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To Princess Celestia, her subjects are also her children and, for them, she strives to be a beacon of integrity and friendship. To Prince Blueblood, she was even more than that, until duties stole her away and his parents naturally filled the role in her absence. They taught him to uphold his family's honor and accept no reproach on his brithright. Their example showed him how to snub his peers if they outshone him and exercise his authority without regard for his subordinates.

To see her own nephew become so cruel pains her. All those around him suffer, and so does he, the pain hidden beneath an unremorseful sneer at those quivering before his hooves. Luna's presence grants Celestia the time that had been denied to Blueblood many years before, and she vows to use it to help him rediscover the loving, happy colt she once knew. Determined and hopeful, Auntie Celly enacts her plan for helping her nephew learn once more what it means to love, and be loved in turn.

Warning: Has a adult pony wearing diapers and snuggling.

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This one was positively adorable! :heart:

I read this on Furaffinity and I loved it! Its so cute, and redeems Blueblood in a way. Love your work

A lovely piece to read! Glad to see you posting on here again!

You have quite the sizable submission here. I'm personally delighted to see such a long story. It was an adorable storyline that focused heavily on the adult baby aspect of the lifestyle. The characters were interesting to follow during such a cute piece. The rebellious and spoiled brat personality complimented Celestia's assumed motherly personalty so well and worked to improve your story.

It was a joy to read. I'm happy that you thought to post it.

so cute:pinkiesad2::raritystarry:

A beautiful story from a beautiful person.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
You did something great here.

This almost killed me with cuteness.....:rainbowkiss:

A lovely story, very cute, and its nice to see a redeamed Blueblood.

Finally got the chance to read this, and I LOVE it! :heart:

how does a diaper fic get on the front page of the feature box? fimfic hitting a new low >_>

6885259 Being a diaper fic doesn't exclude it from being good. I've read plenty of good ones. Not my fetish sure, but that doesn't mean I can't respect it.

Thank you for sharing this wonderfully cute and heartwarming story.

At first, I thought with the set up that Celestia had in mind for Blueblood, I honestly thought that at some point the guy would have a mental breakdown. But after reading it through, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't go that route.

For those who are coming in, although it does have that adorableness factor, this story is much more mature, even thought provoking then it looks. I know it's a long read, but trust me, this story is worth your time.

This was so adorable to read, thank you for writing this.

Seems you kept your promise.” She nudged Blooey and chuckled at his blush, then reached into the box to get a bottle cap collection. “And here is your emergency bit supply in case the magic friendship bombs ever exploded.”

Is that a Fallout reference?

Sneaky, Conflicted...

6888381 Huh, I never caught it until now

I saw the warnings. I didn't heed them. Now I am dead due to d'aww.

this is one of the best stories I've ever read, and thats a lot coming from a critic

It took me like 2-4 hours to read this. My eyes are exhausted, but I have no regrets. It east what I was expected, but that's not a bad thing in the slightest.

This is freaking awesome! I love this story. I need to check out others you've wrote as this was just amazing!

So CUTE! I loved it!:heart:

I need more foal Blueblood in my life and I need it NOW. This was precious, sweet, adorable, fantastically well written, and utterly spectacular. Your writing really sustains me when I get stuck on a story. Thank you so much for posting this amazing fluff. My heart really needed it. You truly make an impact on your readers with your writing. You are amazing, and you deserve all the hugs! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritywink::yay::twilightsmile::heart:

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