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A mountain king... A princess of night... The stars kiss their meeting, and their worlds won't be the same.
When Luna finds a new door in the dream realm leading to the dreams of the King of Monsters, Asgore, she befriends him almost immediately. Over time they grow close, but when the Legion strikes in Equestria, Luna turns to him for help.

The story spans Season 9 of MLP:FiM and happens before Frisk's fall in Undertale.

Rating now updated to T and the Gore tag added because of a character's described injuries in chapter 6. Not sure the tag itself is needed, but the rating definitely needs to be Teen.

Chapters (6)
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I'm glad! Next chapter is gonna start getting some stakes above "Ponies meet monsters, monsters welcome ponies" and I'm really excited to have ideas for this story again.

I’ve never played Undertale but I know the basics of it from a let’s played i watched YEARS ago. This is enjoyable so far it sucks it has not been updated for a year plus but I hope to see more soon. Soo keep up the awesome work!

"You know her?" Undyne blurted out? "But how? She’s... well... she- I’m extremely confused."

She's the mare of his dreams.~

Interesting so far. I hippie that this continues.

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