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Something-something horse narrations.

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YEA!!!! a new story!!

Thank you Wuten

Tis a good start to what could be an interesting story told from such different perspectives.

Interesting... I'd demand for more but that would just be rude.
Anyways, I have never heard of a Scootaloo x Anon fic before
For the next chapter

Thumbs up and fave. Let's see how this works out.


I like it cant wait for more

Hmmm, Applejack's a little bit racist ain't she? *sigh* I suppose somebody had to be the racist one in the town.


Dohoho~ Perhaps, High_Wind, perhaps... Then again, I plan on having this all explained in due time...

For now, enjoy the silly Scootaloo moments. :scootangel:

well sounds like somepony's on there period!:ajsmug:

>implying ponies have periods
>implying it's not estrus. Huehuehue...

I shiggy diggy doggy doody tutti fruity patootie call of duty way too snooty big ol' booty Mr. Mooty.

Haha, sorry, in a 4Chan-mood tonight after reading a story written by a friend of mine and the shitstorm it's causing in the comments section. :pinkiecrazy:

Next chapter coming tomorrow or Monday. Time for some... well, more silly antics.

1722839 i was just about to say moar!!! but now i have to wait till tomorrow so now im good


Dohoho~ You'll just have to find out... :ajsmug: no

Scoots romance with a human? This is a first you have my interest good sir!

EDIT: ouch bit of a racist prick there eh AJ?


I guess when I prayed to god for a second person Scootaloo X Anon fic I should have been more specific...


Whatever could you possibly mean? :trollestia:

Mhm, that's actually the one I had in mind too. Minus the cutie mark, of course... :trollestia:


Because no amount of preparation or motivation will ever make it through the night.

This can seriously be your best work ever. When it's done, we'll see, but so far, very good.

Jesus AppleJack! Does she have any idea how many trandeminsional laws she broke by grilling a human?
This could actually get her sucked into space for species indangerment!
She should consider herself lucky that a cenital cypher wasn't watching or they would have sent in the chypher snipers that would have brutally ripped her to shreds:twilightsmile:

Anon has wheels :rainbowlaugh: In all seriousness, this story is badass, and I really want more :twilightsmile:

Pretty good so far.
Though given its rating and that I'm a guy, being in the girl's horseshoes is prolly gonna be a bit awkward. :applejackconfused:

Glad you're enjoying so far. Again, this story will have shifting perspectives between Scootaloo and Anonymous, so your body shouldn't feel as awkward at times. :ajsmug:

Curse you Cliffhanger, Curse you!!!!


Excellent... my evil plan is working!

I can't wait for the next chapter I think it will be badass!!

Jeeze AJ, get off yer high horse!

"Turtles." :ajbemused:
Turtles?" :rainbowhuh:
"Yes." You say, nodding sagely. "Turtles." :trixieshiftleft:
"What do turtles have to do with her not liking you?" :rainbowhuh:
"Well, back during The War Applejack wanted others to BUY SOME APPLES! but no one would, so she hired some performing turtles to bring customers in. When I dropped out of the sky my fall was broken by the crate of said turtles and they all were bravely crushed to death to save me. Applejack had spent her college savings her folks left her on those turtles, and that, dear Scoots, is why she hates me." :applejackunsure:
"....." :unsuresweetie:

This man figured it out.
Story's over kiddies, everyone go home...


Looks like the world didn't end... oh well at least you get to continue your story with out a meteor crushing your house.

I had this song on repeat for the supposed last ten minutes of earth thinking that it was very fitting.

Damn, now I actually have to finish this story... :trollestia:

Comment posted by BoneCruncher47 deleted Jan 1st, 2013

Ah yeah update and trials and tribulations. I love it.

Miss Jack of Apples needs to get off her high horse and- oh great, another unintentional pun. :facehoof:

You wanna know something ironic? Applesarcum (the artist of that bottom Applejack image) is actually formerly from AiE on 4Chan, where this story originated from.

And yes. That series of images is very fitting. :trollestia: Stay tuned~

As the chapters go on, another story is unveiled before my eyes.
The still fiery embers of hate from a past broken heart.
The seed of hope for love coming from two mares.
The wish for a happy life in an unusual place for a stranded being.
And a reader, who felt poetical and wanted to write something quick.
What new mysteries will the mind of a King bring?
What turn will the snake know as plot take?
The only thing we can do is wait.
The only thing He can do is write.
The only thing that Anon can hope for, is to not get bucked in the balls.

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