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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 20: Sleep Over

Celestia was weak, very weak. She couldn't see or hear anything. 'Uuurrrggghhh....Where am I?'. The filly felt something overtime, she was on something a bit stiff, but comfy. The pony tried to remember what had previously happened. 'I was, playing with Papyrus until there was a flash of light and-' Realization struck her. 'Papyrus! Sans! Where are they!?' Celestia tried to open her eye, but failed. She wondered what happened to them. 'Are they alright!? Did I accidentally hurt them!? I need to know!' Celestia heard something, mumbles quite mumbles. The mumbles became clearer until she could identify them as words. Celestia's vision was starting to come up as well.


"i already said no papyrus. you have to go to undyne. if you're not there she'll come here...and i really don't wanna know what happens when she sees celestia."


Celestia recognised the voices, her vision was also became more focused, until she could she two skeleton monsters arguing.
"P-Papyrus...Sans?" she reluctantly whispered. The skeletons turned to see the little alicorn, tired and eye's half lidded. "W-What happened?"

Papyrus was the first to react "PONY!!!" he quickly scooped up the filly into a suffocating hug, "I HAD NEVER BEEN SO SCARED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER WAKE UP BECAUSE OF ME!!!" Papyrus sobbed loudly.

"Ack! Papy, I can't move!" Celestia tried to teleport away, but was to weak to do so.

Luckily Sans was there to help, sort of. "careful bro, you're kinda giving tia a, bonecrushing hug"

Papyrus glared at his brother "THIS IS NO TIME FOR PUNS!! BUT I SEE YOUR POINT, SORRY FOR THAT PONY" the tall skeleton put Celestia back on the couch to let her breath, and where she was supposedly sleeping the entire time.

Sans spoke up again "so, tia. what happened back there?" The skelebros sit on the couch either side of the pony, waiting for an answer.

Celestia raised a brow at first, but then understood what he meant "Oh, that... Well, it actually happen before"

Papyrus was surprised "WHAT? WHEN? HOW?"

"I, I don't really want to talk about it.... Long story short, it's the reason I have to get to the surface. The ponies up there might know what's wrong with me" The pony explained, her head hanging low.

"what if they don't?" Sans asked.

Celestia stayed quiet for a bit. "...........then I'll find out myself..." Celestia got up from her sitting position "I need to go, I don't want it to happen again" But right as Celestia got off from the couch, she collapsed.

"PONY!" Papyrus quickly picked her up "YOU'RE IN NO CONDITION TO TRAVEL RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE TO WEAK" The tall skeleton placed her on the couch.

"papyrus is right, you're best option is to stay here for the night. you can leave tomorrow"

"But, you don't have to do that for me" The pony protested.

"OF COURSE WE DO! WE'RE YOUR FRIENDS" Papyrus smiled happily, as did Sans.

Celestia smiled too, "Heh heh, thanks guys. I guess I am a bit exhausted" The filly laid on the couch, feeling a bit better.

"papyrus, you better get going. you don't wanna keep undyne waiting" Sans said with a semi-serious tone.

Papyrus sighed and got off the couch, "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. GOODBYE PONY, I'LL BE BACK BEFORE YOU KNOW IT" Papyrus smiled and walked out the door.

"so tia, what do wanna-" Sans interrupted himself when he saw Celestia's sleeping form, snoring quietly. The small skeleton's smile grew softer. Sans suddenly vanished, only to reappear shortly with a pillow and blanket. Sans gently lifted the young pony's head and placed the pillow under her, Sans also put the blanket over her slumbering form.

Sans quietly walked out the door. "sleep tight tia, i'll be back soon. just gotta catch up with a friend" he walked out.


Sans quietly stepped walked in the house, not wanting to wake up his brother and Celestia. But as soon as he closed the door and turned, he saw the filly under the blanket. "tia, you're already awake? i'm pretty sure you-" Sans interrupted himself again when he heard the sound of crying. The small skeleton walked closer, "tia, are you alright?".

The blanket moved until Sans saw some of the filly's face, only the bottom half though. "I *sniff* I'm okay..."

Sans wasn't convinced, "no you're not. what's wrong?" Sans sat on the couch waiting for a response. What he didn't expect was Celestia to outright hug him, sobbing in the crook of his neck (or spine). Sans got the picture quickly, he hugged Celestia, comforting her. "nightmare, huh?" He could feel the pony nodding.

Then Celestia said something strange, most likely from the, nightmare, she had. "I-I wasn't fast enough...*sniff* I couldn't dodge her.... she *hic* She was so strong....how can I face her....?"

Even though Celestia could see it, the small skeleton's white pricks disappeared, leaving the skeleton's eye sockets to be completely black. "So it was that kind of nightmare, huh" Celestia nodded again.

The pony pushed away the hug and sat quietly on the couch, the blanket still covering her body, besides her face, "...*sniff*..."

She suddenly felt Sans rubbing her back. "don't be upset over a nightmare tia, it ain't real, not anymore. Besides, with all this crying, your throats gonna be all horse in the morning" The skeleton joked loudly. Only a tiny laugh was audible from the pony. The skeleton's smile flattened, Sans knew that jokes weren't going to help Celestia feel better, with what she had told him, it was going to take a lot more.


Papyrus slowly walked out of his room, wearing an orange onesie, "SAAAANNNSSS, YOU KNOW I'M A LIGHT SLEEPER. I COULD HERE THAT TERRIBLE PUN FROM-" Papyrus stopped talking when he saw his brother comforting the filly. "BROTHER, WHAT'S GOING ON? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO THE PONY?" Papyrus walked down to check on Celestia.

"don't worry bro, tia just had a nightmare" Sans explained.


Sans smile grew bigger, "right, and i just thought of the best story, tia, your gonna love it"

Celestia was skeptical, but dicided to listen, lifting the blanket off of her. Even though she still looked upset from the nightmare, the pony showed a small smile, showing her anticipation.

The taller skeleton crossed his arms "SANS I WANT TO TELL THE PONY A STORY TOO"

Sans waved his hand in reassurance "you'll know what i'm talking about when tell the story" Papyrus raised a non-existent brow, but let his brother continue. "so tia, you know the jukebox at grillbys right. even wondered why it's 'out of order'?"

Celestia nodded while Papyrus gasped happily. "OH I KNOW THIS ONE! SANS, SANS! LET ME DO THE REST!"

Celestial quietly giggled at Papyrus, as did Sans, "sure thing bro"

"OKAY" Papyrus cleared his throat.

A/N Just pretend the swearing is less mature aka: Sh!#=crud, f#%k=damn, ect

As the skelebro's story continued, Celestia's quiet giggles became loud laughter and then turned into howls of laughter that made her sides hurt.

The story then sadly finished, leaving a tuckered out Celestia, sleeping soundly on Papy's chest, who was also tuckered out, for some reason. (A/N Story telling is tiring work y'know) Leaving Sans to tuck them both in. The small skeleton slowly made his way to his room, Sans looked at them one last time, "night pap, sleep tight tia" Sans' eye sockets turned black once "You're going to need it"

Author's Note:

Happy New Years!!! :pinkiehappy:
I can't believe it's 2016 already, I mean, woah...I didn't wake up until 3pm...

I had this idea for awhile, where Celestia and the skelebros would share a bonding moment. Just didn't know how it do it. Hopefully this should satisfy you.

Leave a like and tell me what you think in the comment below.

That's it for now.

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