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The first rule of sending someone to another dimension against their will is to make sure it isn't done in front of their loved ones.

Apparently Infinite and Eggman never learned this rule.

A change in plans for Sonic's fate after Eggman's first attack combined with a desperate intervention from Tails sends Sonic to Equestria, where Rainbow Dash finds him after he interrupts a catnap... she wasn't exactly expecting him to start calling her "Mama."

Part of the Multiquestria series.

Now on AO3!

Questions I'm sure are going to be asked/points that are probably going to be raised, and my answers

Why Sonic Forces? You should have used [other Sonic media]!
Very simple, dear reader... I don't own any games other than Forces, I haven't watched much of Sonic X, and Sonic Boom and the 2020 movie would be hard to work in the return home arc.

This is awfully similar to the stories in Tatsurou's PWNY-Verse...
That's intentional! This is a tribute fan spin-off story thing to the PWNY-Verse... Although if you're comparing the actual writing to Tatsurou's then that's probably the biggest compliment I could receive for this :D

Are there gonna be more of these?
There’s one already been one published featuring Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls as raised by the Apple family and there’s a few others planned. You can check out the full planned list and make your own suggestions on this forum post.

Why'd you even write this?
1, it's the anniversary of the publishing of Fortresshy, the first PWNY-Verse story, and I really love the series and wanted to celebrate it somehow, and 2, I had a couple scenes pop up and by the time I'd finished typing them up in Google Docs I had a bit over 9,000 words that I wasn't quite willing to waste.

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“Okie, Mama,” Sonic yawned. “So seepy...”

O.O that’s surprising..

Does someone have 3 chilli dogs? Oops, 2 chilli dogs?

One for me and one for tiny sonic.

Oops.. maybe make that one. Because baby sonic’s too tiny to eat those. I think.

Rainbow Being Sonic mom now this will be interesting

Off to an interesting start, and while yes I can certainly see Tatsurou's influence in here, I think you've set yourself apart pretty well by having it be a fictional character being raised by an MLP character (which is something very rare and I'm happy to see) rather then the other way around like their work (and the work of Blackdrag-Rose, as they have a similar shared universe of stories).

Regardless, eager to see how this goes and can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I'm not into Sonic, but this doesn't seem half-bad. Although, I don't understand the "video juice" bit.

Very simple, dear reader... I don't own any games other than Forces

you poor bastard
ya need to work on fixing that

I'm definitely going to be getting Colors Ultimate when it releases and I'm planning to get Mania in the near future. You got any other recommendations?

Edited to remove it. I was trying too hard to play into Pinkie's prop humor when I wrote that bit.

Thank you! Seeing this comment made me super happy, it makes me feel really good when people are excited for my stories. Chapter 2 coming later today, if all goes well!

Definitely too small. At this point he's 3 or 4 years old and about half the size of Classic Sonic.

Awesome to hear, will read it as soon as possible.

As for recommendations on Sonic games, as someone else who likes Forces, allow me to pitch a few. Definitely agree on Sonic Colors Ultimate (already pre-ordered it myself) and for main console games, Unleashed, Mania, and Generations. If you're up for more a pick up and put down hand held game though, the Sonic Advance series on GBA, Sonic Rush series on the DS, and finally the Sonic Boom games on 3ds (don't worry they are way better the wii U game)... also while not necessary I kind of like the 3ds version of Sonic Lost World

seconding 10839710, but also if you can, emulate the original trilogy

Really cute interactions and love seeing how supportive her friends where (was a little concerned given how the town ponies had some reactions, which is to be expected given this is before the Zecora episode where they learned to be less afraid of new creatures) but glad to see her friends aren't having any problems.

While I am enjoying these cute moments though, just out of morbid curiosity at what point in the time line is this relative to the first episode (like months or years)?

A bit over a year before the first episode.

Wow, so far im really liking this history, really looking forward to it.

“Alright, so... grocery shopping is done, the week’s weather’s been planned...” Rainbow mentally listed the morning’s tasks and checked them off. “So... what’s left? I need to meet with Fluttershy to check some stuff for Sonic’s biology, go figure out how to legally adopt him... jeez, that’s gonna be a huge hassle, isn’t it? Pretty sure the Equestrian legal system doesn’t have any paperwork for ‘completely unknown species falls out of the sky and attaches to somepony,’ cause that doesn’t normally happen, does it?”

Rainbow has a USC : Unidentified Speeding Creature on her hooves.

This is AMAZING!!! I could imagine the scenes that happened in there. :rainbowlaugh:

Another great chapter, and especially like the bonding between Spike and Sonic (little guys gotta stick together after all)

As always, fantastic work, and eagerly awaiting the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Another great chapter, love the added character interactions and eager to see how things will go differently :twilightsmile:

Another fun chapter

As for a name for the series... how about Multi-Questria since it's all about creatures from across the multiverse being raised in Equestria

Kind of ironic that you ended up posting now, as I was playing Sonic Mania when I got the notification this updated (BTW Mania is half off right now on the Switch E Shop so now would be a good time to pick it up)

Good chapter, I especially like how Sonic has clearly caused Rainbow to chill out and be less full of herself as she doesn't even consider the Shadowbolts offer for a second

I have a feeling that instead of being a illusion, it turned into a real world.

Ooh, good job nutshelling it, and great work. I give you :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2: 5 Dashes.

Btw, more please.

Favorite chapter so far, really like how the more maternal Dash laid down the law with Gilda early on, not only preventing Gilda from going to far in her pranking but even allowing the two of them to stay friends.

Can't wait to see how other episodes will play out differently :twilightsmile:

“Well, I know he likes to go fast,” Rainbow shrugged. “And... well, he seems to like it!”

And yet you don’t even realize that’s his actual name rainbow lol

Fluttershy squealed happily. She couldn’t wait to spring it on Rainbow later.

Whoa whoa whoa, what?

Would Gilda stay in Ponyville though since she did say that she was bored of living in Griffonstone?

hoooly hek...this story is awesome...when are we going to get another chapter???

asking cause this is the ONLY story i can find on here that has sonic as rainbow's child

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