• Published 29th May 2021
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Super Sonic Rainboom - Starkeeper_Ponyfic

Rainbow Dash adopts Sonic the Hedgehog and raises him through the events of Friendship is Magic.

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Chapter 1: Unexpected Adoption

Author's Note:

(May 30, 2021) Edited to remove the awkward video juice bit and clean up a few spelling and grammar errors I noticed after publishing.

Rainbow Dash yawned as the late morning sun glistened in the air. A day off from the weather team meant she had the time for a nap. She hopped up to a cloud, patted down a bit of the wayward fluff, and settled down to sleep.

Before she could drift off, though, a strange noise pierced the air. Rainbow opened her eyes to look for the source, and saw a red flash at the edge of town. She grumbled at her own curiosity and rushed over to find out what it was. She landed near where she thought she’d seen the flash and looked around. Seeing nothing, she prepared to shrug it off and get her nap started, when a cry from above startled her. She looked up to find something small and dark blue falling from the sky. On instinct, she rushed up to grab it. She investigated the thing in her hooves.

It was a dark blue creature with a somewhat long black nose and spikes on its head and back. Suddenly, Rainbow recoiled at realizing that the creature had what was essentially two sets of eyelids in one eye. She calmed herself by finding she could ignore it if she gazed at him head-on or from the side. It had a tan belly, muzzle, and forelegs, the ends of which were covered in white fabric.

“Gloves!” Rainbow realized suddenly. She remembered Fluttershy making them for the injured paws of a few monkeys that had found their way into her care. The creature jumped and opened its eyes, or more accurately eye, but Rainbow firmly decided to ignore that detail and pretend the creature just had a strip of white between two eyes. It whimpered and Rainbow quickly descended and landed on the ground.

The creature glanced around fearfully.

“...Hey, there, little guy,” Rainbow murmured awkwardly. “Uh... what are you?”

The creature didn’t answer.

“Right, dumb question, since I don’t even know if you can talk,” Rainbow sighed. “Uh... huh. Maybe Fluttershy’ll know what you are,” she murmured.

The creature looked slightly less nervous.

Rainbow gently placed the creature on her back and said firmly, “Alright, hold tight, little guy.” She punctuated her statement with guiding his paw to her neck. The creature seemed to understand, as it hugged her neck tightly. Rainbow straightened her wings and took off at a steady pace. The creature gasped happily and giggled, to Rainbow’s delight.

“Astah!” the creature suddenly exclaimed. “Astah, peez!”

Rainbow processed the request. “...You want to go faster?” she guessed.

“Yah!” the creature confirmed.

“Heh, I like your style, little guy!” Rainbow decided. She ramped up the speed slightly.

“Wheeeee!” the creature giggled.

In fairly short order, Rainbow had arrived at Fluttershy’s cottage. The creature gazed curiously at the various animals surrounding, looking quite intrigued at the sight of a snoozing fox. Rainbow knocked on the door.

“Um, I-I-I’m c-c-c-coming!” Fluttershy stammered. The door slowly opened as she peeked out before she sighed in relief. “Oh, it’s just you, Rainbow.”

“Hey, Fluttershy,” Rainbow chuckled. “Uh, so, this little guy came kind of out of nowhere and... I can’t tell what he is. Thought you might know?”

Fluttershy gazed at the creature and grinned. “I’m not sure, but I can check one of the encyclopedias... but I can say it’s absolutely adorable!”

The creature blinked and crossed its arms.

Fluttershy giggled as Rainbow protested, “Hey! He’s not adorable, he’s cool!”

Fluttershy waved Rainbow in. “The two aren’t mutually exclusive!” she pointed out giddily.

The creature shared a look with Rainbow.

“Does he have a name?” Fluttershy absentmindedly asked as she pulled out a nonzero number of books.

Rainbow paused, thought over what she knew about the creature, and decided, “Sonic feels right...”

Fluttershy grinned. “Oh? How so?”

“Well, I know he likes to go fast,” Rainbow shrugged. “And... well, he seems to like it!”

Sonic was beaming. Fluttershy laughed musically and turned to the books.

After an hour of fruitless searching, Sonic was snoring, Rainbow was having trouble staying awake, and Fluttershy’s face was implanted in a book in frustration.

“I can’t believe there’s nothing that looks like him in here,” Fluttershy wheezed. “I don’t think there are more than two more detailed encyclopedias in all of Equestria, and those only document more insects, I know for a fact!”

Rainbow moaned. “I just wanted to nap on my day off,” she whimpered helplessly.

Fluttershy offered a smile. “Well, why don’t you and Sonic go do that? I’ll go back through and see if there’s anything I missed... after I get some tea and get Angel for emotional support.”

Rainbow nodded and nudged Sonic. “C’mon, Sonic. Let’s go nap somewhere more comfortable,” she murmured.

“Okie, Mama,” Sonic yawned. “So seepy...”

Fluttershy’s eyes lit up at the way Sonic addressed Rainbow, while Rainbow just froze. Sonic clambered up onto her back, and Rainbow quickly blinked tears out of her eyes as she walked out, pointedly ignoring Fluttershy’s gaze.

Fluttershy quickly turned to the rabbit sitting on the video camera.

“You got the last five minutes, right, Angel?” she whispered. The bunny nodded vigorously.

Fluttershy squealed happily. She couldn’t wait to spring it on Rainbow later.

Rainbow yawned as she drifted back up to the clouds and picked a suitably fluffy one. Despite what Applejack and others assumed, she had a method for choosing a napping spot. There was a specific cloud size and fluffiness necessary for optimal naptime, Celestia dammit!

She snapped out of her mental rant and carefully applied a layer of magic to the top of the cloud, in case Sonic fell out of her wing and onto the cloud. Not that Rainbow was mimicking what her mom had done before she’d really gotten the hang of flight, obviously! She just didn’t want Sonic hurting anyone else by falling off. Or himself, Rainbow forced herself to admit.

When Sonic curled up into a cozy little ball beneath Rainbow’s wing with a happy sigh, she decided she could get used to being a mom... at least until she could find Sonic’s actual family.

With that thought, Rainbow drifted off to sleep.