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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 48: But she refused...

It's the end.

Celestia gawked at the prince of monsters, then took a glance at her own SOUL that was strangely not in front of her, but on her golden armour. Her heart was no longer a bright white, rather a faded white with a wispy black aura around it.

'That zap from Sombra... It gave me some of his SOUL... Asriel must think I'm him! Speaking of Asriel, he took my friends, my family' The alicorn frowned, 'I don't care if he's a god, I'm getting my friends back!' Celestia stared at the boss monster with DETERMINATION. "Let's do this Asriel!"

The monster smirked, "Couldn't have said dit better myself." He held up his arms, suddenly the black void around them changed to a vibrant background, constantly changing colour. "You know... I don't care about destroying this world anymore. After I defeat you and take control over the timeline... I just want to reset everything. All your progress... Everyone's memories. I'll bring them all back to zero! Then we can do everything ALL over again." He waved his hands and disappeared from the filly's sight.

Celestia looked around, she only saw giant stars coming straight at her...Wait.

"OH CRAP!" She shrieked and flew away from the attacks, the stars exploded behind her, but left much more smaller ones coming at her. 'Wings don't fail me now.' The alicorn flew and evaded the oncoming attacks. The pony sighed in relief, Asriel appeared, floating in front of her.

"Do you know what's the best part of all this? You'll DO it. And then you'll lose to me again. And again. And again!!! Because you want a'happy ending'. Because you 'love your friends'. Because you 'never give up'." Asriel's arm morphed into a giant weapon and began to shoot 'hyper friendliness pellets'.

Celestia evaded most attacks, but got hit by the charged blast from the gun. 'I won't give up...I have to do this for them' Her DETERMINATION made the filly feel a million times better.

"Isn't that delicious? Your 'determination'. The power that let you come this far.... It's gonna be your downfall!!" Asriel's arms morphed into giant, shiny swords. He rushed to the filly's side and swung one of his weapons, Celestia flew upwards to evade. The God kept swinging and the pony kept dodging, then the swords sparked with power, Asriel gave a mighty swing as his former weapons turned into ammunition. It caught the filly by surprise that she got hit.

Celestia winced as the Star attacks hit her body, she breathed heavily.

The monster laughed, "Now, ENOUGH messing around! Its time to purge this timeline once and for all!!" The vibrant changing colours around Celestia faded into a black, all she could see was something that looked like Asriel's head, but more bigger and demonic.
He bellowed a laugh and had begun sucking in everything around the alicorn, including herself.

"AUGH!!" Celestia tried to fly away from the beast, but she was failing. She grunted, pushing herself to the limit, she flew out of range from the powerful suction, but at a cost of leaving her fatigued.

Asriel returned to his God-like form, for a split second, the filly swore she saw shock in his expression, "...even after that attack, you're still standing in my way...?" He chuckled, "Wow... You really ARE something special. But don't get cocky. Up until now, I've only been using a fraction of my REAL power! Let's see what good you're DETERMINATION is against THIS!!!"


The world was ending.

Asriel now had a more demonic form, his body was indescribable, but the facial features still the same. The colourful void was now in two wings attached to the boss monster, everything else was now a black void. "Urha ha ha ha... Behold my TRUE power!" Asriel bellowed, using his arms to summon neon-like beams at Celestia.

The pony tried to get out of the way, but she couldn't move. Celestia winced and grunted loudly at the pain inflicted on her. "RRRAAAHHHH!!"

The god laughed, "I can feel it... Everytime you'll die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you'll die, you're friends forget a little more. Your life will end here, in a world where no one remembers you..." He attacked again, but the filly was still alive. "Still, you're hanging on...? That's fine. In a few moments, you'll forget everything, too. That will serve you well in your next life!" He aimed his hand at Celestia, attack with all his might, the filly held on to her life, "Urh ha ha ha... Still!? Come on.. Show me what good your DETERMINATION is now!" He waved his hand.


With a barrage of shots, Celestia's SOUL broke in two.



'...n..no... NO!' With the pony's DETERMINATION, the torn apart heart put itself back together, leaving the filly alone in the darkness. 'Let me go back...let this all be a bad dream...please' she thought wistfully as she pictured herself waking up in her old room, with Toriel just outside, making the pony's favourite breakfast.... But nothing happened.

As hard as Celestia tried to reach on to something familiar, it went away. She couldn't go back, no matter how much she struggled. Nothing happened.

Celestia couldn't take it, she sobbed in the darkness, "I w-wish....*whimper* I-I wish...".

"What is it that you wish?"

The pony recognised the voice, yet the cat was nowhere to be seen. Celestia thought about the question, then answered, "I wish...To see my friends again! My mom again!".

No response, until a 'mrrow' of amusement broke the silence.

"Cant you feel it? Your friends are here....just call out, and make them remember...." The voice said. Celestia didn't know at the time, but that was the last she heard of the cat for a long while.

'My friends....are here?' Suddenly, she felt it. Their SOUL's were here, somewhere. Asriel faded back into her view, he didn't seem to think that anything was different. Celestia felt her friend's SOULs, within Asriel. 'Call them out...' The voice repeated in her head.

She smiled, "TORIEL!!" The pony shouted aloud, she felt something resonating within the god's own SOUL. Asriel flashed away, to take his place were two lost SOULs...Toriel and Asgore.

"Mom!" Celestia shouted happily, the female lost SOUL looked taken back, only for a second while the other monster stood with a neutral stance.

"This is for your own good"

"Forgive me for this"

The lost SOULs waved their hands, giant fireballs came the alicorn's way. Celestia's eyes widened, she snapped out of her shocked daze and evade the attacks. 'They don't remember' she thought solemnly, she shook her head to shake of the sad thoughts, 'If they can't remember, I'll make them remember!'.

The alicorn teleported to the female lost SOUL and hugged her tightly, "Mom, I'm not fighting you! Please remember..." Something about this is familiar to her...



Suddenly, her memories came flooding back! Toriel blinked, and looked at her daughter. "My child..." She laughed and hugged the filly back, "You are alright!".

Seeing her remember the pony, the male lost SOUL tried hard to remember Celestia, too. Asgore's memories came rushing back to him, "Young pony... You have help us." They both smile and hugged Celestia.

"Your fate is up to you now!"

"You are our future!"

Celestia felt the warmth of her mother and Asgore disappear, she looked up to see Asriel peering down. The pony smirked, 'Two down, four to go!' "PAPYRUS! UNCLE SANS!" She shouted.

Within Asriel's SOUL, something resonated. The god monster faded away and in his place were two lost SOULs...the skelebros. Celestia grinned, then felt herself getting pulled down. She looked at her white heart in confusion, the SOUL had turned blue. After landing on the invisible ground, she looked at the lost SOULs.

'Hmm... Maybe a joke would help them both remember!'. The filly made a pun about snow, the smaller one seemed to love it, while the taller one seemed to hate it.


"just give up. i did."

The lost SOULs raised their arms, giant bones sprouted from the black surface and raced towards Celestia. Said pony blinked away her surprise and used her wings to give her a jump-boost. After some boosted jumping to dodge the attacks, Celestia glanced at the taller lost SOUL.

'If all else fails, hugs 'em', using teleportation magic, the alicorn appeared right above the skeleton's head and gave it a hug. "Papy, remember this? Come on, you have too...".

Suddenly, memories were flooding back to him. Papyrus stared up, a bit dazed about what was going on. "PONY..? WHY ARE YOU ON MY HEAD?".

Celestia giggled, "I'm hugging you the surprise teleportation way!". Both Papyrus and Celestia laughed, the former taking Celestia off his head and giving her a normal hug.

Seeing the pony treat his brother with kindness, the other lost SOUL tries to remember her. Sans' smile grew wider and came up to them, giving Celestia's mane a ruffle. "heheh, look at you. Saving our lives and stuff."


"ey, i'm root in' for ya tia."

Celestia gave the skelebros a closed-eyed smile, a warm fuzzy feeling flowing through her. Unfortunately, the feeling disappeared as she opened her eyes ad saw Asriel in her way.

"ALPHYS!!" The filly shouted, already had decided who to SAVE next. In a flash, a lost SOUL appeared...the dorky scientist, Alphys.

"Hey Alphys, wanna talk about that show you like? M... My darling ponies, right?" Celestia asked, she could see the excitement radiated from the lost SOUL, but she shook her head.

"You hate me, don't you...?"

The lost SOUL summoned tiny MTT brand attack bots, they drifted towards the pony. Seeing that her SOUL was yellow, the filly knew what to do. With some quick reflexes and shooting, the attacks dissipated.

Celestia gave the monster a reassuring smile, "Alphys, I don't hate you, no one does. I'll make sure of that OK? I'll support you all the way!" She said with a determined tone.

The lost SOUL stood there, taken back by the pony's words. She tried hard to remember her... Suddenly the memories came back. Alphys blinked at the pony, "You, you really mean it?" Celestia nodded.

"Yeah, it's true! My friends like me! And I like you, too!"

Celestia grinned at the yellow drake, "See you later, Alphys." Said monster faded away, Asriel in her place. 'One more to go...' "UNDYNE!!" The scene had changed, a lost SOUL had appeared...Undyne the Royal guard!

Celestia felt herself getting fixed into one position, her SOUL had turned green. 'What can help her remember...got it!' "Undyne, how about we stop fighting, and you can teach me how to cook instead!".

The lost SOUL didn't know why, but she wanted to teach the filly. Quickly, She shook the thoughts out of her head and summoned spears all around the alicorn.

"All ponies must die!!!"

The spears came rushing in, Celestial knew what to do. Using a shield spell, she deflected the attacks. The pony suddenly got an idea, smirking, she teleported behind the lost SOUL. Before the monster could even turn around, Celestia gave the SOUL a fake blast of magic to 'attack' her. The SOUL stood there in bewilderment, Celestia chuckled and gave her a big grin, like the lost SOUL had always done.

Suddenly, the memories appeared back in her mind. Undyne snapped out of her confusion and grinned, swiftly getting the alicorn into a headlock, noggie-ing Celestia. Ignoring the protest coming out of said pony. "Aren't you something!"

"Well, some poines are cool, I guess!"

Celestia felt the fuzzy feeling again, although it had faded when Undyne had. The God of hyper-death returned, not noticing the fact that Celestia had just SAVED all her friends and family.

The pony's smile wavered, 'I've SAVED everyone...Mom, Asgore, Papy, Uncle Sans, Alphys, Undyne... But, why do I feel...'

'Why do I feel like I'm missing someone else?'

Celestia had felt her friend's SOULs resonating...but their was another SOUL, one more person still needed to be saved, but who...?

The pony widened her eyes in realisation of who it was, she smiled at the boss monster in front of her. "Asriel!"

Asriel's face changed from smug to confused, "Huh? What are you doing...!?" Everything faded to black.

Celestia could see something, no, someone, a young black unicorn lying on the ground, looking weary. The scene flashed, the foal was now accompanied by a little white goat monster, looking at the pony with concern. The scene flashed again, the monster was helping the black pony walk, sharing some small talk. Finally, the scene flashed again, to both of them and two other monsters. The white goat monster was holding flowers and had a big closed-eyes smile while the black unicorn also had a closed-eyed smile, the difference was that the unicorn's smile was much smaller, but more genuine.

Celestia knew who those were, the two princes of the underground. The brothers Asriel and Sombra dremurr.

Asriel faded back into the pony's view, sadness radiating off of him, not even bothering to look at Celestia. "Wh... What did you do...? What's this feeling...? What did you do to me?" Asriel shook his head and looked at Celestia in anger, "No, NO! I don't need ANYONE!"

The God raised his hands and summoned hundreds of neon beams to attack the alicorn. Even while using her wings, Celestia could avoid them all. Although she had gotten hit, she was still determined and flew a bit closer to Asriel.

The boss monster glowered, "STOP IT! Get away from me! Do you hear me?! I'll tear you apart!" he raised his arms again, there was a very noticeable difference in the amount of attacks he had summoned. The alicorn evaded the rays of magic and still flew closer to Asriel.

Asriel lowered his head, "...... Sombra... Do you know why I'm doing this...? Why I keep fighting to keep you around..?"

Fire balls drifted out from his hands, strangely, none of them were hitting Celestia. "I'm doing this... Because you're special, Sombra. You're the only one that understands me. You're the only one who's any fun to play with anymore."

More fire balls came, none were even close to touching Celestia, "...No... That's not JUST it. I... I... I'm doing this because I care about you, Sombra. I care about you more than anybody else!" His voice wavered, as if he was about to cry at any minute, "I'm not ready for this to end. I'm not ready for you to leave. I'm not ready to say goodbye to someone like you again..." He raised his arms as giant balls of magic charged up. Celestia realised what he was doing and charged up her own magic, "So please... STOP doing this!!" Asriel wailed.


Right as the powerful blast hit, Celestia summoned an even more powerful shied in the shape of the sun. Celestia winced at how much power she had to use to keep the shield stable, but still held out strong.

"STOP IT!!" Asriel bellowed, making his beam stronger.

The alicorn gritted her teeth, but still kept the beam from killing her. She ever so slowly moved towards him.

"STOP IT NOW!!!" The god shouted at the top of his lungs, giving the beam one last boost of power.

Celestia felt every fibre of her being scream in pain, but through DETERMINATION alone, she made the sun shield bigger, and much stronger. The sun shield glowed brightly, deflecting the beam easily as Celestia was almost up to his face.

Finally, Asriel gave out, his arms limp and head lowered in distraught. Tears welled up in his eyes, "...Sombra... I'm so alone... I'm so afraid... Sombra, I..." He felt a hoof wipe away some of his tears.

Celestia stared at him, "Don't cry, I don't like it when you cry..."

Asriel sniffed, "I-I..."

Everything faded to white.

Celestia felt herself standing on a flat surface, though when she looked down nothing was really there, only darkness. She heard small sniffles and whimperings behind her, she quickly spin around to she a small goat monster wiping away his tears with the sleeves of his jumper. It was Asriel, the REAL Asriel.

"I'm so sorry" Asriel whimpered, his voice was muffled since he cried into his sleeve. After a few seconds, Asriel stopped crying and looked up at Celestia smiling weakly, Celestia gave him her best grin.

The fluffy boss monster chuckled "I always was a crybaby, wasn't I, Sombra?"

The filly's smile wavered, Celestia sighed, "Asriel, I'm sorry, I'm...I'm not Sombra. I'm not your brother."

Asriel frowned, "...I know. You're not actually Sombra, he's been missing for a long time..."

"Um... Well, I guess I should introduced myself. My name's Celestia." The pony introduced herself in an attempt to cheer up the young monster.

"Celestia?" Asriel repeated, a small smile grew in his face, "That's a nice name" Asriel glanced at himself, then back to the pony. "Celestia, I haven't felt like this in a long time. As a flower, I couldn't feel anything. I was soulless, I lacked the power to love other people. But now, with everyone's SOULs inside me... I not only have my own compassion back... But every other monster's as well. They all care about each other so much. And... They care about you too, Celestia." Asriel explained, growing a smile on his face.

Celestia stared speechless at Asriel, taking in what he had said.

Asriel held in a giggle from the alicorn's expression, "I wish I could tell you how they feel about you. Papyrus.. Sans... Undyne... Alphys...... Toriel. It feels like they all really love you. Haha." He frowned and lowered his head, "Celestia... I... I understand if you can't forgive me. I understand if you hate me, I acted so strange and horrible. I hurt you. I hurt so many people. Friends, family, bystanders... There's no excuse for what I've done."

"Well I don't care, I forgive you!" Celestia quickly assured him.

Asriel stared at her in shock, "Wh...what?" his shock turned into humourless chuckles, "...Celestia, come on. You're... You're gonna make me cry again...besides, even if you do forgive me... I can't keep these SOULs inside of me. The least I can do is return them."

The pony frowned, she realised the harsh reality that Asriel still had the monster and pony SOULs. Celestia's eyes widened a bit, she remembered something. "Wait. What about the barrier? I'm not strong enough to break it. And there's no possible way I'm leaving everyone behind!"

Asriel gave her a determined smile, "Leave that to me, Celestia. Right now, I can feel everyone's hearts beating as one... And we all have one burning desire... It's time for monsters to finally go free."

Celestia returned Asriel's smile with her own, "Let me help you!" The boss monster raised a brow, mentally asking what she meant. "I promised to mom, to Toriel, that I'll find some way to break the barrier. I'm keeping that promise. So please, Asriel, let me lend you my power. Let me give you my DETERMINATION!"

Asriel's smile grew wider, "OK then, get close to me." Celestia did as he said, "Ready?" He asked, the filly nodded. "Then here we go!"

Asriel closed his eyes and took a deep breath, raising his arms, six coloured SOULs popped out of him. The pony SOULs. They slowly spun around him as Asriel and Celestia drifted upwards, the alicorn felt the coloured hearts giving him their power, Celestia did the same as she closed her eyes. A strong, bright yellow aura came out of the alicorn's horn, floating into Asriel.

Suddenly, Celestia felt a burst of power radiating around her. She figured that the monster SOULs had been released, and were surrounding her and the monster. From that point on, everything rushed like a blur. Asriel groaning from the immense power, Celestia herself grunting, and a giant burst of power with an indescribable amount of power.


The barrier was destroyed.

Celestia felt everything slow down as she landed back on the black ground. She looked around to still see the void as well as Asriel. "Did... Did we do it?"

The furry monster gazed at her and grinned, he nodded his head. The barrier was finally gone.

"We did it..." Celestia said breathlessly, she quickly squealed in delight, "WE DID IT!! YES!! WE FINALLY BROKE THE BARRIER!!!!" the alicorn realised that she had used her 'loud' voice and smiled sheepishly, "S-sorry about that! I'm just excited!! I mean I- You- We... We did it!!!" She pranced around Asriel, chanting the words 'We did it!' over and over.

Said fluffy monster laughed at the pony's excitement, "Yeah... We did it, didn't we?" His smile faded, "Celestia... I... I have to go now"

The pony immediately stopped her dancing and stared at Asriel in disbelief, "What... Now!?"

Asriel nodded, "Without all those SOULs inside me... I can't keep maintaining this form. Sooner or later, I'll turn back into a flower. I'll stop being 'myself'. I'll stop being able to fee lovel again. So.. Celestia. It's best if you just forget about me, OK? Just go be with the people who you love. The people who love y-"

Asriel was interrupted when Celestia pulled him in for a tight hug,

"Go be with the people I love? Then that means you're my first stop...Brother..." The pony felt Asriel tense up, then ultimately, hug her back.

"Ha... Ha... I don't want to let go..."

After a good, long while of hugging, Celestia let go of Asriel, "Celestia... You're... You're going to do a great job, OK? No matter what you do. Everyone will be there for you, okay?" He gave Celestia a small smile, "Well, goodbye...Celestia." With that, he slowly walked off.

The pony watched as he took a few step forward, a few steps away from her. She saw as Asriel walked away from her, to be simply forgotten and be a memory of the past, that should have happened.

But she refused...

(A/N *cough* Watch this *Cough*

"Asriel! Wait!" Celestia shouted. Fortunately, the little monster stopped and turned around. "Asriel, please... It can't end like this. I don't want you to walk away yet!" She exclaimed.

Asriel sighed, as if he knew she was going to stop him. "Celestia, please understand... I'll be a flower soon, a soulless flower... And we can't stay here... You can feel it, right? This place is already falling apart." As he said that, the pony felt gravity weigh her down, and a small breeze blew up from below her.

"Well, let's meet back in the underground then! That's where we'll end up anyway, right?"

Asriel nodded, "Yeah, but do you really want to postpone your freedom, everyone freedom, just for me?"

The filly gave him an encouraging smile, "Everyone's been waiting for the barrier to break forever now, I think the can wait a little longer!" Her weight was getting noticeably heavier as the weak breeze changed into rushing wind. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she swore she heard someone say her name.

Asriel blinked away the surprise Celestia had given him. "Well, if you really want to meet me... Head to the place where you first fell down! Okay!?" Asriel had to shout because the gushing winds were getting louder.

Celestia gave him a confident nod, "I promise" In a flash, the dark void cracked and shattered to reveal a white void. Asriel was breaking apart to, but he didn't seem to care, he just stared at the alicorn with a spark of hope.

Celestia felt herself falling, getting dizzier and dizzier. As she closed her eyes, she heard the same voice in her head, only much louder this time.



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