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status update go brrrrr · 1:40am January 21st

Multiquestria isn’t dead! Just trapped in writer’s block limbo :P

Work on Super Sonic Rainboom and Pine Apples has been kinda slow going, although it’s more that I keep getting ideas for the later parts of the story instead of the current parts.

...also I got Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Christmas and that may have been a mistake because I’ve already got like 200 hours in the game.

Speaking of FE:3H, new Multiquestria pairing announcement! Celestia adopts Flayn, aka best girl.

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Super Sonic Rainboom update · 1:56am Jun 24th, 2021

I'm in the middle of writing chapter 7 of Super Sonic Rainboom and I find myself faced with a bit of a problem. My original plan was to just have Sonic grow up as the events of the show progressed, but that will not be quite feasible for a couple of reasons.

  1. There are over 200 episodes and I do not have that kind of mental stamina.

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The plot bunnies are rampant and I have a new Multiquestria announcement · 10:51pm Jun 21st, 2021

Daring Do adopts Link from Breath of the Wild in Daring Do and the Blade of Evil's Bane

That is all see you later I gotta go reread the three physical books and watch Daring's episodes


Super Sonic Rainboom fans, I have an announcement! · 7:33pm Jun 9th, 2021

With the positive reception of Super Sonic Rainboom (thank you guys so much for that, by the way! It's extra exciting to release a new chapter :twilightsmile:) I've decided to start work on the next two fics in the spin-off series (which, yeah, I'm making it a full series because Super Sonic Rainboom is too much fun to write) and I'm here to announce the titles and pairings! Also, if you have ideas for other pairings please let me know either in the comments or via PM.

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No chapter update this week, sorry! · 9:27pm Dec 27th, 2020

I got AC:NH for Christmas and time is a meaningless void but oOPS it's Sunday and I haven't updated :,D

So yeah, I'll have to postpone the chapter but if it's any consolation I think it's going to be a pretty long chapter! Lots of filler episodes and shenanigans to cover before we get to Season 4 and I want to consolidate them as much as I can!


Happy Fimfiction Birthday to me, I guess! · 10:27pm Aug 4th, 2020

Can't believe I've been here for a whole year! Feels like just yesterday I was creating an account so I could leave a like on the Anthropology story. Really can't believe I did nothing else on this website until this April.


Yo, keep yourselves healthy, okay? · 9:43pm Jul 17th, 2020

That is all, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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