• Published 25th Dec 2015
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It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Celestia! - Cookie_Girl

The solar alicorn, raised by the last son of Krypton. An adopted displaced fic.

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Good dog

Celestia sniffed the air, and her nostrils were met by the most enjoyable, warm, and enticing aroma that she had ever smelled. It was a heaven unlike any other. Ambrosia; food worthy of the gods.

Fresh baked homemade from scratch chocolate chip cookies.

One more whiff and Celestia was hovering like a butterfly as she floated into the kitchen with her eyes closed.

Ma Kent chuckled at the antics of her ’granddaughter’ as she took the cookies out of the oven. The woman did not know where her son had found the little flying unicorn, but it did not really matter. They were all Kents, and it does not take much to be called family by a Kent. It would take some getting used to, considering that Celestia was not even close to being a human, but she had already seen enough from raising Clark for her to not care about such oddities.

“Just a minute, Tia.” Ma Kent said as she put the tray of cookies on the counter. “We have to let them cool off first.”

“I can do it!” Celestia inhaled a breath and readied a small cold breath...and got smacked on the nose with a wooden spoon. “Ah! ...Why?” she looked up at the woman with her eyes big and watery.

Ma Kent almost apologized and gave her all the cookies. “Absolutely no powers in the house, young lady.”


“No. We've had to rebuild this house too many times because Clark sneezed, or an alien or a robot came looking for him, and I like it just fine the way it is now.” she put her hands on her hips and stared down Celestia. “No powers, or no cookies.”

“Yes, ma'am!” Celestia saluted with a wing across her brow.

“Good. Go play with the dog while we wait.”

Celestia looked around the kitchen for Krypto. “Where is he?”

Her ears twitched as she listened for him. Hearing a growl come from the hallway, she trotted out to find him staring at the door. “Krypto?”

He growled louder. “Uhh, Ma, something's wrong with the dog.”

“Krypto?” Ma Kent came out of the kitchen. “What is it, boy? Another raccoon?”

The dog's hackles rose and his ears folded back as he growled louder and barked, his lips pulled back to reveal his ivory teeth.

“Celestia stay back.” Ma Kent said, and pulled a shotgun out of the hall closet.

The robot crashed through the door, its face like a gunmetal skull. It stood more than seven feet tall, and the wood floor cracked beneath its footsteps.

Krypto charged at the intruder. The dog leaped to tackle and bite the thing that wanted to hurt his home, hurt his pack.

The dog got backhanded through both kitchen walls and left a trench in the ground where he skidded across the lawn.

The robot continued forward without missing a beat. Eliminate Kryptonian it said in an electronic voice. Its optic sensors scanned over Ma Kent and Celestia. Kryptonian energy signature detected.

“DON'T TOUCH MY DOG!” Celestia screamed. She launched herself at the robot -not even giving it a second thought since she had just beaten some other robots earlier that day- and slammed her front hooves into its body with enough force to shatter steel.


“Oof!...” it did not budge. She looked up into the robot’s green eyes, and gulped as for the first time since she arrived on this world...she knew fear.

The robot punched at her, FAST. Only her extreme reflexes saved her from taking that big metal fist in her jaw. She saw it all in slow motion; the arm of the robot rising, its hand clenching into a fist, it striking at her, the attack just barely missing her face by mere centimeters, the wind that was generated by the speed of the swing. Her wings had never beat so quickly as they had then as she propelled herself backwards.

Her hooves hit the floor and slid backwards across it when she landed. Celestia looked up in time to see the next attack, and dodged to the side just fast enough to avoid the energy beam that crackled with electricity. This was repeated three more times.

The robot was rapidly recalculating its strategy.

“Celestia get back!” Ma Kent shouted. “We have to-

The robot aimed its arm blaster at the elderly woman, and fired.

“NO!” Celestia jumped in front of her Grandmother and took the shot herself. The energy pierced her nervous system with the first pain she had felt since being on Earth, the only physical pain she had ever known. Her body shook uncontrollably as she was being electrocuted. “YYAAAAAHHHIIIIIEEEEIIYAAHIIE!!!!!!”

Celestia fell unconscious to the floor.

Target immobilized. Waiting for directives. the robot did not move for a moment. Retrieve target for vivisection and further dissecti-

“YOU!” BANG! KALAC! The shot hit the robot’s face with perfect aim. “GET THE!” BANG! As did that one. KALAC! “AWAY FROM MY GRANDDAUGHTER!” BANG!

The robot dashed forward and snatched the weapon from her, the force of the move slight but still strong enough to send her falling to the floor. Ma Kent landed on her arm and felt something pop.

The old woman was more scared then than she had ever been, but she glared daggers at the intruder of her home. “Sic em, Krypto!”

A beam of bright red energy as big around as the robot was tall slammed through the walls. The house seemed to explode as the robot was punched out through the living room and across the lawn.

As the energy died down, the robot rose to its feet and looked back through the gaping burning hole in the farmhouse. On the other side of the lawn was the white dog, its fangs bared, its fur standing on end, and its eyes glowing red with heat vision.

The dog charged.

The robot was suddenly jerked backwards by its arm. And on inspection, it found itself without a hand. Krypto skidded to a stop, and crunched the metal hand in his teeth to pieces. His eyes lit up again. The robot recalculated its situation. The robot ran.

Krypto went after the robot, barking and growling like a beast possessed. His heat vision focused into a narrow bullet sized beam and melted through the armor to turn the mechanisms that made up the robot’s knee joint into a chunk of slag.

As the robot was trying to run away on one good leg and a stiff unbending limb, Krypto rushed up to bite its damaged leg. He lifted the robot completely, effortlessly, from the ground and shook his head. The robot flopped back and forth like a…well like a dog toy. Eventually something broke and the robot was sent spinning through the air. Krypto bit through the metal leg still in his mouth and gave chase.

The robot managed to right itself, land upright, and fire energy blasts at Krypto. Heat vision pierced the robot's good arm and melted it from wrist to shoulder into a hollow useless tube.

The robot spun in place as Krypto ran past, again biting and taking a piece of its armor with him. Again, Krypto ran past his prey and swiped with his teeth, taking yet another part of the robot with him. Again the robot spun in place, and again the process repeated.




Finally, the robot lay motionless, its body reduced to nothing more than a heap of shredded metal. Krypto stood over his victory, and marked his territory.

The computer being watched the video feed from his robot's failing video. “Unsanitary.”

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