• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Undyne swiped at the pony's SOUL with her spear, the SOUL turned from white to green. "En guard!"

Celestia looked at her now green heart 'What the?' She tried to move it, but it didn't work. She tried to move herself, and all she could do was turn. "Ehh? What did you do?"

Undyne laughed at Celestia "As long as you're GREEN you CAN'T ESCAPE! Unless you learn to face danger head-on... You won't last a SECOND against ME!"

Three small green spears went towards Celestia, since she couldn't move, the alicorn used a shield spell. It somehow worked, but the pony also heard *ding*s when the spears hit her shield.

"Not bad! Then how about THIS!?"

Celestia saw little arrows around of her SOUL, as well as small green spears around her. She used a shield spell on the closest green spear while looking at the green heart. A little shield appeared near the SOUL to block the attack. When the arrow hit the little shield it created a 'ding' sound.

The alicorn put two and two together.

She turned and protected herself from the spears with her shield spell while the little shield protected the hearts from the arrows. Celestia smiled "That all you got!?"

Undyne flashed a menacing smile. The green spears moved faster, "For years, we've dreamed of a happy ending... And now, sunlight is just within our reach! I won't let you snatch it away from us!"

The spears went faster, Celestia protected herself easily, "I'm thinking you're just going easy on me"

Undyne was getting a bit ticked off. "NNGGGAAAAHHH! That's enough warming up!"

The green spears became faster Celestia barely managed to protect herself. Undyne swiped the pony's heart once again, the SOUL returned to its pale form. The spears came towards the SOUL, Celestia dodged them all.

Undyne towered threateningly "Heh.... You're tough! But even if you could beat me... No pony has EVER made it past ASGORE!"

Undyne summoned spears to strike the white heart, the pony dodged most of them. Celestia was about to execute her plan until Undyne swiped her spear and changed the colour of her SOUL. Celestia frowned 'Dang it! I wasn't fast enough!'

Undyne draws her finger across her neck. Celestia shivered, but stayed determined.

"Honestly, killing you now is an act of mercy! ..... So STOP being so damn resilient!" Undyne unleashed a barrage of spears, Celestia was getting worried about how hard things were getting, but still stayed determined.

Undyne glared at Celestia "What the hell are ponies made out of!?"

Celestia smirked "Marshmallows and Magic"

Undyne looked furious, she was so angry she surplexed a large boulder. She quickly summoned an army of spears, Celestia protected herself from them. "Anyone else would be DEAD by now! Alphys told me ponies were determined... I see now what she meant by that! But I'm determined too!!!" Spears came all around and one new yellow spear appeared.

Celestia didn't know the yellow spear did and got hit. 'Ok, yellow spears go the opposite direction. Noted...' She used her satchel and healed up.

"I'm determined to end this RIGHT NOW!" Spears came to attack, Celestia protected herself once more, still holding that determined stare. Undyne was getting impatient, "... RIGHT NOW!!!" More spears, nothing hit the pony "........RIGHT.........NOW!!!" A huge amount of spears came Celestia's way, she once again, protected herself.

Celestial as also getting a bit impaicent. 'Come on.... Come on.... Make my SOUL white again!'

"...ha...ha..... NNGGGAAAAHHH!!!! DIE ALREADY YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! I WILL NEVER TAKE MERCY FROM THE LIKES OF YOU!!! YOU! WILL! NEVER! SPARE! ME!" Undyne snapped as she unleashed a load of yellow spears around the pony, she barely dodged any of them. Undyne swiped her spear through Celestia's SOUL. It returned to its original colour.

The pony smiled, now's her chance.

Celestia collapsed, breathing heavily.

Undyne darted her eyes around to see if it was a prank. "Huh.......ha haha... FUHUHUHUH!!! You put up a fight, pony! But you have been defeated! Any last words?" Undyne walked towards the alicorn and raised her spear.

Celestia looked up at her with a smile that would make Sans proud. "Meep meep"

Undyne raised a brow "what?"

Before the guard could blink. Celestia's SOUL zoomed back into her chest as she used her horn to create a blinding light.

Undyne shielded her eyes "UUUGGGHHH" When the light had faded, the pony was no where to be found. "What the...? WHERE DID YOU GO!?!"


Undyne violently spun her head to see the alicorn, waving at her.

"Better hurry up and catch me fishy~" Celestia stuck her tongue out and ran off.

Undyne snapped, "GET BACK HERE YOU DAMN PUNK!!!!" The royal guard quickly ran after her.

Celestia smiled "Heheheh, I can't believe that worked! Hahahahehe Her face hehe"

"COME BACK HERE!!!" Undyne yelled.

Celestia turned around to see Undyne catching up quicker than expected 'Woah she's fast. But she can't teleport' Celestia quickly teleported father away.


Celestia raised a brow while still smiling 'I swear she's just making up nonsense now'

They both ran until Celestia saw a sigh.


'Finally' Celestia teleported farther away from Undyne.

The landscape was much more bigger and filled with lava. Celestia could see Sans taking a nap. The pony ran right past him "Hi uncle!~ Bye uncle!~"

"Z Z Z ...hey tia...Z Z Z"

Undyne had caught up and was exhausted from both her own anger and the lava. "YOU DAMN WEASEL!" Undyne walked up.

Celestia smirked "I'm not a weasel, I'm a pony. I thought at lest you knew about this" The pony could see Sans smirking.

Celestial ran onwards as did Undyne.

Undyne began to slow down, Celestia turned around to see Undyne panting. The filly's plan had worked perfectly.

"Armour....so.....hot...... But I can't......Give...... up......." Undyne took a few more steps, then collapsed.

Celestia's plan didn't involve this. The pony looked at Undyne "Undyne?....oh no..." Celestia just wanted to tire her out, not kill her by heatstroke! She looked around frantically, there was luckily a water cooler right next to them.

Celestia took a cup of water and poured it onto Undynes face. 'Don't be dead don't be dead don't be dead don't be dead-'

Undyne stirred a bit, then got up.

The alicorn let out a huge sigh of relief "Thank goddness, I thought I almost killed you, I would never forgive myself if that happened" Celestia realised who she was talking to, and sheepishly smiled.

Undyne looked at her in confusion, and concern. She walked away, leaving a confused Celestia.

"She...didn't kill me?" Celestia looked at where Undyne laid, she then looked at the water cooler 'I guess she forgives me' The alicorn took a cup of water and drank it down. Running from an angry fish warrior really makes you thirsty.



Celestia picked up the phone, a familiar voice was heard.

"HEY! WHAT'S UP!?" Papyrus greeted from the phone.

Celestia smiled "Hi Papy! Is there something you wanna talk about?"


"Ok, sounds cool, I'll see you soon"



Celestia let out a deep breath she took another cup of water and drank it all down. She smirked "Get ready Undyne...

It's time for round 2..."




"Uhh... Papyrus. Where does Undyne live?"

Author's Note:

Celestia is best troll.

And be prepared because next time, we're gonig in for some intense cooking lessons.

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