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Shouldn't this be tagged as a sequel through the pre-quel ID?

She shoulda blasted that punk right in the face.

Should've temporarily transfigured him into a piglet runt. Problem is someone might have have roasted him.:twilightoops:

Yeash lov at first lust nteresting title yeash this is amazing

looks interesting I will defiantly be keeping my eyes on this story.

Like mother, like daughter

This is a very nice story but could you redue the story with pound and pumpkin cake but this time end it with both pinkie pie and pumpkin getting pregnant and having foals

Yep. Definitely like her own mother(s):moustache:.

some how I have a feeling this story is going to be so much more then just clop. this is going to be a love story at it's core.

Sad to know about Chief & Tremors but Hay that's life, understandable that Sunny doesn't want her daughter experiencing the same pain she did. Typos seem to have left you alone this chapter, well done.:twilightsmile:

Cider would not be a colt anymore. Horses are considered adults from 4 or 5 years old, as I recall, which would certainly make him a stallion.
Also, how old is Sunshine? Are we talking a similar ~18 to what Sunset and AJ were in the first story, or something a little younger?

As a Dennis I always hated the that title seeing as I was the opposite of one but looking forward to where this goes

Good to see the story developing into something other than a teen rutting story, now it's getting interesting.:twilightsmile:

"It's been quite a while since ? did something so exhausting in bed."

Missing 'we'

Sunshine say against the wall and slid to the floor.

Possibly should be 'said'.

yep this is going to be a vary interesting story ark.

7225070 If you want to put it lightly. :eeyup: Personally I think it's a good bit more than merely digging the hole, but we'll see.

They want me to play for my own gas an phone bill."


"I know how you feel, Sunshine..." She said. "I can't drink coffee in its darkes state either.


7225070 Trying to offset filling another hole prior, might just cancel each out & drag poor Dennis along for a ride maybe.

a vary good chapter super good work.
some how I think the next part is going to be good.

I finally take an entire night and read through the series so far, and I fail to notice that it's incomplete. :facehoof:

I will be watching... waiting...

"I... am not a freak..." Sunshine muttered, trying not to make eye contact with him.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you have a horn. Like, you are a human unicorn. You're kind of a freak; the real issue is that they're being dicks about it.

"Sunny..." She said softly. "I'm not mad at ya' for what ya' did. Ya' defended yourself against a bully, and I couldn't be more proud.[...]"

Strictly speaking, there was no active threat of physical violence- he did push her, and that was NOT OK, but he wasn't going to do it again in a short timespan; the part that provoked her was him being a dick, and she's the one who (re)escalated it to the level of actual physical (magical?) violence.

Comment posted by Grungar3x7 deleted Jun 20th, 2016

I Love the story, I have been following this story since chapter 1 and since saddle up sunset. Now don't get me wrong the storyline is beautiful, but i feel like there is more meat on the bone, although I maybe completely wrong and their might be another story in the works. Thats just my opinion and it doesn't have to be taken seriously.

"Thank you again for stoping by, Captain Simco."


What is this boy really is fond of her?


You might have called it for now on this one but I think there could be more of this story easily! :pinkiehappy: And it would be greatly welcomed.

i hope for a sequel to this story

Not gonna lie...could be waaayy more to this but its still awesome

SQUEEEEEEE-quel yay!:facehoof:(Oh Tia, I didn't just say that?)

this..is...going to be...so...AWESOOOOOOME!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Isn't that consider cheating on?

You know, I've read stories where the main character gets NTRed by an animal, but this is the first time I've read a story where the animal is the one who gets cheated on. ....please continue

7334498 I agree this is getting gooooood, Keep it up waffen pony

Can't wait now for the next installment in this series:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

7294236 not all bullies use physical violence, and just because it wasn't physical doesn't mean she wasn't protecting herself.

very well done. not quite the balance I look for in a romance/erotic story but not too far off that it puts me off, if that makes sense. I give this a 4 out 5.

7341976 It's true that not all bullying is physical- god do I know- but the rule still is that if you are not actually at risk of physical harm, attacking someone isn't "defending yourself". That's just how it works, in my experience.

Though I missed something ^^'

Just realized I totally missed a "Dixon Cider" joke earlier in the story. Damn it all

Joe always came off as a little too friendly to Sunset. I thought he had a crush on her for a sec.

So......she's cheating on Cider?

So.....ah....I hope they don't forget the condom......wouldn't want her to follow in mamas footsteps

Oh boy. I hope she doesn't get pregnant too.

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