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The part she rup out scoots
HIT THE BRAKES!!!!!!!! and back up... nope.. nope... nope.

Great work had me freaking out.

Very well done. I've never read a story with Dash written like this before, but I find it fits her remarkably well.


Oh. Well, that's certainly a new take on RD...

I don't like sad stories but this deserves an upvote. Though you should brace yourself for some possible hate comments

Well done....really, well done....I was disturbed and saddened by this, you done good.

Well I was hoping for a Rainbow Dash turns out to be asexual fic, but this was just as good.

She called herself Moondancer online. I was captivated.


I think not!

Clearly this pony knew our Moondancer and used her name for some reason.

My body said yes before my mind could stop it. I was drawn to her even though I knew it was a mistake.

Listening to this song while reading the second half of the story made it at least 20 times more enjoyable for me.:rainbowkiss:

"There is nothing wrong with a little bump and grind" should be the title of this story. :trollestia:


Creeperdash it seems. :trixieshiftleft:

I didn't know Nabokov had a fimfic...

The true tragedy of pedophile tendencies. Give in and you hurt little kids, fight them and you have to deal with your inner demons for all your life.
I honestly hope for RD that Scoots grows up to be a very filly-esque mare who can scratch her peculiar itch and all are relatively happy and un-molested.

Very sad fate Dash has to face, but many real life pedophiles do face this problem of extreme shame about their natural sexual preferences. I'm not condoning pedophilia, but studies have shown that it isn't completely deviant/unnatural.

I'm not usually one for stories like this, but this was a good case of an explosive topic handled in a sensitive way. I'm also impressed at how reserved and introspective the comments on the story are (at least up to this point).

Holy hell...
This was good.
Exceeds expectations.
I mean, you're a clop writer, and this has the sex and mature tags. I really dislike stories which are pretty much just 2 characters interacting a little bit before they start fucking eachother senseless, but stuff like this...
This is... sad, but perfect. I can't really express how much I... I don't even know the correct word.

Very well done. The writing was good in its own right, and you handled a very sensitive subject with a great deal of poise.

It's so easy to simply demonize the things we don't understand; to label them as evil in our minds and then think no more about it. I've always been fond of stories like this one that give those demons a face, a name, hopes and fears, loves and losses. Stories that make us see them as human again.

Wow... you wrote a story involving pedophilia and you wrote it perfectly. Excellent work

Well this is depressing as fuck. Have a like.

Very well written - I don't know that I can say any more than what others have. Congrats on an amazing story!

I kinda pity pedophiles. The ones that give in need to die in the slowest and most painful way, publicly, to send a message. The ones that don't, well, I congratulate you. But don't be proud of it, don't come out of the closet with it. You'l find very little to no support or pats on the back for not being a monster. That said, many of the so called "good pedos" can often be found discussing or advocating changing consent laws in their favor, this generally ends any positive thoughts I had on them rather quickly.

Bottom line, if you are born a pedo, never give in, be miserable, never tell anyone, and hope that there is a next life where you can be normal.

Snow #18 · Aug 14th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Y'know I kinda wish there were separate words describing pedophilia as it pertains to being attracted to the underage because they're underage, versus pedophilia as it pertains to being attracted to the proportional features of a younger member of one's species. To me, the former seems a lot creepier than the latter, since the former is explicitly targeting innocence and vulnerability while the latter seems more geared toward facial features and size differences. Then again, this is such a taboo topic, it's not exactly considered culturally acceptable (at least in the west) to discuss it with anything but disgust, so unbiased research or exploration into the topic isn't what one could describe as 'common' or 'popular'.

On a semi-related note, we (humans) are psychologically (possibly even physiologically) geared toward finding a certain set of features endearing such as: large eyes in proportion to the head,, rounded soft features, and large heads in proportion to the body. This is because our young share these features, and it is genetically advantageous to find them enjoyable to be around, and to find them cute, because generally we shower whatever we find 'cute' with attention. This is incidentally why many theorize us to find characters in anime, My Little Pony, or Powerpuff Girls so cute, or interesting. If that is correct, then isn't sexualizing any of these characters, even those of mature age, a form or derivative of pedophilia? Perhaps academically but then again, it isn't a long stretch from there to finding large eyes and/or cherubic features in adults attractive.

Really though the only reason I'm commenting like this - aside from perhaps a drink or two making me philosophical - is that I think it's silly to get hung up on what you find aesthetically attractive, whether it's furries, sexes, sizes, familiar, alien, or geometric shapes; it's whether or not you act on it when doing so would physically, psychologically, or physiologically harm either party, because that shows a disregard for one side or the other of that relationship and that is always wrong.

Actually giving the rambling, I think it's the alcohol.

but studies unanimously conclude that giving into pedophile tendencies are irrevocably damaging to children. Therefore, the pedophile is a pitiable creature doomed to a life of unfulfillment and misery. We can only hope they never give in and find something to replace that need. Be it religion, work, art, video games, or sports. Pedophiles do not need rights, they need help.

A very interesting story, I felt rather uncomfortable at several points, but I assume that was the author's intention. Though I will admit to thinking that Dash needs to seek professional help, it isn't normal to be unable to connect with other people that way. Though intimacy and attraction can go hand in hand, you should still be able to become intimate with other people. Intimacy, after all, is more than just sex.

The problem, such as it is, is that both groups of people are still people. The question, I suppose, is whether we're talking about mere attraction or an obsession. Human beings can have some weird fetishes, I know some people who are into things that would literally kill their partners if they were to ever act on them in real life. Perfectly normal, happy people that still go out and have healthy relationships with other people, it's just that something rather macabre tickles their fancy.

Human beings, like all animals, are programmed to find youth attractive. This is because of the many reproductive benefits youth provides; easier pregnancies, healthier children, the potential for many more pregnancies, etc. Then there's also the fact that human beings are programmed to find children adorable so that we take care of them and protect them from predation, this is common in animals with K-type reproductive strategies, like humans. These feelings, in many ways, are normal, even healthy; childcare and family life would not be the same without them, and people suffering from neoteny (or the retention of childish traits well into adulthood) would be shit out of luck otherwise.

In some people though those feelings grow out of control. Attraction becomes obsession, and what was once one interest among many becomes the only thing you're interested in. These people need help. In a way they're no different from people with an uncontrollable attraction to corpses or animals, the only difference being the subject matter. This obsession they have (and it IS an obsession) isn't healthy, and they need to learn to let it go. I wish I could say that there was some magical way to fix these people, but we don't even really know why they feel the way they do in the first place; all we can do is offer them treatment and hope for the best.

I agree that they need help, but I highly doubt they need to suffer for it. Like I said, these people have a condition that requires treatment, it isn't normal for a person to become so fixated on one characteristic to determine attractiveness. Imagine a person liking blonde hair, like, really liking blonde hair. To the point where they are only attracted to, and feel like they only connect with, people with blonde hair. Does this sound like a healthy person to you? 'Broken' is a rather harsh way of putting it... but at some point a person has to realize that what they're feeling is wrong and seek help. It's no different from a person with serious anger issues seeking help on how to control their mood, 'This line of thinking is destructive, and I need to learn how to stop it.'

About your other point, well... jury's still out on what makes a 'child.' For most of human civilization if you were old enough to get a girl pregnant, or carry a child to term, you were considered an adult. It's only within the past hundred years or so that that definition has been challenged. We still can't decide if someone is an adult at sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, heck, in some parts of the First World it's as low as fourteen. The real answer is 'we don't know,' there isn't some kind of magical transformation into adulthood that we can observe and document, at most, you grow a little.

That said, if you're the type of person that wants the age of consent lowered so that you can justify having relationships with younger and younger people explicitly because they are so young, then like I said before, you need professional help. If you are in a beautiful, loving relationship with someone it is. Not. NORMAL to stop being attracted to them just because they get a little older. You think your grandparents just sit around baking cookies all day? No, they're fucking, despite being far older and less conventionally attractive then they used to be, they're probably still getting it on. If you can't keep a relationship together through something as simple as the latter stages of puberty then you never really had a relationship to begin with.

You would do better to suggest pedophiles take pharmaceuticals to alter their libido to normalcy.

Every human being matures at a different rate, there are legal adults, in their 30s with mentalities of teenagers running around, and there are 15 year olds who have the ability to think ahead like adults 'should' be able to and already have their future careers planned out.

We cannot handle the "Age of Consent" on a case by case basis because there is only so much paperwork any given society can handle. The safest, and proven route is to just set a number and stand by it.

As for the blonde hair thing, fetishes that extend to the point of affecting your ability to socialize and mingle are actually treated. If your fetish starts harming your relationship with people you are quickly told to go see a therapist, and millions of people with fetishes that have gone too far seek help to recondition themselves. Pedophilia goes a bit deeper than that and its quite possible you can't make a pedophile be attracted to normal women/men, but they can get emotional support and aid to not fall and commit a crime. When I say be miserable, I mean they will not find the release, sexual or emotional, that they seek with a child. Ever. CP hurts children in its production, and the only alternative I can think to somewhat pacify pedos so they can wack off and not go touch a child is japanese lolicon. Which doesn't hurt anyone in its production.

This story was an interesting and unique take on a largely unexplored taboo that has existed for centuries. Rainbow's auto-demonizing attitude on her pedophilia works to provide a realistic conflict, forcing her to control herself or ruin both her and a poor filly's lives; not to mention what Rainbow's friends would think and say, when they inevitably discover her deepest secret.

Pedophilia is a terrible offense and the perpetrators should be punished accordingly; though as Davesknd and Snow have both pointed out, some people are drawn towards certain traits more commonly found in children, such as innocence and naivety. With that said, there are many adults that either fit within those traits or rely on makeup and exercise to appear that way, sometimes they utilize both to make it as authentic as possible.

In my honest opinion I feel that pedophilia as a whole is bad, but can fit in certain stories as a major or minor plot point and can be an important part in a potential character's backstory or as their motivation for their quest.

A great piece Togashi, this story was a perfect example of a realistic character flaw, their inner struggle in coping with it and their resolve to not give in. This was an interesting read and head canon for Rainbow Dash, It is always nice to explore alternate author's head canon.

*After the end*

A sequel from Scootaloo's perspective

It would be an interesting observation to the psychosis of how far is idolization to youthful infatuation. Where as Dash feels the turmoil along with the euphoria of that night, was Scootaloo truly asleep? And if so, did Dash's action affect her dream wise or subconsciously triggered something within Scoots, somewhere along the lines of "I don't know why but whenever I'm near her or catch her scent, I feel funny". That it would lead her to confide in someone, perhaps the same person as Dash.

Very well written. I really felt bad for Rainbow Dash.

>reads synopsis.
>eyebrow raise
Be this what I think it be?

>after reading
No. This isn't what I thought it was at all. Gosh that's sad. I would feel broken too. Worse than I did.

7480380 The only time Rules should be bent/broken is if it's a 17 and an 18 year old. At that point, Is it STILL pedophilia? A good friend of mine is in prison for dating/sleeping with a 17 year old who was turning 18 in a week. They didn't even DO anything. They just slept. Actually, I think Texas has a law to handle that very situation. When the difference is less than a couple months.

7480580 There actually is a law for precisely this. Its called the Romeo and Juliet law. Many states in the US use it.

7480722 Well, that sucks because I don't live in one of those states.

But I didn’t feel the same spark anymore. She wasn’t the innocent filly I feel so hard for. She was a full grown mare.

And that is why pedophilia/ephebophilia is wrong, wrong, wrong. No life commitment? No sex.

Rainbow's feelings are chillingly well expressed.

Pedophilia is SPECIFICALLY defined as sexual attraction to PREPUBESCENT MINORS. If you know anyone who still hasn't hit puberty by age 18, please take them to see doctors, something's VERY wrong with them.

Thats not how it works.

Oh, all of my yes I love this kind of Rainbow Dash so much. Definetely need more of this, I enjoyed it a lot!

You know what, this actually needs two sequels, one for Moondancer and one for Scoots.

Of one strung along and corrupted then abandoned

Another as a victim of molestation.

7480952 An older Scoots damaged and resentful due to molestation, but still friends with Dash.

Not sure if I want to write that one.

7480900 I'm aware of that. Besides, It was incredibly clear that the court had decided he was guilty before they even saw him. It's not that he was breaking any laws, per say, but that the girls mom was an asshole. Her HUSBAND was the judge.

Oof. That was pretty dark.


As a side note, the reason I don't hate foalcon is because I'd rather someone who's attracted to children/foals beat off to some writing rather than in an actual child.

Oh Dash nobody knows your secret and I pity your existence. This is a mare who had succeeded in repressing her own desire, who had never before given into it. She has lived a life full of denial and had never hurt a soul. I think that's commendable, because if you think about it: the, perhaps 5% of pedos actually hurt foals. The remaining 95% never live out their fantasies. Think about their suffering. Sexuality is the strongest force in pony beings. To be born with a forbidden sexuality must be agonizing. The pedophile who manages to get through life with the shame of his desire, while never acting on it, deserves a bloody medal.

Exceedingly well written. Her dreams is quite deep, and quite unsolvable too. This is the kind of thing I can see dash, after scoots growing and so loosin "love" for the second time, coming to Twilight and saying "this is who I am. Please, PLEASE change me." and the subsequent conflict in her mind of changing someone's mind versus the continued suffering of the pony... When the pony itself asks for it. Or worse... Telling Dash she can't do it. Not won't, can't.

Either way, bravo. It took courage to write this, and you did it masterfully.

Exactly the reason why hentai exists.

wow, that caught me off guard. i thought it was going to be yet another "oh rainbow horse is a faggot, big surprise" story.

weird but in a good way.

Well written, and has spawned a lot of surpricingly good discussion. Well done. Have a like.

Oh shit, now that I wasn't expecting.
You took a common Rainbow Dash trope and played it ultra-straight to the point of being darkly realistic.
That's brilliant. You also did a bang-up job on the unsettling factor. A few good sentences made my skin crawl.

I guess maybe my only complaint is that it wasn't creepy enough?
Don't get me wrong, this Dash has got some serious demons. But I dunno... I guess it didn't quite delve into the lechery I expected. Though maybe showing restraint was a better choice.
Still, it did its job damn well: unexpected but believable characterization.

She wasn’t the innocent filly I feel so hard for.

The sentence structure suggests that the word should be 'fell', not 'feel', but I'm so far out of my depth I'm probably wrong.

I want to say this was disturbing but well-written, but honestly? Not particularly disturbing. Unconventional, yes, but there's been far worse. And certainly well-written.

Off-putting. That's the turn of phrase.

I certainly don't feel dirty giving this one a like.

Comment posted by shimonsays deleted Aug 15th, 2016

7481946 This was a topic I wan't exactly expecting to see in the feature box today, but it did make me think. Got to give props to something like that, still, it is indeed a off-putting subject matter.

I guess we wouldn't know what would be weird to talk about deeply, or psychologically if someone didn't push the boundaries.

Of course it's the 'Dash is a pedophile, poor her' fic that gets all the upvotes. Not surprising given the crowd on this site.

I knew what to expect coming in to the story. What I didn't expect from it was for it to create discussion on the subject matter.

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