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Adagio wants to blow off some steam after the small issue of losing her magic, the ability to sing, and being humiliated in front of an entire school. She finds the perfect way of going about this is the time honored tradition of punching your problems out: boxing. While Aria passes on the idea, Sonata is more than happy to help out Adagio.

The only problem is Adagio only gets more frustrated when she sees Sonata after changing for their workout.


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While I knew where it was going from the cover art, it still came out completely hilarious.

Loved the end of the second paragraph and the first part of the third :rainbowlaugh: That, and the dialogue mixing

While this does focus on Adagio and Sonata, one could wonder if Aria were included into this crazy one-shot :pinkiecrazy:

No doubt she'd have her fair bit of jabs towards an already-crushed Adagio about her chest size. Hell, for good measure, have Aria's chest size either be a step below Sonata's or just be entirely flat so Dagi can have a Pyrrhic victory in the form of a counter jab.

Wouldn't getting punched in the boobs hurt?

7150290 Not if the person isn't punching hard or just "swatting" you. It's a small bit, but I alluded to Adagio just sort of "thwapping" Sonata.


Hmmm.... still sounds like that would hurt. I suggest we go out and conduct some experiments.

When their bodies start growing and those breasts start sagging, I don't think she'll be as angry anymore. Of course, if she wasn't really hitting her (just batting them around), I'm not sure she was really angry about the bust sizes to begin with. The material in the first few paragraphs feels like a hint.

This is one of those comedy one-shots that gets more tragic the longer you think about it, isn't it?

Inb4 Ponut Joe draws an image and someone always makes a fanfic about it

7150476 Aren't you here after the fact though?

7150319 For science.

7150393 The truest sadness is the one you can't ever read.

7150290 YES! It's happened to me before and I can confirm it smarts like a sonofawhore! :rainbowlaugh:

That must've been some great 'stress relief' for Adagio.:ajsmug::raritywink:


Right! So here is the plan. We'll go to a gym. You punch a lady's breast while I stand back and take notes.


Oh... I guess we don't have to find a test subject after all. Nevermind then.

This was... something alright. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but... yeah, something.


7150588 If we crack 50 likes over the weekend, why not?

I'm guessing Aria is flat.

Arias face on the cover looks like a turtle.

Nice power training Adagio, now it's time to speedbag! :pinkiecrazy:


7150811 Looks like you cracked 50 :derpytongue2:

7155368 would seem I did indeed.

Sonata's boobs are too perfect to feel pain (except in a good way).

I can only imagine what would happen if Adagio didn't have the biggest butt. :trollestia:

WOO!! I'm the hundredth upvote!
Wheeeeeeeee-*Kicks floor sitting in spinny wheel chair* OW! *Falls out of chair*

Where did you find this picture?

I'm sorry, is there no source?

I'm sorry. I'll get a link on that sometime soon. I found it on that derp-something site. I'm embarrassed I can't recall the name right now. I'm on mobile right now.

The source link was added to the picture. Unless it’s broken.

When I tap in it, it says the source is cdn.fimfiction[...]

No-no. If you scroll over the image, in the bottom right corner, a little thumbnail pops up that says "source". If you click it, it'll take you to the derp-image source.

Does that work on mobile? Because that's where I'm viewing this right now.

It’s a little different. I’m on mobile as well, and if you thumb over it, you can still see the source tab pop up on the bottom.

Oh, I thought you meant thumb over it in the modal.
I see it now, but it's in a precarious place. If I think over to short it clicks, too long and the context menu appears.

I wonder why it's not just a regular link in the modal like the cdn link.

Anywho, thanks for putting up with this train of... questioning?

I am reminded of the FFVII machinabridged.

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