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In one universe, Undyne made sure the human couldn't hurt anyone else.

In another, Lieutenant Misty Spear keeps dreaming of facing a demon in a striped shirt. It's up to her and her six closest friends– the pun-loving Funny Bone, the goofy but well-meaning Valiant Soul, the kind-hearted Dr. Magic Mew, the slightly egotistical Shining Star, the imposing yet gentle Mayor Golden Garden, and the warm, motherly Doctor Caring Heart– to separate dream from reality and figure out what's going on.

The Death and Violence tags are just there because I'm paranoid because most of the characters are eventually going to have flashes of the genocide run as they experienced it up to Undyne's fight.

If I'm working on this story, then I'm currently looping this song, probably.

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Not gonna lie. Very interesting I'd like to see more of this. It cool!!

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