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I really like how slow this has been building over the last few stories. Looking for the next chapter!

Heh, danke.
Me neither. I am writing it like a bat outta hell. Going rather good but gonna need alot of editing....
Thanks for sticking around to read. Sometimes it is better to take it slow.

I enjoy these little fics immensely. Few if any can capture the way alcohol and weed effect your body. But you sir, you capture it perfectly. Not overly romanticized with the standard "feeling like you're walking on clouds" but in the down to earth, living in the moment that takes forever. I applaude you.

But most of all I enjoy the way you capture the moment of life. There are few fics hell even published books that I read that I feel like the characters are real. The feeling that I'm watching through a window into the characters everyday life.

I eagerly await the next part of this saga, and the next after that. And the next until the end of time. Because I hope dearly that the moment will never end.

Hats off to you sir. A true master of the moment, hats off.
Yours truly
Prosit Doodles

Thank you. I don't know what to say. Getting long, elaborate comments from someone I have entertained just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I am very happy I am able to capture someone's imagination for a few minutes.
Surely, there is a little more of this fic coming. Other than that, it is very likely I continue the same kind of concept with different characters or different events.
Thanks again for reading and letting me know what you think.


Poor Sunset didn't get any. I guess it's enough for her to just make Twilight extremely happy?

for all the build up...it felt rather short. But since it was their first time, it sort of made sense.

Can't get it all at once, I suppose. Perhaps the morning holds something more.

Short, perhaps. I figured it could not or would not carry on into something lengthy. Perhaps the morning after has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Why are you calling Twilight Teenlight?

It is a call-back to the first story, where "Teenset" Shimmer is a pointer towards the band "Nirvana" (and their song "Smells Like Teen Spirit")
Also, well, I guess teens are gonna be teens and do teen stuff.

Well, at least you've haven't forgotten this fic.

This crap is my baby, I'm never gonna forget it. I'm just a slow and erratic writer.
Thanks for paying attention :P

Little late to the party.

Glad to see this continue.

Don't worry about the speed, I am the slowest being in the universe.
Happy to see someone reading. Thanks for your time.

forgot about these for awhile
nice to return to find new content
time to reread the old and
catch up on the new

prime headcanon material right here:

riot is secretly cadances protegé
spreading lesbianism wherever she goes

Glad I've got someone reading. Hope it is still entertaining.
And yes, Riot could/should definitely be the herald of lesbianism.

Looking forward to more...

I'm a huge fan Sunlight...And a terrible person...

Thanks for reading, glad you liked it. Sunlight is best ship.

And oh yeah, we are all terrible people.

I love Riot. A suburban Dionysus leading her merry band of satyrs and maenads in a dance of gentle chaos. As distant and immanent as the strange god of life in death himself.

Hey, thanks. I like descriptions like that, a bit of poetry, a bit of pretentiousness. Happy to have you reading and happy that you enjoy.

I knew the rest was yet to "cum". :twilightblush:

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