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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 21: Grillby's

Celestia stirred from her sleep, stretching her arms and legs and her vision becoming clearer. She felt something on her face, the pony lifted it off, it was a note. 'Why was there a note on my face?' She shrugged her thoughts and read.

hey tia,
pap left to go see undyne and i'm at work (i have lots of jobs)
you can leave now and go ahead on your journey or somethin'.
your stuff's on the table where my pet rock is.
most of your stuff was unharmed from your 'accident' but your scarf's another story.
p.s if ya wondering why this note's on ya head, i didn't know where else to put it.
anyways, see ya, -sans

Celestia looked at the table and frowned a bit, Sans was right, the scarf was completely burnt and there was a small, but noticeable tear on the scarf. 'At least most of my stuff is okay'. Celestial reattached her satchel and put on the burnt scarf, she looked around the house, 'I guess I can go, right after I buy some stuff' she walked out of the skelebro household.

After buying some cinnamon buns and failing to sell the burnt scarf, (honestly she didn't know why she did that) she trotted forward to the not-so mysterious cavern. The cave looked amazing, there were waterfalls, icebergs, gemstones that glittered and sparkled. She continued to walk until she spotted a small skeleton hanging around a sentry station. Celestia grinned "Hi Sans, what are you doing?"

Sans winked "just my second job. fortunately, two jobs mean twice as many legally-required breaks. i'm going to grillby's, wanna come?"

Celestia nodded, "Heck yeah"

Sans joked again "well, if you insist...i'll pry myself from my work..." Sans walked away from the sentry station and stood near the entrance of the next area. "over here. i know a shortcut" Celestia quickly followed Sans, and they suddenly arived at grillby's. "fast shortcut, huh?"

Celestia nodded 'Yep, I'm convinced. He knows how to teleport'.

Sans walked around while everyone at grillby's greeted him. "hey everyone"

"Hey, Sans"

"(Hi, Sans)"

"Greeting, Sans"

"Hiya, Sansy~"

"Hey Sans, weren't you just here for breakfast a few minutes ago?"

Sans' smile grew bigger "nah,i haven't had breakfast in at least half an hour. you must be thinking of brunch" Everybody laughed at the skeleton's pun. Sans turned to the filly "here, get comfy" Sans sat down on a stool as did the pony.


Celestia's smile was wiped off as she raised an 'Are you kidding me' brow at Sans.

Said skeleton raised his hands "whoops, watch where you sit down. sometimes weirdos put whoopie cushions on the seats." Celestia couldn't help but smile, seemingly forgiven Sans. "anyways, let's order. whaddya want...?"

The pony thought for a second "Hmm, fries sounds good"

"yeah, that sounds good. grillby, we'll have a double order of fries" Sans ordered, Grillby nodded and went to the dinner's kitchen. As they waited for the order, Sans decided to strike up a conversation, "so, what do you think...of my brother?"

"He's cool" The pony said with a smile.

"of course he's cool. you'd be cool to if wore that outfit every day. he'd only take it off if he absolutely had to. oh well, at least he washes it. by that i mean he wears it in the shower." Sans explained.

The explanation made Celestia snicker a bit, but she then stopped when she thought of the last thing he said, "Wait, you have a shower?"

Before that conversation could escalate any further, Grillby arrived with their order. "here comes the grub" the bowls of fries were put down, Sans held a bottle of ketchup to the alicorn. "want some ketchup?" Celestia shrugged and lifted the ketchup to her fries. "bone appetit" Instead of pouring it in the middle, she poured the ketchup to the side, the cap falls off and all the ketchup pours to the side off the fries. "whoops"

Celestia smirked "It's okay, in my opinion, ketchup is better on the side" she proceeded to stuff her face in the bowl of fries, quickly devouring the contents.

Sans just stared at the filly, then laughed loudly. "heheheheh, oh my god tia, heh heh, i can't"

Celestia smiled, she made a comeback, even though her mouth was full of fries "'ey! Don jud 'e! Ol' habits 'ie har!" This only made Sans laugh harder, he clutched his stomach trying to conceal the laughter. Celestia smiled at the skeleton's laughter. She then realised half of her face was covered in ketchup, she just lifted up the remaining fries to her face and used them as a napkin. After all the ketchup was wiped off, Celestia ate the ketchup-covered fries.

Sans finally finished his laughing and looked at the filly. "anyways, heh, where were we?"

"We were talking about Papy"

"right, well, cool or not, you have to agree that papyrus tries real hard. like how he keeps trying to be part of the royal guard. one day, he went to the house of the head of the royal guard... and begged her to be in it. of course, she shut the door on him because it was midnight. but the next day, she woke up and saw him still waiting there. seeing his dedication, she decided to give him warrior training. it's uh, still a work in progress." Sans explained.

Celestia giggled a bit at some parts of the explanation, but still agreed that Papyrus had lots of dedication. "Papy is awesome"

"heh, yeah." Sans stayed quiet for a while then spoke up "oh, yeah. i wanted to ask you something" Suddenly, everything appeared to grow dark, beside Sans and Celestia. "ever heard of a talking flower?" Sans asked in a semi-serious tone. Celestia's smile faded as she nodded. "so you know all about it, the echo flower"

Celestia knew what type of flower Sans was talking about, "The flower that can repeat the last thing it hears"

Sans nodded "exactly" Sans blankly stared forward "papyrus told me something interesting a while ago. sometimes, when no-one is around, a flower appears and whispers things to him. flattery...advice...encouragement..." he paused "...predictions....weird huh? someone must be using an echo flower to play a trick on him. keep an eye out, ok?"

Sans looked at Celestia again, to his surprise, the filly was glaring downwards, eye completely full of hatred 'Stupid flower, he thinks he can hurt my cinnamon roll!'

"tia you alright?"

Celestia snapped out of the glaring and looked at Sans. "Oh, yeah. I'll keep an eye out"

Sans' smile grew a bit bigger, "thanks"

Suddenly everything was no longer dark, "welp, that was a long break. i can't believe i let ya pulled me away from work for that long. oh, by the way...i'm flat broke. can you for the bill? it's just 10000G"

Celestia.exe froze "uh, I, how..."

Sans chuckled "just kidding. grillby, put it on my tab" Sans walked until he stopped at the exit of the dinner, "by the way...i was going to say something, but i forgot" Sans walked off.

Celestia looked around the dinner, and turned to grillby with a question that's been bothering her. "Is the jukebox out of order because of Sans and Papyrus?"

Grillby sighed, and nodded.

Celestia laughed and walked out of grillby's. Finally continuing her quest.

Author's Note:

Finally continuing our quest 'ey Celestia?

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