• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 10: A birthday surprise

Celestia stretched and stirred from her slumber, a bit dazed from the dream she had, as the alicorn yawned her blurry vision caught something in her room that wasn't suppose to be there. The filly rubbed her eyes to see it clearer. 'A letter?' Celestia thought as she got out of her bed to inspect the note on her drawer.

Dear Celestia
I have a special surprise for you,
But you have to follow the instructions and clues on these letters,
The first clue is this,
Look for the place where you first teleported,
You will then find the next letter.
Love, Toriel

'A surprise!' The filly thought of what her mother had in store. 'Maybe some pie, or cookies, or chocolate cake!' Celestia drooled at the thought of a giant chocolate frosted mud cake, or some vanilla frosted chocolate cake, (or any giant cake really) that her mother had made her. 'Ok, time to get started' The young pony thought with determination 'Let the hunt begin!'

The alicorn looked at the note again 'So I have to look for the place I first teleported?' Celestia thought for a bit, it had been a long while since she accidentally teleport. 'Where was it?' The pony gasped, the alicorn teleported outside her home, right under the tree where she first use teleportation magic. Celestia searched through the dead leaves and roses, but she could see any note on the ground. After a few solid minutes, the pony 'gave up' and in a fit of rage, groaned loudly and fell back into the plantation, scrunching her face up and crossing her forelimbs. Celestia looked up angrily at the tree, her eyes widened, there was a note pirced into the lowest branch of the tree. Celestia blinked, took a deep breath, and yelled "Oh Come On!". After that little temper tantrum, the filly got the note down and looked at what it had to say.

Dear Celestia
If you are reading this than congratulations,
But you will now have to find the next note,
The clue is this,
What shy, see through, friend did you tell me about and where did you find them?
Love, Toriel

Celestia chuckled quietly, she remembered her first days living with Toriel. The pony had told her mother everything that had happened to her when Toriel left her to prepare the house. 'Nabstablook, he never comes around anymore' Celestia thought to herself. The alicorn and the ghost are good friends, he was extremely shy, yes, but Celestia helped him get out of his shell a bit more, they told each other stories that had happened to them, the pony's favourite story that Nabstablook, or 'Blooky' as she liked to call him, had told her was the one about this friend he had, she couldn't really remember the ghost friend's name, but Blooky said he was a fantastic singer. 'Ahh, good times' Celestia snapped out of her trance and teleported to where the next note would be.

The alicorn found the note on the wall where she had first met the ghost, as she expected. What she didn't expect was said ghost laying on the floor. "Blooky!" The filly shouted, startling the shy ghost. "I didn't know you still go to the ruins! Wait... Why exactly are you here?"
The pony raised a brow.

Nabstablook seemed a bit to cautions to say "It's nothing Celly... it's just that... i-it's nothing" The ghost looked at the note on the wall, "I think this is for you... i'll be getting out of your way" But before Celly could reassure him there's no reason to leave, he vanished.

Celestia sighed 'Oh well, he doesn't seem in the mood to talk' The filly took the note of the wall.

Dear Celestia
If you are reading this, you are doing extremely well,
Here is the second last clue,
Look for the place we first met,
Love, Toriel

The alicorn happily gasped, 'second last clue? This is going to be a breeze' she teleported hastily to the second last place she needed to be.

As she arrived, all that Celestia saw was a simple note on the floor.

Dear Celestia
Final clue, keep moving forward
Love Toriel

'This is it?' She thought. Celestia moved to the next room, the room where she had first appeared. "Mom?" Celestia said, at the exit of the room. As she walked towards the patch of flowers she saw a familiar sight for sore eyes. "Mom! You're here!" The pony rushed toward the monster, hugging her.

Toriel chuckled, "You did so well, my child. Now I have your well deserved gift, close your eyes" Celestia did as she said. "Now open!" As the filly looked she gasped happily. "Happy birthday!" Toriel cheered as she showed Celestia's surprise. It's was a chocolate cake with vanilla and butterscotch frosting and strawberries and blueberries on top. "Do you like it?" The goat mother asked.

Celestia started to drool "It looks soooo delicious! I must eat it all" Luckily, Celestia snapped out of her trance. "Wait, did you say, happy birthday?"

Toriel nodded putting down the cake "I never knew when your birthday was, so I dicided to mark your birthday with the day I met you"

Celestia grinned widely, "Thanks mom, now let's get eating this cake already!"

It was nice, having a quiet picnic with Toriel, laughing and eating cake, feeling the rays of sunshine on the filly's coat. Her face was beyond messy, but she didn't care, she was soaking up the sunshine. It felt so nice, but it felt also, weird. Like it was calling out to her. She didn't think to much of it though.

Dear diary
Celestia loved the surprise birthday picnic I threw for her...
We told some jokes and made some puns...
Celestia was eating the cake a bit, aggressively, but other than that she was having the time of her life...
At the end of the picnic, Celestia took a little nap in the sunshine...
It was adorable to see her cake-covered face snoozing away...
But when we got home, something strange happened when she had woken up...
Celestia appeared to be a bit, exhausted...
I am not sur-

Toriel was stopped when she heard a scream of pain, coming from her daughter's room...

"CELESTIA!!" The monster yelled in worry as she rushed to said pony's room. Toriel opened the door to see something she wish she hadn't. Celestia had created a ball of light, about her size. She was inside it as the sphere appeared to go up, slowly bringing, and crushing the alicorn inside, trying to phase through the ceiling. "CELESTIA NO!!" Toriel rushed to the filly, tears in her eyes, trying to get her out, but the mini sun that Celestia had created was putting up a fight. As Toriel reached out, she felt a white hot pain burning her arms, but it didn't stop her from getting her daughter. "GET...OFF...MY CHILD!!!" Toriel used all her magic to unleash a fireball on the sphere.

It had seemed to do the trick...

But unleashed a devistating consequence...

The ball of light vanished, but left a powerful shockwave, blasting Toriel and the filly across the room, luckily, Toriel catches Celestia in time before she was smashed into the wall, but Toriel had taken the hit. The pain didn't matter to her, she had gotten her daughter out of danger...

Or at least she thought...

When Toriel looked to see if the alicorn was alright, what she got was Celestia's eyes closed, she was limp, and didn't appear to be breathing. The monster shook her, trying to get a reaction, pain, sadness, anything! "Celestia, Celestia! Wake up!" Toriel put her hand on her mouth. A new batch of tears came flowing down her face. "C-Celestia, please, wake up..." Still nothing from the young pony. Toriel hugged her limp body, silently sobbing to herself. "P-please...my child....you, cannot be...pl-lease"...still nothing... "C-cel-lestia...no... no..."
Toriel heard a small cough. Her eyes widened, the monster looked at the filly again, she was moving, barely.

"*cough* *cough* m-mommy, *cough*" The pony quietly responded, tears of pain in her eyes. "I-*cough* it hurts"

Toriel looked at her daughter with a pained look, she knew what she had to do if this was to keep happening. "I-I know child..."
Toriel hugged her, silently sobbing.

"I know......"

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