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Years ago, Elfangor found Luna on an alien ship as a foal. He raised her as his own.

Now she must protect Earth with her new friends; Jake, Marco, Cassie, Tobias, and Rachel. They can trust nobody, not even their own families.

This is a crossover with the book series The Animorphs.

Inspired by Tatsurou.

Art by Votederpycausemufins.

Warning: the gore tag is applied for a reason. If you have read the books, you understand.

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Merry Melody is quite the' unfortunate pony.

First she spent the majority of her life in the hospital as a mental patient. Then she spent a year trying, and failing, to convince other ponies to chaos worship. And now she is hallucinating that crazy looking animals are running around with superpowers.

As if that wasn't enough, now some guy named Arceus yells in her head to treat these Pokémon like equals. Well, she knows better than to do what a voice in her head tells her to do!

Cover by Zaiyaki.

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He wonders, not for the first time, if what he does for us even matters. No matter what he does, he just cant seem to do enough...and he wonders if we would be better off without him. She will be his second sun, the light of his life, she is worth it.

She finds herself in a world not hers, surrounded by creatures not like her. She doesn't know anything about herself, or her past. She sees him, and she knows that he needs her now as much as she needs him. He will be her guardian protector.

Inspired by Tatsurou's Pwnyverse.

Cover art provided by Votederpycausemufins.

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This started as just a simple theory for how Them's Fightin Herds could be connected to MLP FIM. Now less than a day after I first thought of it, it is a short one shot.

Starswirl the Bearded decides to teach the Princesses about a very little known fact of Equestrian history.

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My dearest Twilight. It has come to my attention that a new king has been crowned in Griffinstone. Though I would normally not get involved in the people's decision to elect a new leader as that is their right, the reports I have received hold some ...odd details about him. Some rumors state that he is a dragon, a pony, and various types of pokemon. Then there are the laws that he had apparently passed. It seems that those delicious scones I remember have been replaced by something called pizza, which is now the official national food of Griffinstone. I would go myself but I seem to have a sudden increase in the amount of paperwork I have to do now that the ponies of Canterlot have become used to the pokemon in the city. So I must ask you to go in my place to both investigate and welcome the new king.

your friend Celestia.

p.s. I will be sending Blueblood with you in the hopes that he will learn how to behave from your example.

p.p.s. Please take Biochem with you. He just blew up his lab, again...along with two other classrooms. I told him to leave that Voltorb alone.

Pre-read by Zeusdemigod131, and ZeroChill.
This is a side story set in the world of A New World A New Way, written by zeusdemigod131.

Sex and Gore tags are for safety.

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The mutant sisters Celestia and Luna have opened the doors to their home in the hope that they can create a safe haven for young mutants. For three months over the summer a group of friends will do their best to help their fellow students learn to grow as humans, as mutants, and as family.

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An average man, a Nurse Joy, and a Mankey all wake up in the Everfree Forest. While there they constantly get lost again, and again each time encountering outrageously insane, unpredictable, and unexplainable characters.

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An alternate timeline event to the original story , A New World A New Way, in which the ponies and other races of Equus are sent to Earth.
The princesses will have their work cut out for them when the humans discover the new pokemon and what they can do.
Can the power of friendship push through the barriers between pokemon and humans?
Find the balance.

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