Bending The Rules

by Sporktacles

First published

Twilight considers how far she is willing to let Sunset go when they make out.

Twilight Sparkle is a creature of rules.

Sunset Shimmer was never one for following them.

And while Twilight accepts that she can't force other people, let alone her own girlfriend, to follow the rules, there is one area where they really, really matter to her. Especially since those are the rules that Sunset is almost too eager to break.

But sometimes, even if the rules can't be broken, they can be bent. Just a little.

Or maybe a lot.

Edited and proofread by the totes awesome Setokaiva. Thanks a bunch!

Rated Mature and Sex for making out, very very mild (and halted) non-consent, petting, masturbation, loooots of nudity and graphic descriptions of all the above. No actual sex.


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Sunset Shimmer set her shopping bags down and fumbled for her keys. “Hang on a second.”

Twilight Sparkle took a moment to glance around the hallway. “That ‘mall’ place the girls brought us to was really amazing. I’ve never seen so many stores in one building.”

“Hanging out at the mall is kind of a local tradition for teenage girls,” said Sunset. “If we weren’t spending our school break at Applejack’s farm, we’d probably be at the mall every day.”

Twilight shifted the weight of the shopping bags slung over her shoulder. Hauling loads using her fingers still felt odd. “By the way, thanks for paying for all of these. They… weren’t too expensive, were they?”

“It’s not a big deal. It’s not like bits are legal tender here anyway, and Rarity was right; those shoes looked great on you,” replied Sunset, finally turning the key in its lock. “There we go. Hand me your bags; I’ll pack the clothes into my suitcase, and the rest you can pick up when we come back at the end of the week.”

The door opened into the now-familiar apartment. Sunset’s home amounted to little more than a single room with an attached bathroom next to the bed, so densely furnished that there was almost no space to walk around in. But despite—or perhaps because of—the cramped conditions, the place was spotlessly clean.

It was a far cry from the grandeur of Twilight’s enormous castle, but she could appreciate all the effort that Sunset had put into making the place as cozy as possible with her limited resources. The rows of bookshelves, comfy armchairs and yellow lamps, along with a worn wooden desk covered in stacks of papers and notebooks, made Twilight smile wistfully. It reminded her a lot of the Golden Oaks Library she had lost.

In one corner was a satchel with a six-pointed star printed on the front.

Twilight’s smile faded. She recalled the last time she had planned to sleep over at Sunset’s, just a week prior. They had, in fact, got into a serious argument at the time, which was what prompted Twilight to leave so abruptly that she had forgotten to retrieve her saddlebag.


The loud creak rang out over the sounds of the fairground, and the Ferris wheel came to an unexpected stop.

Twilight looked out of the window in panic. “What’s going on? Is this supposed to happen?”

“I think that the machinery must have broken down.” Oddly, Sunset didn’t look too surprised. “Don’t worry. I have a feeling that they’ll have it fixed in about…” she glanced at her watch, grinning, “an hour or so.”

Twilight looked at her flatly. “You knew this would happen.”

“Well,” said Sunset, “I might have accidentally dropped fifty bucks while I was giving our tickets to the attendant. And Fido might still owe me a favor or two from back when I was a bad, bad girl.”

The way Sunset said those last three words made Twilight smile and giggle. “Oh, I think you’re still a bad, bad girl, Sunset. Did you do this just so we could be alone?”

Sunset slid her arms around Twilight’s waist and pulled her close. “Yeah, it’s a bit of a human-world cliché. Ferris wheel breaks down, boy and girl get stranded on it and fall in love.”

“We don’t exactly have to fall in love, you know. We’ve already been dating for four months now.” Twilight tapped her chin. “How did you get this ride to break down for exactly an hour, anyway? Actually, how does it work at all without a pony on a treadmill? Do they use some equivalent of a train engine to turn the gears—”


“I suppose the principle is probably the same as all those automatic carriages—cars, I mean. But is this one of those that runs on combustible fuels or electrici— WOAH!”

She was interrupted by Sunset’s wet tongue licking her earlobe. “I think you’re thinking too much about the wheel and not enough about us being alone for an hour on such a beautiful night.”

Twilight glanced out the window. The brilliant lights of the lakeside fairground were surrounded by the soft glow of moonlight illuminating the surrounding town and water. The moon itself hung low above the horizon, its reflection shimmering in the lake.

“It is a beautiful night.” She leaned against Sunset and dreamily puckered her lips, but suddenly stopped. “Hey, what about all the other people trapped on the wheel?”

“I wouldn’t worry about them,” said Sunset, smirking. She pointed down at one of the lower carriages, where another couple was similarly taking advantage of the perceived privacy.

Twilight looked over at them, and then very quickly pulled back. “Oh, w-wow…” she stuttered. “I guess they’re way farther along in their relationship than we are.”

Sunset simply smiled and drew Twilight tight against her.


It never began with a tender peck or a chaste kiss.

Perhaps it was because they literally lived in two different worlds, and so often had to share their limited time together with the rest of their friends, that made the few occasions where it was just the two of them alone together so much more precious. And urgent. It meant that whenever they had their privacy, Sunset would always quickly pull Twilight right into the depths of her passion, engulfing her in a powerful embrace and drowning her in intense kisses.

Twilight almost immediately found herself cradled in Sunset’s arms, the older girl practically on top of Twilight as the two energetically pressed their lips together. Twilight moaned and squeaked as their tongues entwined, warm and wet and slick between their lips, trying her best to keep up with Sunset’s raw, unbridled hunger for her.

But her mind was quickly lost in a haze saturated with nothing but Sunset Shimmer. All she could think of was the friction of Sunset’s feverishly-hot body enthusiastically grinding against her own, the pressure of her small breasts squashed hard against Sunset’s ample bosom, and the heady, mixed scent of musk and sweat that Twilight had come to love because it was such a certain indicator of Sunset’s arousal.

At first, Sunset’s strong fingers were firmly cupped around the back of Twilight’s head, holding her in place as they slid their tongues together and over each other’s lips. But once Twilight finally went limp and slumped flat against the seat, Sunset swiftly began running her eager hands all over Twilight’s quivering body.

It was as if she desperately wanted to touch and grope Twilight everywhere; her shoulders, her sides, her thighs and her butt… and then eventually, one of Sunset’s hands swept upwards from Twilight’s thigh, along the curve of her hips and waist to come to rest on her right breast.

Sunset began earnestly fondling the soft mound through the fabric, her left hand still firmly seizing Twilight’s rear. Her touch was inept and clumsy and not inherently pleasurable, but Twilight didn’t care. It was Sunset’s desire that was so exciting, the fact that she wanted so badly to have Twilight and touch her in the most intimate way that Twilight would allow.

Twilight didn’t protest when she felt a hand slide under her blouse and unclasp her bra, even though it was a line that she usually only reluctantly permitted Sunset to cross. Perhaps it was the thrill of being in public, the idea that they could be caught, unlikely as it was, that made her so excited as to want… crave the feeling of Sunset’s fingers right on her bare breasts.

Emboldened by the complete lack of resistance, Sunset continued to knead and paw the soft flesh with increasing vigor. Twilight gasped in surprise when she felt her nipple surreptitiously brush against Sunset’s jacket; she had been so preoccupied that she hadn’t noticed that her blouse was now completely unbuttoned and open.

And then Twilight felt Sunset’s other hand slip under the elastic of her panties to stroke her rump.


She half-heartedly caught Sunset by the wrist to stop her, but her grip faltered when Sunset broke the kiss, sucking hard on Twilight’s lower lip before drawing a line of saliva with her tongue right down across her neck, collarbone and breast…

…and ended by planting her lips directly on Twilight’s exposed nipple.

The new sensation swept away all objection – Twilight’s entire body tensed, and she had to bite her lip to avoid moaning in delight as she felt the dampness that had been slowly building between her thighs suddenly become a warm, slick splotch.

W-we’re going too fast…

Yet she could only tremble weakly, her mind completely focused on the feeling of Sunset’s lips and tongue teasing her nipple while amorous hands continued to fondle her breast and rear. Twilight squeaked as their legs entwined and they started grinding their groins against each other’s thighs, quickly turning their dry-humping into something that wasn’t very dry at all.

And all she could think of was how good and right it felt.

It was only when the hand strayed from her butt, still under her panties, sliding to her inner thigh, that Twilight was pulled back to reality.


But her protest was silenced by Sunset’s lips swiftly covering hers. The cold wetness that remained on her nipple made Twilight shiver slightly, gradually disrupting her fugue as Sunset’s fingers continued their caresses, so tantalizingly close to Twilight’s girlhood, edging closer and closer with every second.


And then Sunset’s fingers arrived at the very lips of Twilight’s sex, culminating in a single, long, deliberate stroke against her entrance and brushing just briefly against the tiny nub at the top.


The outburst had killed the moment pretty much instantly.

Twilight sighed sadly as she remembered the ensuing argument. She had of course been furious; early in their relationship, Twilight had made it very clear exactly what the limits of their physical intimacy would be. And it was made worse when Sunset didn’t take kindly at all to being slapped and shouted at. She had attempted to argue, very loudly, that they should have taken their relationship further by then. The date had been utterly ruined and Twilight proceeded to stomp back through the portal as soon as they returned to the ground.

But her anger quickly dissipated the very next morning when she found a very contrite unicorn waiting guiltily right outside her bedroom door.


“Sunset… what are you doing here?”

Sunset bowed her head. Her ears drooped. “I came to apologize.”

Twilight scowled. “What for? After all, wasn’t it my fault for holding out on you? For being such a tease?”

“Please, Twilight, I know I was wrong, okay?” Sunset grimaced in shame, dipping her head even lower. “I don’t have any excuses. No means No, just like you said. I did a really stupid thing, and I admit it and I’m really, really sorry.”

Twilight said nothing, her expression unchanged. She continued to wait expectantly, nursing her fury.

“And…” Sunset sighed resignedly. “And I’m sorry for yelling at you and blaming you for being mad at me. Look, Twilight… I know I keep getting carried away. It’s just that… whenever we’re together, I really have trouble controlling myself sometimes. You’re so special, and so amazing, and… I want so much to possess you. To have you.

“But… I know it’s wrong to try to make you give yourself to me. And yesterday… yesterday, I really messed up. I tried to push us way farther than you were comfortable with, and then tried to... tried to…”

Sunset’s voice trailed off into silence, unable to finish the sentence. There were tiny droplets in the corners of her misty eyes, and Twilight could tell she was struggling to avoid breaking into tears.

But it was enough. Part of Twilight really wanted to hold on to her anger and outrage, and that part of her felt that she would have been completely justified in doing so – but seeing Sunset humble herself that way made it so difficult to stop it all from leaking away.

And then there was the other issue…

She remembered how amazed she was when told that Sunset had once hurled a book at Princess Celestia because she suspected that her mentor was keeping knowledge from her. She had expected to resent Sunset’s ingratitude, but all she could think of at the time was how daring Sunset had been to defy the then-sole monarch of Equestria.

She remembered the fascinating treatises on the mirror portal that Sunset had penned in secret – access to which Twilight had to exert her royal privilege to obtain because of how dangerous their insights were for the inexperienced.

And most of all Twilight remembered the day that she truly fell for Sunset Shimmer, when she stood defiant on a hill against three sirens fully blossomed into their ancient, terrible power.

She put a hoof on Sunset’s downcast face, gently touching her cheek.

How can I hate her for trying to break her boundaries when it’s the very reason I love her?


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“Do you wanna shower first?”

Sunset’s voice suddenly yanked Twilight out of her thoughts and back to the present. There she was, standing next to the open bathroom door and holding out the spare bathrobe, completely unaware of Twilight’s introspection.

“Uh… yeah.” Twilight nodded, unsteadily. “Yeah, I’d like to.”

She took the bathrobe out of Sunset’s hands and entered the bathroom, turning briefly to smile at Sunset before closing the door and locking it behind her. Hanging the bathrobe on a clothes hook, she began to undress with some difficulty – even after several visits to the human world, it still felt awkward trying to get her clothes off using her hands.

Once her blouse and skirt were folded neatly next to her boots, she struggled to undo the back clasp on her bra; ever since Sunset had taught her how to unhook it from behind, Twilight was determined to practice getting it off “the right way”.

She spent several minutes attempting to bend her inflexible arms farther backwards than she ever had to with her forelegs, frantically grasping at the clasp and fiddling with the hooks.

Why do humans insist on wearing these unnecessary undergarments? Ugh!

She paused when she caught sight of her reflection, arms ridiculously entangled with her bra straps, the clasp still yet to be undone.

Twilight sighed. Giving up, she slipped off the straps and rotated the clasp to the front, feeling like a cheater.

It’s only comfortable for me to do it this way because my boobs are so small.

The image of Sunset’s lush, full breasts, straining against her tight teal dress, bounced instantly into Twilight’s head. The thought made her smile until she noticed how goofy she looked.

She took off the bra and slid her panties down until they dropped to the floor. Picking up the worn shower head, she turned on the taps of the antiquated plumbing and adjusted them until the water was no longer searing hot. Replacing the shower head on its socket, she stepped into the tub, leaving the shower curtain open.

Twilight stood under the spray, letting streams of warm water wash across her face and run down her chest and back. The aches and stresses of the day gradually melted away into the water; she could feel the knots in her shoulders and back relax from her long day out, even though most of it had been spent in the relative comfort of the mall.

She turned to the mirror opposite the tub, taking a long moment to consider herself. Her human reflection always fascinated her. It was an alien body, so different and strange and yet somehow so exotically seductive; the different curves, the long, slender limbs and the oh-so-dexterous fingers… but she caught herself before she could continue her narcissistic reverie.

Is it weird that I find my own body so attractive?

She glanced down at her groin. She had shaven it to a bare smoothness after an embarrassed consultation with Rarity about human grooming, but refrained from the suggested full waxing, which sounded downright painful.

I wonder how Sunset does her pub…

Twilight furrowed her brow.

I’ve never seen Sunset naked.

Wait, that’s not true. She’s always naked as a pony. I’ve even caught sight of her nethers a few times when she accidentally flicked or lifted her tail.

A light warmth crept onto her cheeks. She dwelled for a moment on some of her fantasies involving Sunset’s privates.

But I’ve never seen her naked as a human. Not even her boobs. Why not? It’s not as if we have any hangups about nudity.

The answer was rather obvious.

Humans associate nudity with sex.

She thought back to the argument they had weeks ago.

When will I be ready to have sex with Sunset Shimmer?

It was a question that she had no idea how to answer. She had of course done her research, both at home and in the human world. But the so-called “experts” had no discernible consensus at all. Several magazines suggested the third or fourth date, which seemed frighteningly early. A lot of older texts on the matter were very insistent on waiting exclusively for marriage, but Twilight felt very certain that it was no longer a widely-held contemporary view. The only advice that all of her sources had generally agreed on was that she shouldn’t have sex until she was absolutely ready, but that was so frustratingly imprecise!

It didn’t help that her body was in constant conflict with her mind. Every time they made out, Twilight had to fight her own instincts to simply let Sunset go as far as she wanted.

And Twilight was well aware that Sunset wanted to go all the way.

We’re both girls… there’re no technicalities about penetration or bridleball metaphors that we can hide behind. If we do anything that involves directly touching each other’s nethers and an orgasm… that’s it. We’ll both no longer be virgins.

She didn’t understand why Sunset was so keen to lose her virginity. While Twilight didn’t exactly have any silly notions about purity or innocence, it was very clear to her that it was a decision that couldn’t be retracted. You couldn’t take back your virginity once you lost it. And most importantly you could never give it away ever again.

Is that all I think of about my virginity? A gift?

And it wasn’t as if she didn’t feel at ease with Sunset. Twilight was more than satisfied – enthusiastic, even, about the physical aspects of their relationship. A part of her wanted so much to surrender herself completely and utterly to Sunset, to let her take everything that Twilight had and was.

A brief fantasy of being entwined with Sunset’s body in orgiastic bliss entered her thoughts, making her nethers unconsciously twitch.

It’s just this one step that I am shying away from… am I being fair to Sunset? I want to be a good girlfriend. Isn’t pleasing my partner a part of that?

She couldn’t answer that either. It was a small step that really meant nothing, and yet a huge leap that meant everything.


Twilight turned off the shower.

She quickly checked to make sure that all the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub and body wash were properly closed, and then thoroughly toweled herself down before reaching for the bathrobe.

A thought suddenly entered her mind.

Her hand paused, hovering over the garment. She turned the idea over and over in her head; it was gradually appealing more and more to her.

It's a pretty good litmus test for our physical relationship.

Twilight put on the bathrobe and tied the belt around her waist, still lost in thought as she picked up the towel again and started drying her hair. Absent-mindedly, she opened the bathroom door and stepped into Sunset Shimmer’s bedroom.

Sunset was sitting on the bed, reading off her smartphone. She looked up as Twilight emerged, and got to her feet.

“I’ll get you some PJs—” she said casually, turning towards a large armoire.


Twilight stopped drying her hair for the moment, lowering the towel. Her damp hair hung messily around her shoulders.

“I was wondering if we could do without.”

Sunset’s eyes instantly widened, and an excited smile broke across her face. “You mean…”

Twilight quickly realized what her suggestion might have implied. “N-no! I mean… look, we don’t normally wear clothes back home, right? So I was just thinking that we could sleep together… y’know. Naked. Wait, no! I meant sleep in the literal sense, not the euphemistic one!”

Sunset’s momentary flash of disappointment gave way to a smirk of amusement at Twilight’s fluster. She let out a tiny chuckle.

Twilight sighed, closing her eyes to calm herself from her gaffe and think about how she wanted to properly express herself.

“What I mean is that I want us to try being naked together, as humans, cuddling the way… the way we always do while we sleep.” She opened her eyes and rubbed her own shoulder somewhat self-consciously. “I want us to be closer than we’ve ever been before tonight, Sunset. I want to feel your skin against mine, without clothes or even our coats between us when we hold each other.”

Sunset was quiet for a few seconds, but eventually started nodding, an eager grin spreading across her face.

“Okay. I’ll… I’ll go shower first.”

Twilight nodded back. She sat down on the bed and continued drying her hair, smiling coyly.

Grinning like a loon, Sunset stumbled backwards in the direction of the bathroom, accidentally stepping into the laundry basket right outside it. She shook it off, completely oblivious to its contents spilling onto the floor. When she finally made it to her destination she stood blankly in the doorframe, still smiling goofily, as if reluctant to take her eyes off her girlfriend. It took her a few moments to finally remember to close the door.

Seconds later, she opened it again and grabbed her bathrobe from the table, blushing lightly. She retreated back into the bathroom, but hesitated when she put her hand on the knob.

“How uh… how do you want to do this? Should I come out of the bathroom nude, or do you want me to… n-no, that’s stupid. I’ll just come out in the bathrobe like you did.”

She quickly shut the door.

Twilight giggled. A warm rush of flattered elation spread through her chest as she thought about how she could have such an effect on her girlfriend, especially since it was so rare to see Sunset make a fool of herself that way.

She happily flopped onto the mattress, sighing contently at its luxuriant softness.

The bed was a bit of an anomaly in the room. Sunset had bought most of the furniture from garage sales and thrift stores, and the bedframe was a perfect example of her efforts to efficiently decorate her home on a slender budget. It was a beautifully salvaged queen-sized oak piece that Sunset had procured at a bargain price from an estate sale.

However, it was only a couple months ago, when Twilight first began staying over, that she discovered just exactly how unpleasant the mattress was. Apparently, it was where Sunset’s luck with bargains had failed; citing concerns about hygiene and bedbugs, she had opted for a new but very cheap foam mattress that had quickly stiffened.

Twilight had immediately decided that if they were going to snuggle in a bed, it would be a comfortable one. The very next day, Sunset discovered that Twilight had squeezed a brand new top-quality spring mattress from Quills and Sofas – and apparently, beds also – through the portal, not having considered that once it was in the human world she would need help to move it without her magic. Sunset had to ask for assistance from Applejack and Rainbow Dash to transport it all the way to her home, enduring a constant barrage of knowing winks and snide comments from the two all the way.

But it was all worth it, because now the two of them could snuggle on the opulence of a lovingly hoof-crafted mattress made by a unicorn artisan whose particular special talent was springs.

It was fit for a princess.

Twilight ran her hand over the plush lining.

On the night that we finally make love, it will probably be on this very bed…

She groaned faintly.

If I don’t control myself, that might end up being tonight.

The realization immediately started giving her second thoughts.

There won’t be anything stopping Sunset from touching me where she shouldn’t.

It might even start with just a little hugging and kissing… but then our naked bodies would be pressed together, and our hands will wander, and start going lower and… oh gosh.

She remembered the feeling of Sunset’s tongue on her nipple. It made her tremble, partly in excitement and partly in worry.

Am I okay with that? Am I going to allow her to take my blouse and bra off and suck on my teats every time we make out from now on?

She groaned again.

If I do, we’ll probably end up having sex a lot sooner. Argh… I want to trust Sunset not to get carried away, but this is the one thing that I know she really, really can’t be trusted with!

But Twilight immediately realized why, making her sigh guiltily.

I can’t even trust myself around her. Stupid hormones…

She frowned in thought.

I wonder if I could develop some kind of serum that would suppress the effects of my body’s hormonal impulses on my clarity of thought?

No, that’s silly. That’d probably be unhealthy, not to mention potentially dangerous. And somewhat impractical. And also maybe just a tiny bit of an overreaction to worrying about getting carried away when making out.

Twilight wriggled on the bed, burying her face in the pillow. It smelled heavily of Sunset, especially when accompanied by the familiar scent of honey and grapefruit and just the tiniest hint of rose — Sunset’s favorite shampoo that Twilight had just used.

It brought to mind the memory of Sunset holding her in that very bed; her warm, firm embrace that admittedly sometimes got just a little too handsy. But even though Sunset’s friskiness often irritated Twilight, her loving cuddles always made her feel warm and, despite everything, safe.

She inhaled deeply into the pillow. Her misgivings about getting carried away slowly eased.

Would it really be so bad even if we did?


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It seemed like ages before the bathroom door finally clicked open, long after the sounds of the shower had ceased. It was getting late; Twilight was mindful of the time because they had to wake very early the next day. She had been wondering why Sunset was taking so long, though the sight of her finally emerging made it obvious that she had spent at least some time getting her hair mostly dry.

Sunset cautiously stepped towards Twilight, stopping a few feet in front of her. Her usual relaxed demeanor was absent; she was staring at the ground and holding her left wrist, rubbing the skin with her thumb.

Twilight stood up. She had intended to be decisive, but at the moment of action she faltered, paralyzed. She simply stood there, waiting with her hands at her sides.

They faced each other, nearly frozen, for a full tense minute.

It was Sunset who finally broke the heavy silence. With noticeably shaky hands, she undid her bathrobe belt and let the entire garment fall to the floor. She awkwardly fidgeted with her hands for a moment before clasping them behind her back, leaving her body completely uncovered for her girlfriend.

Sunset was gorgeous.

Twilight marveled at the beautifully feminine roundness of Sunset’s shoulders and the way her slender neck was framed by her wavy hair and delicate collarbone. The dim light and shadows only seemed to accentuate her sinuous curves, highlighting her magnificent hourglass figure and the gentle swell of her breasts.

Those boobs!

Sunset had, in Twilight’s very firm opinion, the perfect pair, round and pert and full without being overlarge, tipped with tiny pink nipples visibly stiff from the chill of the evening.

Twilight dropped her gaze towards the ground, slowly working from Sunset’s feet upwards across her long, sensuous legs…

And finally stopped at her sex.

Twilight barely noticed the well-trimmed scarlet landing strip that would have answered her earlier curiosity. Transfixed, she gawked at her girlfriend’s vulva for far too long before she remembered herself.

Oh gosh, how can I possibly match how beautiful she is?

But Twilight took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and opened her own bathrobe, making a sharp intake of breath as the cold air hit her bare skin. She held it that way for a few moments before dropping it onto the floor.

She was suddenly painfully aware of her boyish figure and unflattering bust. It made her whole body feel stiff and ugly, and she fought the urge to curl up and cover herself.

But then she heard a tiny gasp, followed by a thought that Sunset had inadvertently murmured out loud:

“Oh gosh, you’re so perfect…”

Twilight’s eyes snapped wide open. Sunset was lost in a slack-jawed gawk, completely entranced. Her gaze was darting all over Twilight’s petite body – though obviously very often drifting downwards to her vulva, only to flick away almost immediately after.

“Y-you can look at it, you know…” Twilight mumbled.


“I mean you can go ahead and stare if you like…” continued Twilight, “down there.” She widened her stance slightly, feeling her clit twitch in anticipation of the attention.

Sunset’s face quickly reddened, but she immediately proceeded to make full use of the permission she had been granted. It took only a second for a dopey smile to appear on her face.

It was oddly calming. That Sunset, with her popularity, flawless figure and normally boundless confidence, could be so enraptured by Twilight’s body – it felt so surreal that her self-consciousness quickly evaporated.

They spent several minutes admiring each other before Twilight finally remembered how late it was getting.

“We… we should probably go to bed.”

It broke Sunset from her engrossed ogling. For a few seconds she simply stared blankly into Twilight’s eyes, as if the statement didn’t quite register.

“We have to wake up really early tomorrow to drive to Sweet Apple Acres,” Twilight reminded her.

“Oh! Oh yeah.” Sunset blinked several times as she gathered her wits. “I uh… forgot for a bit there.”

She smiled, and took a step forward, leaning in for the usual goodnight kiss. But Twilight stopped her with a finger to the lips.

“Sunset… remember the rules, okay?”

Sunset nodded, the guilty expression from her apology a week ago quickly returning to her face.

“I’ll be good,” she said, her voice subdued.

So instead of the tight embrace and deep kiss that they usually shared before bed, Sunset put her hands on Twilight’s hips and gave her a tender peck on the lips.


Twilight squirmed under the covers, nestling herself in her usual spot. Sunset’s assurance made her feel a lot more secure, even though to be fair Sunset had never before broken the particular rule she had been referring to.

No making out in bed.

That rule had come about after their first night alone together, when they had both gotten seriously carried away.

That was the first time I let Sunset go under my bra…

And now we’re going to be sleeping together naked. Just two months later.

There was a faint click of the light switch, and darkness shrouded the room.

Behind her, she could hear Sunset following her into bed, the comforter wrapping tightly around them both. And then Sunset circled her arm around her waist, the way she always did when they spooned. They settled into a tranquil stillness.

But it wasn’t quite right.

Twilight could hear Sunset’s heavy, controlled breathing. She could sense the tension in Sunset’s arm, fingers cupped tightly together instead of spread wide to touch as much as possible. And instead of the usual press of Sunset’s ample breasts, all Twilight could feel were Sunset’s bare nipples gently poking against her back, leaving a tiny gap between their bodies.

And it felt off. Weird, even.

Sunset was usually so much more… grabby in bed, fully enjoying – and taking advantage of – Twilight’s lack of underclothing in pajamas. It was something that had at first caused Twilight no end of annoyance, but gradually the irritation mellowed into acceptance. Eventually, she had come to expect and even look forward to being fondled.

But tonight, Sunset was meekly keeping her hands where they should be.

They just lay there quietly for several minutes. Despite the stillness, Twilight knew Sunset wasn’t anywhere close to falling asleep.

For a moment, Twilight contemplated simply telling Sunset to go ahead and put her hands wherever she wanted, but immediately reconsidered.

What if one thing led to another…

Instead, Twilight wriggled backwards until the gap closed. She heard a little surprised gasp come from behind her ear, but the arm around her waist didn’t relax.

Why is Sunset being so self-conscious?

Twilight sighed.

But unexpectedly, the intake of breath gave her the answer. It was very faint, and mixed with the smell of the room and shampoo and other aromas, but Twilight instantly recognized the telltale musky, sour scent.

Sunset’s aroused.

She didn’t know how to respond. Of course Sunset was aroused; after a whole day of discreetly flirting with each other, they were finally alone, lying in bed naked for the very first time.

I am such an idiot! How could I have imagined she would be relaxed?

Twilight shifted her hips slightly. There was a slight but definite dampness in between her own thighs. And yet despite their state of arousal, Sunset was doing her best to respect Twilight’s body the way she always wanted.

Is that what I really want?

It occurred to Twilight that she would very much prefer that Sunset be as grabby as ever, even if it meant giving her hands full access to the most private regions of Twilight’s naked body. It would be undoubtedly better than this unnatural tension.

She’s doing this because she’s still feeling guilty.

Did I break her? Did I use her love for me to force her to change? WHY did I think I wanted her to change this? It’s what I like most about her!

I always want her to skirt the line of what is allowed, and then get angry when she crosses it.

Maybe she was right. Maybe I am a tease.

A tiny, growing tinge of guilt began to swell in Twilight’s gut.


Maybe I should just give in…

An image of Sunset’s sex flashed in Twilight’s mind. She thought of her tongue slipping into those folds while Sunset stuck those lovely fingers of hers into Twilight's dripping pussy…

Her heart began to beat very quickly.

I’ll do it. I owe it to her. I have to be a good girlfriend.

A rushing wave of nerves threatened to overtake her, but Twilight quelled it by clenching her fists and shutting her eyes tight.

When I open my eyes, I’ll turn around and tell her all the rules are off.

Okay, okay. Open them now, and…

But suddenly, Sunset drew backwards, separating them. The chilly air quickly filled the gap, making Twilight shiver. She turned her head to see her girlfriend climbing out of bed.

“I, uh… forgot to go pee,” said Sunset sheepishly. She turned and hastily returned to the bathroom, locking the door with a loud clack.

It took several seconds for Twilight to recover from the sight of Sunset's bare, peach-shaped butt.

She collected herself and breathed a sigh of relief, pulling one of the spare pillows close and hugging it tightly. The interruption had brought her back to her senses, giving her an opportunity to rethink. She swallowed as she realized how close she had been to a rash decision.

This was a mistake…

We’re just being driven by our out-of-control hormones. Maybe we aren’t ready to be so intimate yet. If we were, this wouldn’t be so awkward…


Would it?


The faint sound made Twilight perk up. It was distinctly Sunset’s voice, amplified by the bathroom echo.

“Haaah… haaah… nngh.”

The sound of quick panting, even muffled by the wall, made it obvious what was going on in the bathroom.

Sunset’s touching herself!

And with it came an equally obvious extrapolation.

Sunset’s touching herself while thinking about me!

Well, of course she does it while thinking of me. Why would I ever think any different? After all, I know she masturbates, and I mean I masturbate too, but then again I never really thought about it very hard, because OH MY GOSH she is in there right now doing it!


The moan caused Twilight to instantly conjure a picture of Sunset sitting on the closed toilet seat, head thrown back in ecstasy, her nimble fingers desperately rubbing her breasts and sex.


Twilight lay on her back and brought her right hand up before her face, staring for a moment at her long, slender digits.

And then she drew them back under the covers, snaking towards her crotch.

She had never touched herself in the human world before; there had never been any opportunity with sufficient privacy and inclination. But it couldn’t be all that different from using her hoof.

Her hand slipped between her slightly parted thighs, middle and ring fingers finally coming to rest against the sensitive skin at both sides of her clitoris. Gingerly, she began to stroke the area up and down.

Woah… This is way better than using a hoof.

Her hooves were largely hard and numb except right at the frog. But the tenderness of her own hands felt incredible – it felt so organic, the feeling of her own skin against skin.The gentle and precise pressure of those dainty tips massaging her pubic mound, without the prickly tingle of unicorn magic…

Twilight let out an involuntary sigh.

She stopped, and immediately covered her mouth with her free hand. It was only after few seconds, when Sunset’s continued moans confirmed she hadn’t heard anything, that Twilight allowed herself to relax.

Shifting her attention back downwards, Twilight began exploring the entirety of her nether region; she wanted to know exactly how every part of it felt with her fingers. She briefly caressed the innermost part of her thighs where they met her crotch, then ran her fingertips along her outer lips, tracing the tiny bristles from her regrowing pubic hair.

Her fingers brushed against the delicate creases of her inner lips, making her shudder.

Oh gosh, I could even stick them inside if I wanted to…

She dipped into her entrance, a jolt of pleasure causing her walls to tighten around her fingertips and painting them with her own dripping juices. Twilight concentrated on the image of Sunset pleasuring herself, syncing it with the real panting and moaning coming from the bathroom. She spread the wetness all over her nub and began rubbing it in circles, quickening in pace as Sunset’s panting became shorter and more intense.

And as she continued to stroke herself, the picture in her mind smoothly flowed into one of her lying with her back on Sunset’s chest, legs spread wide as Sunset plunged those wonderful fingers of hers into Twilight’s dripping sex instead of her own.

“Mmph… woaaah! Ah… ah… AH!”

Hearing Sunset’s moans become loader, Twilight abandoned her casual pace and began pushing for as quick a finish as she could. She pressed harder and rubbed herself faster and faster, trying her best to catch up with Sunset’s lead, straightening her back from the intensity and making her butt rise off the bed.

She grabbed one of her breasts with her free hand, almost immediately rubbing the nipple with the ball of her palm, imagining that it was Sunset that was doing the groping. It didn’t matter to her that it didn’t feel anything like the real thing; all she wanted to think of was Sunset touching her.

The tension continued to mount, the new sensations building her to heights that she had previously required magic to attain, making her toes curl in rapture. And the frenzied moaning told her how close Sunset was as well.

“…ah, ah, ah… NnnnnnnAAAAAAAAH!”

Sunset’s climax made Twilight rush to join her; her hand was practically vibrating from the effort, and a few seconds later her exertions were finally rewarded as a burst of pure bliss exploded from her sex. Her hips bucked, hard, spasming uncontrollably as she continued to rub frantically in order to milk every drop of pleasure that she could. Every time a new wave of delight pulsed through her body, she bucked again, until the covers had completely fallen off onto the floor.

Eventually, the pulses receded, and her body flopped limply back onto the bed with the final few twitches.

While it wasn’t the best orgasm Twilight had ever had, it was certainly much more intense than usual. Exhausted, she lay motionless as the cold air gradually brought her heated body back to normal.

She didn’t budge when the sound of the bidet spray indicated that Sunset had already recovered, and completely ignored the noises of Sunset cleaning up.

Twilight barely turned her head when the door opened.

“Feeling relieved?” she whispered, smiling peacefully.

There was barely a moment of surprise on Sunset’s face. The heavy rise and fall of Twilight’s chest, the comforter unceremoniously cast onto the floor, and the unmistakable smell of arousal immediately told Sunset what had happened, but she just laughed.

“Yeah. Yeah, I am.”

All of Sunset’s earlier self-consciousness was gone. She walked right up to the comforter and picked it up from the floor. She glanced at the soaked spot in the sheets right under Twilight’s sex, and chuckled again.

Lying down at her usual place, she spread the covers over them both. Twilight turned onto her side so they could spoon, and this time, Sunset showed no awkwardness or hesitation. Her hands pulled Twilight tight against her, giving one breast a quick, playful squeeze.

Sunset’s soft, silky skin brushed against Twilight’s, the wonderful post-orgasm warmth suffusing their bodies as they nuzzled affectionately, rubbing their cheeks together. Twilight sighed contently at Sunset’s breath tickling her neck, the lovely pressure of Sunset’s breasts, nipples and all, pushing against her back, and the firm hips tight against her butt all the way down to their entwining legs.

It felt perfect.

Twilight brought her hand, still slick with her fluids, up close enough that both she and Sunset could sniff at the scent.

“Look at what you made me do…”

Sunset grinned. “You sure were excited. Was I really that loud from the beginning?”

“Oh yeah. And you practically screamed when you came.”

“These walls are way too thin.” Sunset sighed happily. “I knew there was no way you couldn’t have heard me at the end, but I had no idea you were enjoying yourself this much.” She took hold of Twilight’s hand, rubbing against the wet fingers.

And then kissed them, sucking on the tips briefly afterwards.

Twilight beamed. “Maybe next time… we could do this together.”

“If you feel you’re ready.” Sunset relaxed, her head withdrawing behind Twilight’s onto her pillow. Their breathing gradually steadied, and all was still.

Twilight closed her eyes, slowly drifting off into sleep.

I was wrong. This is exactly what I wanted after all.