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That was the nicest rape fantasy between lesbian horse women I've ever read.

7889950 Truly, I can aspire to nothing greater.

Um... can't believe I read something like this... but you did a great job with it. Keep up the good work!

I really do love this ongoing series of yours. It's a nice balance of notties and character. :pinkiehappy:

That was a good story.

Who is raping who, if I may ask?

7891285 As the cover image implies, Sunset is the 'top' here.

Is this a Sci-twi x Sunset fimfic?

7894615 Nope, pony-Twi.

Nice to see you post something again, I was worried for a second there. Trixie-Glimmer story fucking when ?

So I guess there's an EqG short with this same title now.

I hope this does not result in any awkward situations...

Is there going to be a direct follow-up of this story?

Where did the cover image come from?

I made it! Using a few vectors of show assets.

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