool to oppress women by saying that they were somehow inferior and less "pure" as soon as they became sexually active. Hell, men "having" virginity is a contemporary phenomenon. For centuries it only mattered with women, again so that people could arbitrarily see them as "less" for having the gall to have sex (or in a less negative light to see young girls as "pure" for the purpose of certain rituals).

Ugh... sorry for the rant. A certain horrible event happened yesterday (Nov. 8, 2016) that has my blood up.

To finally shut up, I'll sum with: I hate the puritans, and I love this fic.

Is that all I think of about my virginity? A gift?

Personally, while it IS just a state to describe not having any sort of sexual intercourse before, I view virginity or the first time in general as something special that you 'give' to someone else. I honestly don't know how to describe it, but it's the reason why I hate rape fics on this site all the more, because the rapists 'stole' that something special which the victim can never get back. Burning Desires is one example of such a fic, though the overall story is pretty good.

I have to agree with the fact that what Sunset did in Chapter 1 was not okay, and while I will admit that Twilight could've communicated a bit more about what she wanted rather than waiting until it all explodes into an argument (hard to do, though, with Sunset's tongue down her throat), I still think she's thinking pretty reasonably. In a relationship, sexual desire isn't the only thing that's supposed to make it last- there has to be some romantic emotion as well. In my opinion, sex should be done at the consent of your partner and within their boundaries which Sunset didn't respect in the first chapter. It's only if both partners consent should that step be taken.

I can see this fic as a key example of the issue between romance and sexual desire, two parts of a relationship that are seen together but can be conflicting depending on how strong the feelings are. Twilight's obviously the romantic (like myself, admittedly) who is waiting for the proper time to go that far- yet wondering if she's waiting too long (focusing more on pleasing Sunset than herself- kinda a mistake considering the first chapter) while Sunset is the relationship partner that just cannot wait to get into her lover's pants and claim her (Ugh, the whole idea of possession or having someone in that context sounds too...dominating for my taste), yet does not COMPLETELY lack the romance.

You did a pretty good job with the story overall, and honestly it's one I keep coming back to whenever I look at SunLight fics because of how it makes one th8no about that aspect of a relationship. Well done. :twilightsmile:

To be fair, the reason why virginity was so important historically has a lot to do with genealogy. It got blown out of proportion (I'm sure there are myths out there were a woman gets pregnant an absurdly long time after sex), but with a lack of any sort of protection or birth control, plus lack of knowledge about biology, if the woman wasn't a virgin, you wouldn't be able to tell who the father was, which was incredibly important to those cultures.

Wooow... This is amazing! I love it already!:twilightsmile:

That was an interesting fic! While about sex (and even having an adorably sexy ending), it wasn't about sex. Not the action of it, at least.

I enjoy how Twilight is being introspective about her own feelings about taking her relationship with Sunset to such a level. Even going so far as to call herself out on potentially guilt-tripping Sunset into changing. In reality, the borderline non-con is not and will never be okay; regardless of intentions. But neither is forcing your partner to change out of intensified guilt. So I appreciate Twilight taking a moment to contemplate about if she was right in that particular instance.

What I feel is lacking here is Sunset's point of view. As a wise old mentor character once said:
Seeing Sunset's perspective could really make the story feel fuller. It'd give us all the information we needed to fully appreciate the emotions on display here. We have it told to us from Twilight's perspective that Sunset is very physical about showing affection, but how does Sunset see that aspect of herself? Is it something that she's as compelled to do as she says? Is it something that developed over time?

Getting to know both sides of this story could make things so much more fascinating and fulfilling.

I really don't get the virginity angst, but the story is interesting nonetheless.

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