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He wonders, not for the first time, if what he does for us even matters. No matter what he does, he just cant seem to do enough...and he wonders if we would be better off without him. She will be his second sun, the light of his life, she is worth it.

She finds herself in a world not hers, surrounded by creatures not like her. She doesn't know anything about herself, or her past. She sees him, and she knows that he needs her now as much as she needs him. He will be her guardian protector.

Inspired by Tatsurou's Pwnyverse.

Cover art provided by Votederpycausemufins.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 169 )

An adorable and emotionally heavy start, for completely separate reasons.

Let's see what comes next.

Okay, did not see Lois being so perceptive. I'm too used to Animated Series Lois.

Still, the bit with Celestia wanting Lois to be her Mom was funny. Though I don't understand why Celestia freaked out about being naked. As Applejack said...

And she hadn't been around long enough to pick up on taboos. I'm actually surprised she realized Superman's super suit wasn't a part of him, and didn't freak out about him taking off a layer of skin.


Well if you think about it, most versions make Lois just look stupid. She sees both Clark and Superman so often....the only way she wouldn't know is if she was Dee Dee from Dexter's Lab.

I'll admit that her freaking out about him sheading his skin sounds funny, but I just didn't think of that.

She still understands what clothes are, and everyone else was wearing them constantly, so after Lois pointed it out she had Rarity's reaction. Don't worry though, she'll grow out of feeling like she needs clothes as she matures.

Interesting so far - what Superman continuity are you using? The Man of Steel movie one?

But would Celestia call herself by the title? I'm surprised that she would remember it? Would she later remember Luna? Twilight?

And I didn't see Apollo coming! :rainbowlaugh:

Clark Kent walked into his apartment later that evening with a sleeping Celestia in his arms. The magical pony was fully dressed in a ladies business suit that Lois had picked out in a nice shade of lavender, a gray fedora, and at her insistence a pair of glasses that matched his now rested on her muzzle.

Okay, now that is just too adorable :pinkiehappy:

Actually, if you go back to the Superman comics, it's implied that his glasses have a hypnotic effect attached to them, similar to Celestia's "spell of normalcy", making people not see him as Superman. (Don't remember if it was the glasses themselves or a subconscious ability of Supes, but that was Golden Age Supes). So it actually made sense that she didn't make the connection, as long as she never saw him without his glasses.

6764490 This is my own continuity of Superman. Currently he has been active as Superman for about two or three years. About one year ago Intergang started to use super advanced weapons technology to fight the police and him, and this resulted in a Man of Steel level of damage to the city.

Superman has yet to face any of his iconic villains, which means they will show up here.

6764497 Eh, the writers' have gone up and down with his abilities so many times that some of what he can do is just ridiculous, and other things just became unpopular. I think it was actually that Golden Age Superman had mild shape shifting that only affected his face.

From what I understand, modern Superman uses precise muscle control to 'blur' his face a bit when Superman. And to adjust his voice just enough that most people wouldn't catch on to how similar his identities' voices are. Add on his acting to appear uncoordinated as Clark Kent, and you have a convincing cover. In the modern comics, you have to look at other things then the actual bodies to figure out who Superman really is. As skilled a reporter as Lois is, she really should be able to figure it out in about 2-3 years. The main reason more superheroes haven't had their identities uncovered is likely that 'mysterious hero' sells more papers.

Lex Luthor, on the other hand, has a legitimate issue preventing him from recognizing who Superman's real identity is. He thinks of Superman as close to godhood as mortals can get, and expects him to act that way all the time. He honestly cannot perceive Superman as acting in any other way. You can show him all the facts, and he would reject it. Actually happened in the comics too.

6764472 well, she does wear clothes at the gala (and at twi's coronation) so she knows that clothes exist.
besides, as one man once commented on that scene 'Said the one pony who actually wears clothes.' which can include the princesses (other that twi) as well

6764756 And the comics themselves can't decide on a permanent explanation, for a single universe, why nobody can ever figure it out. I decided to cut the bull crap and just have Lois be smart enough to see it. She has known him as both Clark and Superman for somewhere around three years in this, and she's the only person who sees him often enough as both to be able to connect the dots.

Luthor? Well for now he just doesn't think Clark is worth memorizing, so that will add to it.

Other people? He doesn't wear a mask, and so they simply don't think he has a secret identity, they just think he is Superman and nothing else.

Batman on the other hand...

6765351 It was a reference to Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

53 people have this in their bookshelves... After only a few hours... Yay! :yay:

6765359 Kind of a major part of the plot point just to make a reference. I mean, your reason for Superman accepting the role of father is because a character who's just making a cameo appearance from another unrelated franchise said so? Really?:unsuresweetie:

6765373 The gods of Olympus do exist in DC you know. I don't have to ever have Percy Jackson make an appearance, Apollo could never show up ever again. The point that was being made is that Celestia will be there until after she grows up, and Superman is hardly going to just dump her somewhere else just because, he's going to do his best to see that she is cared for, which results in her staying with him and becoming his daughter. Apollo was used as a way to say "Hey, this is happening. It is what would happen if I wasn't here, but now it can happen faster instead of her being cooped up at the north pole for who knows how long before the story actually gets started." so that I could establish the fact early on for the readers. The characters in the story will consider it odd that he (Clark Kent) adopted a child so suddenly, but on the superman side of things it's not that out of the question if go by what they've done in the comics.

Also, God of prophecies, and Celestia being there will throw a very big wrench in the fate of the DC universe. It's reasonable to say that he would get involved at some point.

When it's all said and done though...I just decided to use the most updated version of Apollo, rather than the classic toga look.

6765406 You should've told me first that Apollo was in DC comics. Like I did ask you. Your answer before made it seem like he wasn't in the comics and you just brought in a character from an unrelated franchise for the sake of moving the plot along.

The fact that he actually was in the comics makes him being there more understandable.

6764868 I like to think that Luthor knows Superman's secret identity, but keeps it to himself, because he doesn't want to give Supes a reason to quit his day job, and be Superman full time.

6765434 I'm not trying to poke fun at you, but you really didn't know the Greek gods were a thing in DC? One of their biggest characters is specifically based on Greek mythology. So them being real just seemed obvious to me.


As if Celestia needed to be even more Goody-Two-Shoes-ish. I just don't care about her. Period.

There's something about this that just isn't . . . I don't know. The characters seem too forced and fake. The part where he says he can't save everyone, it's never discussed again. It's kind of inconsistent. I'm not interested in child Celestia in any case.

6767945 only the start of the story, I'm not going to write about the exact same thing every single chapter. The part about him being unsure of himself will return in future chapters.

The characters being forced is slightly intentional. There's a balance point that I haven't quite mastered yet.

I guess you'll have to wait to see if a improve.

6768442 Well the only criticisms that I'm interested in hearing are ones that can help me improve, so unless you are going to read, and then tell me your opinion, I have no reason to care about your dislike of Celestia nor for anyone else's dislike of Superman. I'm writing this because I want to, not because I think people will enjoy it.

...did...did Celestia just get a lift to the Fortress from Santa?

I'm all for acknowledging the bond between Superman and Celestia but I can't help but think Celestia's "upgrade" was a bit redundant. She already has flight by pegasus magic, super strength and resistence by earth pony magic, can use magic to simulate heat vision (and with a bit of imagination the cold breath).

And it isn't like being related by blood realle matter to Clark in order to consider Celestia her daughter. He has raised by his adoptive parents and they love each other regardless of their blood bond.

That was a weird chapter, but I'll still wait for the next update.

I think the only thing she really gained from it would be superhuman durability on par with his.

6776854 I can't really apologize for it being a weird chapter since my writing style can usually be called weird, and that would require me to apologize for each chapter.

Most of Celestia's and Luna's abilities in the show are because of their magic, but here she has not learned any of the spells that she knew in the show. She doesn't know how to teleport for instance, so here she gets super speed to replace teleportation.

For Superman's reaction, consider the difference between Celestia randomly showing up and someone telling him to take care of her, and him suddenly having a living blood relative. I'm not going to give him a one track mind that makes him the perfect hero because he has the same flawed thought processes as we do, so even in the comics he would not have immediately seen her as his daughter.

From this point on however, I will be dealing with storylines from the comics, so instead of my normal randomness I will write about other DC characters meeting her.

6776913 Well, that and whatever I can think of that makes sense for a pony kryptonian hybrid. As in kryptonian powers that are changed by magical pony DNA.

Magical SOLAR pony DNA.

Emphasis on SOLAR.

Actually, that's a good point. Her magic naturally links her more strongly to the sun, meaning she can draw on its energies to power her abilities even in situations Superman couldn't...such as being deep underground, being under a satellite generated filter that creates a Kryptonian Red Sun effect, or in a nuclear winter.

(Yes, all three situations occurred in cartoons and limited Kryptonian abilities derived from yellow sunlight.)

6776913 That leaves the question how strong is Celestia's natural earth pony durability in comparison of Superman's.

And there's also Superman's kryptonite weakness. (I left it spoilered because it's a point for the reply below)

6776938 Well, Celestia should already know how to teleport with the only thing limiting that knowledge is her seal.

Since you haven't mentioned anything about Celestia's seal apart from being powerful it's actually up to you to determine what knowledge got in, what got out, and how "porose" the seal is: would Celestia remember things from her time before Earth in certain situations?

The only thing I can imagine Celestia earning from all of this is actually Superman's kryptonite weakness.

And the "weird" of the chapter is about Celestia becoming part kryptonian (my thoughts were aiong the lines of "what's the point (for the story) to make Celestia part-kryptonian? weird"), which was actually the point of the chapter.

And before I forget, I wasn't looking for an apology: this is your story and you write it in the direction you want. I'm here only for the ride.

6777691 The only things she reality remembers are instinctive things that don't really require knowledge to do them. Such as flying, her body would still know how to do it. Teleportation and other spells on the other hand require the user to actually learn them.

Twilight, Sunset, and Starlight would probably be the exceptions.

Celestia's memory loss is, for the most part, all covering. So she remembers some very basic information such as her name, but other than that she doesn't remember anything.

As for her now hybrid DNA, pony (magical sun pony at that) plus kryptonian does not equal perfectly duplicated kryptonian powers. An example of this is that, being magical in nature she won't have a vulnerability to magic, but neither will she be resistant to it.

She could very well just end up with super level pony powers. I should point out here that this is not Celestia the goddess, like Apollo told Superman, she is not mortal but neither is she immortal. So while she is magically powerful she is still not what would be called a goddess.

I say continue this you beautiful bastard and no crossovers please

6784865 Well this has a sister story for Luna that I haven't started writing yet, and I would like to have them update together.

Umm... Daily, not Dailey, Planet...

6790086 Ah... Thanks. I'll fix that when I can.

Great so he even gets his movie in a rivals universe. Great chapter, I was hoping that Celestia was talking to Bruce but it had to be Lex.

6919505 Here you go. *gives you cookies* And yeah, Lex kinda has to appear before Bruce.

Celestia wanted to go see the new Deadpool movie, right?

Also, now Braniac's coming after Celestia?

Hey there. Sorry I took a while to get around to posting a review, but this story is EXCELLENT. All the exchanges, emotional content, humor, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I particularly liked the differences in Celestia's Kryptonian hybrid abilities as opposed to Superman's. Anyway, I will definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

Curses! I just came across this fic and now the guess has been GUESSED! Alas, no cake for me... *noms on muffin* Well I'm entertained. Faved.

Luthor took a feather from Tia... Bizarro Celestia coming??? :pinkiegasp:

6920353 hehe hehehe haha hahaha HAHAHA hehehe HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ima mad genius arnt I?

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