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Mabel grabbed the wrong bag and ran off into the woods. Dipper didn't notice, Mabel gave Ford's rift to a Bill-possessed Blendin, and Weirdmageddon was initiated. That's the version of events in one timeline.

But, in another timeline, Dipper noticed which bag Mabel took before she could give Bill the rift. Turned to infants and taken in by the Apple family, the Mystery Twins are about to take on Equestria...

Once they're older, at least.

Happy nine years, Gravity Falls.

Part of the Multiquestria series.

Chapters (4)

The first rule of sending someone to another dimension against their will is to make sure it isn't done in front of their loved ones.

Apparently Infinite and Eggman never learned this rule.

A change in plans for Sonic's fate after Eggman's first attack combined with a desperate intervention from Tails sends Sonic to Equestria, where Rainbow Dash finds him after he interrupts a catnap... she wasn't exactly expecting him to start calling her "Mama."

Part of the Multiquestria series.

Now on AO3!

Questions I'm sure are going to be asked/points that are probably going to be raised, and my answers

Why Sonic Forces? You should have used [other Sonic media]!
Very simple, dear reader... I don't own any games other than Forces, I haven't watched much of Sonic X, and Sonic Boom and the 2020 movie would be hard to work in the return home arc.

This is awfully similar to the stories in Tatsurou's PWNY-Verse...
That's intentional! This is a tribute fan spin-off story thing to the PWNY-Verse... Although if you're comparing the actual writing to Tatsurou's then that's probably the biggest compliment I could receive for this :D

Are there gonna be more of these?
There’s one already been one published featuring Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls as raised by the Apple family and there’s a few others planned. You can check out the full planned list and make your own suggestions on this forum post.

Why'd you even write this?
1, it's the anniversary of the publishing of Fortresshy, the first PWNY-Verse story, and I really love the series and wanted to celebrate it somehow, and 2, I had a couple scenes pop up and by the time I'd finished typing them up in Google Docs I had a bit over 9,000 words that I wasn't quite willing to waste.

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(Set in Season 2 of MLP)

Discord didn't just accept his fate in the Season 2 premiere, instead fighting back against the power of the Elements. The powerful magic pulls a post-True Pacifist run Frisk into Equestria with no obvious way to get home. How will their presence change the course of pony history? Only time (and the story, I suppose) will tell.

Arc 1 summary: Frisk enters Equestria and befriends the Mane Six before playing their role in Cadance's wedding and the defense against the changeling invasion.

Contains: Snappy one-liners, Twilight nerding out, flirting, puns from somebody other than Sans

Upload schedule is as follows: Major story updates every weekend, with "interludes" (side chapters that I couldn't fit naturally into the main story) published as they're completed.

Now posted on AO3!


(11/6/2020) Finally made some cover art for this story! Will be adding it as soon as Fimfiction lets me :P
(11/24/2020) Took me almost three weeks but I figured out how to get Fimfiction to stop crashing whenever I tried to upload the photo. Enjoy the art from yours truly!
(11/27/2020) Now back from hiatus! NaNoWriMo gave me a reason to write again :pinkiehappy:
(12/19/2020) Traced and recolored the cover art in a digital art program because I thought it looked better. And I worked too hard on the shading for the Elements of Harmony.
(1/13/2021) The people have spoken! I'll get to working on Equestria Girls, but I'm gonna be putting the story on temporary hiatus until then, reasons being I don't want to get too far out of continuity, I can't watch a movie in one sitting, and also I've gotta figure out how to fit Frisk into the movie. See you... well, whenever it's done, I guess?

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In one universe, Undyne made sure the human couldn't hurt anyone else.

In another, Lieutenant Misty Spear keeps dreaming of facing a demon in a striped shirt. It's up to her and her six closest friends– the pun-loving Funny Bone, the goofy but well-meaning Valiant Soul, the kind-hearted Dr. Magic Mew, the slightly egotistical Shining Star, the imposing yet gentle Mayor Golden Garden, and the warm, motherly Doctor Caring Heart– to separate dream from reality and figure out what's going on.

The Death and Violence tags are just there because I'm paranoid because most of the characters are eventually going to have flashes of the genocide run as they experienced it up to Undyne's fight.

If I'm working on this story, then I'm currently looping this song, probably.

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Crossposted from fanfiction.net!

A mountain king... A princess of night... The stars kiss their meeting, and their worlds won't be the same.
When Luna finds a new door in the dream realm leading to the dreams of the King of Monsters, Asgore, she befriends him almost immediately. Over time they grow close, but when the Legion strikes in Equestria, Luna turns to him for help.

The story spans Season 9 of MLP:FiM and happens before Frisk's fall in Undertale.

Rating now updated to T and the Gore tag added because of a character's described injuries in chapter 6. Not sure the tag itself is needed, but the rating definitely needs to be Teen.

Chapters (6)