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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 27: Prophecies and Temmie village

Celestia found herself at some sort of snail farm, 'Oh, does Blooky eat snails to?' To her surprise, she found Napstablook tending the snail farm. "Hey Blooky! Do you work here?"

"yeah...i'm working right now...i mean...welcome to the blook family snail farm...i'm the only employee" the ghost explained.

"Huh, so you and your family eat snails? How do you eat them? What do they taste like? Wait, I already know the answer, well, sort of. Snails kinda taste like a chunky, bitter soup and-" Celestia continued to describe how snails taste.

It made Napstablook nauseous "celly...we- i don't eat snails...why would anyone eat these little guys?"

Celestia poker faced "Uh... reasons, like...to make a pie, and...cake?" Celestia gave a sheepish smile "Anyway, I should go...Bye Blooky"

"Bye celly..."

Celestia trotted away.

The alicorn saw a sign near the right pathway.

North: Blook acres
West: Hotlands
???:Temmie village

Hold on.

'Temmie village?' Celestia raised a brow. It didn't even say where this, 'Temmie village' was on the sign, 'Maybe someone else knows it'
The pony trotted forward, with the question in the back of her mind.

Celestia saw three pathways, she decided to go to the North pathway. The filly found an old monster selling some stuff in a very crystallised part of the area.

"Woah there! I got some neat junk for sale" The old turtle monster said.

Celestia looked at the items, "Can I...have three sea tea please?"

The turtle monster gave her the sea tea, Celestia gave him 36G "So, how are you?" Celestia asked, trying to start a conversation.

"I'm good, I've been around for a long time. Maybe too long. Studying history sure is easy when you've lived through so much it yourself! Wahahah!" The old monster explained.

Celestia smiled, she looked behind him to see a familiar symbol, Celestia raised a brow 'Isn't that the same symbol on mom's robe?'

The monster looked behind him to see what all the fuss was about, "Eh? Do you not know what that is? What are they teaching you kids in school nowadays...? Wahahahah! That's the Delta rune, the emblem of our kingdom. The kingdom...of monsters. Wahahah! Great name huh? It's as I always say... Ol' King fluffybuns can't name for beans!"

Now the pony was curious "Does that Sym- emblem, mean anything?"

"That emblem actually predates written history. The original meaning has been lost in time... All we know is that the triangles symbolise us monsters below, and the winged circle above symbolise... Somethin' else. Most people say it's the 'angel', from the prophecy..."

Celestia was more curious than before, "Prophecy? What prophecy?"

"Oh yeah... The prophecy. Legend has it, an 'angel of light' that has seen the surface will decend from above and bring us freedom. Lately, people have been taking a bleaker outlook... Callin' it the 'angel of death'. A harbinger of darkness and destruction, waitin' to 'free' us from this mortal realm... In my opinion, when I see that litte circle...I jus' think it looks neat! Wahahahah!"

Celestia's eyes sparkled "Wooooaaaahhh...."

The alicorn violently shook her head "Oh right, I was wondering, can I sell you something?"

"Ha! I'm tryin' to get RID of my junk, not get more of it!"

Celestia pouted "*sigh* Well, it was worth a shot, I'm trying to get rid of something as well"

"Well, I've heard if you want to sell stuff, the Temmie village is your best bet"

There it was again, Temmie village "Where is it exactly?"

"....I don't remember"

Celestia sighed, then lit up. "I can find it myself! Bye now!"

"Be careful out there, kid!"

Celestia trotted to the west pathway, looking for the Temmie village.

What she found, was more history.

Hurt, beaten, and fearful for our lives, we surrendered to the ponies.
Their queen, the strongest of them all, used 7 unknown magical elements to cast a spell, and seal us underground.
Anything can enter through the seal, but only beings with a powerful SOUL could leave.

There is only one way to reverse this spell.
If a huge power, equivalent to seven pony SOULs, attacks the barrier...
It will be destroyed.

But this cursed place has no entrances or exits.
There is no way a pony could come here.
We will remain trapped down here forever.

'This isn't right, why did the ponies have to seal them?' Celestia was a bit ticked off as to why the queen of the ponies sealed them underground. She trotted to the next area.

It was extremely dark in the next area, luckily, the alicorn used a light spell to navigate her way through the strange maze. Celestia felt like she was being watched.

Her SOUL popped out. Something appeared...

The special enemy Temmie appears!

Temmie vibrates intensely "HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Celestia stared at the Temmie looked like a cat with hair and a, two pairs of ears. It was also wearing a sweater and its face was, indescribable. '...I have some concerns' "Errr...h-hi?"

Temmie yelled in a hilarious loud tone. "hOI!!! i'm TEMMIE!!!"

Temmie unleashed a weirder version of herself to attack Celestia.

The filly was very uncomfortable with this, "C-can we stop fighting?"


The pony's heart went back into her chest. Temmie stares at the pony intensely.

"Erm...Hey, wait. Do you perhaps know how to get to, Temmie village?" Celestia reluctantly asked.

"YayA! Folo temmie! temmie no wer to go!" Temmie yelled as it walked further ahead, with Celestia in tow.

Celestia reached the Temmie village, the special Temmie caught everyone's attention "hOI! Evritem! temmie bring pop pony!"

All the other Temmies gasped and circled around the filly.

One Temmie introduced herself "hOI!! im temmie!!! Dis my frwend...temmie!!!"

Another temmie introduced herself "hOI! im temmie!!! Dis my frwend...temmie!!"

Another temmie introduced herself "hOI! im temmie!!!! Don forget my frwend!!"

Another temmie appeared "Hi, I'm Bob"

The first Temmie smacked Bob away "FAK BOB!!!"

Celestia sweat dropped, she had heard one of the temmies say she was 'pop pony' "Uhh Temmie" All the Temmies, except Bob, looked at the pony, "Quick question, why did you call me, 'Pop pony? Just wondering"

All the Temmies gasped, one Temmie called out "u don no? bu u famoos! u all ovar undanet!"

'Undernet? Did someone record me?!' "Uhh, how am I famous?"

One of the Temmies pulled out a phone from inside her sweater, "lok here! It u pony! u suning da pop son!!"

Celestia saw the video, it was when she was singing with Shyren! There was also someone doing a thumbs up in the video, Celestia recognised that hand from anywhere. 'Uncle Sans! Who said he could post this!?'

Temmie also scrolled down to let Celestia see the comments, all of them were pretty much positive and complementing both the filly and Shyren. But one was just advertising a channel called MTT.

"C C!!! u famoos!! can tem hav pic for undanet?!!!"

"temmie too!"

"Mi to!!"

"wat bout me!!"

"I want to as well"

The Tems started to get close to Celestia, too close. "Hey hey hey! Wait a minute! No one is getting a picture!"

The Temmies stopped closing in one Temmie called out "y!?"

"Because! Because... I'm allergic to Temmies" Celestia poker faced, hoping the lie would work.

The Temmies let out a loud "ooooooooohhhhhh" Another Temmie spoke up "dat ok!!! tem undarstan...tem, awso alergic to tem!" The Temmie who had spoken gained a bunch of red blisters "hOiVes!!" The Temmie went into the other side of the village.

"Ok, I heard that there was a shop where you could sell something. Does anyone know where it is?" Celestia asked.

A Temmie jumped up, it had a different sweater from the rest. "I da shopkiper!! folo tem to...da tEM shop!!" Temmie scattered to another part of the room while the other Tems went on their business.

Celestia was about enter the shop until a Temmie stopped her. The Temmie had an egg.

"hOI! can u kis my eg... eg wil hatch....tem b PROUD PARENT!!!"

The egg was hard boiled. But Celestia gave the egg a blow kiss.

Temmie squealed "EEEEEEEEE!!!!! DANK U!!"

"Yeah, your welcome" Celestia walked into the shop

"WecOm to...da TEM SHOP!!!" Temmie yelled proudly.

"I heard you would buy stuff, would you like this scarf?" Celestia showed Temmie the burnt scarf.

Temmie gasped in excitement, "WOA!!! u gota... burnt scarf!" Temmie sweated "hhnnnn....i gota hav dat burnt scarf...but i gota pay for coleg, hhhnnn...!!! tem always wanna burnt scarf! OK! tem buy burnt scarf for....180G!!!"

Celestia's eyes widened 'Woah, what a steal!' "Ok, here's the scarf" Celestia gave the scarf to Temmie, and Temmie gave the pony 180G.

"Well, thanks. I'll be going now"


Celestia trotted out of the shop and out of Temmie village. Celestia took a deep breath 'Note to self, never go there again...ever'

Author's Note:

Auto correction.... Auto correction everywhere..

So I was originally going to let Celestia buy a certain piece of attire to help her in the future, bbuuuutt I decided to add that later...

Also, what do you think Temmies sound like? High pitched and loud right? Well I did to.

Then I saw THIS

I never heard Temmie the same way again...

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