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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 8: Teleportation and Cooking with goat mom! (plus Celestia)

It had been a month since the telekinesis test, the filly was now using her magic like a second nature. Which was good for her writing skills, (her punctuation was still a challenge). Toriel was now teaching her teleportation, which was much harder for the young pony. Every time she wanted to teleport to one place she would end up teleporting something else or just use telekinesis accidentally. Toriel would say it was a great start, but it's always not good enough for her.

One day, as they were finishing up on the lesson, the alicorn had something on her mind. She went up to her mother and asked "Can you teach me how to cook?"

Tories was surprised to hear this all of a sudden. "Why do you wish to know my dear?"

The answer was simple. "Cause I want to cook like you" She said with a sweet smile. "That and I want to do something else besides magic and reading"

The monster thought for a moment "Well, you are halfway through learning teleportation, and your reading and writing skills are excellent. I guess, I can teach you when we have time" Celestia gleefully smiled.

"So what should we cook? I was thinking-"

"Hold on my child" Toriel interrupted the filly. "We should do this tomorrow, l don't want you to be all puffed out when we do our cooking lesson" Celestia groaned, but understood.

Toriel and Celestia went into the kitchen. "Now dear, the first rule of cooking is to have your hands- or hooves in your matter, clean, you don't want to cook with muddy hooves." The monster explained. Toriel helped the young pony out by picking her up so she could reach the sink. After they had their hands/hooves were clean, Toriel got somethings out of the fridge.

The filly saw the ingredients and gasped."Are we going to bake a cake!?" Her mother nodded. The filly squeed, the goat monster chuckled at Celestia's excitement.

"Well dear, here's what you do first-" as Toriel explained how to cook, (as well as teaching a few cooking tips) the alicorn did as she said. A few moments later, the young pony placed the cake batter in the oven, (With the tin of course!) "Now I would rather use fire magic, but it seems we should use that concept when your a bit older, and more skilled in magic" The monster emphasised. "Any questions my child?"

Celestia thought for a moment. "When do we cook chocolate cake instead of snail cake"

Toriel laughed "We will get there dear, I promise" Celestia and Toriel spent the rest of the day reading books to each other, and Toriel occasionally taking a bite of the snail cake.

"Celestia, Celestia~ come on dearie wake up" A voice was calling out to the pony. "Mm, wh-wha?" Celestia lifted up her head, which to her was 100 kilograms. Her vision was fairly cloudy, but she could see a distinct blue robe and goat-like horns. "Mom? What going on, why are you waking me up at, at, uh" the filly didn't know what the time was.

"9 pm, outside" The boss monster answered, making the alicorn's head shoot up and eyes widened she looked around she was underneath the tree.

"How did I-"

"You teleported" Toriel interrupted her, with the biggest grin on her face "You used your magic in your sleep! Can you believe it" She whispered loudly, making sure not to give the pony a headache.

"W-what! How did I- when did I- what did I-" Celestia couldn't fined the right words to describe how she felt right now.

"After I put you to bed, I saw a flash of white in your room, when I check if you were alright, but you were gone. I looked everywhere until I saw you outside under the tree. There was only one explanation for it-" Toriel explained to the alicorn.

"I teleported" Celestia finished her mother's sentence "I can teleport, I can teleport! WooHoo!" Celestia jumped around her mom while saying 'yes' over and over. Toriel managed to calm the filly down, but just a bit.

"Well child, I am so proud of you, your really going all over the place ehh, ehh"

Celestia thought for a second "ehh, needs to better, 7/10" The monster laughed

"Come here you!" Toriel scooped up the alicorn as she said 'noooo' and walked back to their home laughing themselves tired.

Author's Note:

I feel a strong connection between those two...
Hope something bad doesn't happen to them...

Anyways, I feel like this chapter was a bit 'all over the place' as Toriel said. Don't worry It gets better soon.

Btw 104 VIEWS!? Oh mah gaawwd! Tanx (sorry, went full temmie there :twilightblush:)

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