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Mabel grabbed the wrong bag and ran off into the woods. Dipper didn't notice, Mabel gave Ford's rift to a Bill-possessed Blendin, and Weirdmageddon was initiated. That's the version of events in one timeline.

But, in another timeline, Dipper noticed which bag Mabel took before she could give Bill the rift. Turned to infants and taken in by the Apple family, the Mystery Twins are about to take on Equestria...

Once they're older, at least.

Happy nine years, Gravity Falls.

Part of the Multiquestria series.

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This shows promise at the very least. I love gravity falls, but every crossover of it I’ve seen on this site either gets abandoned or isn’t all that enjoyable for me. I hope that this one will be different.

so the elements of harmony reacted automatically to Bill's presence? Heh. nice

I have some ideas for this story 1) That Dipper, Mabel and the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally find Diary 1, Diary 3 finds it Twilight (at first I throught it was a work of fiction until they Bill) and shows it to them to Celestia (when reading it, he realizes that Dipper and Mabel were the twins he met a long time ago from the notes that Dipper whrote about himself, his family and adventures) and Diary 2 was found by Chrysalis or Trixie and they learned a lot of magic with it. 2) That they both have a lot of magic like unicorn because they absorbed the fissure and that energy cannot be taken out of them and while practicing magic they tranformed into Alicorn by their energy and can open doors between other dimensions and Bill tries to manipulate them so that he can open one to its dimensions. 3) Time passes faster in Equestria than Gravity Falls, in Equestria years and Gravity Falls day, but time passes the same if they are connected to a dimensional doors. 4) Than the twins have amnesia but after finding Diary 1 little by little they remember. 5) That Ford and Stan appear and the twins when they see them they still do not remember them. 6) That the twins are part of Cutie Mark Crusaders and that although they have great magical talent they haven't won them yet 7) that Dipper has a relationship with Diamond Tiara similar to Pacifica's

Thank you for all the suggestions! Unfortunately, I won't be able to use all of them and I'll explain why.

Suggestion 1: The journals didn't end up in Equestria with the twins as in canon Ford was in possession of them until his failed attempt to attack Bill after Weirdmageddon started.

Suggestion 2: While I do have plans for the energy the twins absorbed, alicornhood is not among them.

Suggestion 3: I have plans for working out the timeline, the chapter for which I'm in the process of editing, so you'll have to wait at most 24 hours before any questions about how that might work are answered.

Suggestion 4: As stated above the journals did not enter Equestria with the twins... although I may use this in some manner once they get back to Gravity Falls... :trixieshiftright:

Suggestion 5: Can't answer this due to spoilers.

Suggestion 6: The reason I decided on the twins being adopted by Bright Mac and Buttercup was actually because of ideas for them joining the CMCs so I was already planning to do this!

Suggestion 7: I have not made any plans for any kind of romantic subplots because I'm not very good at writing them! :twilightblush:

Applejack and rest of her family are amazed when they just meet Twilight and Pinky because their personalities look so much like Dipper and Mabel?

Do Dipper and Mabel when they see Flim and Flam (obviusly they will still be on Applejack's side) do they think they had seen him before because of being scam twins?
And the other when listerning fell that they had seen if before, they think they referred to themselves for being twins.

So, Discord hates Bill… As if we needed more proof that our favorite draconequus has a heart. :yay:

I do love how common the theory that all the chaos gods know each other is.

awesome chapter dude, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Maybe the Journals arrived in Equestria not from the same dimension that twins arrived but from a dimension the same as canon series through the Bottomless Pit as happened with the story of https://www.fimfiction.net/story/434010/chrysalis-journal but the Journals found it much earlier

Thanks for continuing the story.

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Then Applejack will be the only one of the Mane 6 that her life will not change so much because Starlight Glimmer avoided the Sonic Rainboom.

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