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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 42: That's strange

Celestia looked at the entrance of the CORE, she suddenly saw something, or someone moving away from the entrance. 'What was that?'


The alicorn's phone rang just as she was about to enter the next area.

"Hey, Alphys, I saw what I think are other monsters. Are there suppose to be any here?" Celestia asked the scientist.

"What? N-nobody else is s-suppose to be here... Oh well! We can't worry about that now! Just keep moving forward" Alphys replied.

"Ok" The filly remembered something from earlier, "Wait, there's one more thing I have to ask"

"W-what's that?"

"I, uh, got this white cable from some monsters awhile ago, do you know what it might be?" The filly asked.

"A white c-cable? Hmm... W-well, can you give me a better description?"

Celestia examined the item more thoroughly, "It's white, and it looks like a cable... Oh! And there's some sort of code thing on it! Uh, 68-9027... Does that mean anything?"

"Eheheh, w-well it means my jobs a bit easier" Alphys joked, "It's j-just a transferable cable, it can move one item from, let's say, a computer, to another, like a hard drive. It can transfer files, documents, and even works as a music stereo! Is, is that enough information?"

The pony smiled "Plenty, I'll be heading to CORE. I'll talk to you later"


Celestia looked at the white cable, 'I guess this might have some use, I'll keep it for later" She took a deep breath, and walked into the CORE.

The CORE looked very different from what Celestial had been use to. There were strange pattern on the floor, powerlines covering the entire room, and most likely the next, everything had a distinct deep blue colour, and the elevator to the castle was right in front of her. The pony felt anxious, but stay determined.


"Ready? This is it! Take the elevator to the top of the CORE!" Alphys instructed. Celestia trotted over to the elevator, but something was wrong.

The elevator wasn't working.



"Um, Alphys, the elevator isn't working"

"What?" The doctor exclaimed in disbelief "The elevator should be working... W-well then! Go to the right and keep heading up!" She instructed. Celestia did as she said, but there was only a giant put of fire in her path. "Alright! Now just keep heading up!"

"How am I suppose to do that!? There's a giant pit of fire three feet away from me!" The pony exclaimed.

"...that pit.... Isn't on my map. F-forget it! L-let's try the left side!" Alphys suggested.


Celestia teleported out of the room and went to the left path, there wasn't any fire to be seen. 'Thank goodness'


"Okay, you should be able to make it through here... " Celestia looked forward, and saw a monster rushing up to her. "W-watch out!"

Celestia's SOUL appeared as Madjick swayed towards her. "Um, hi, can we-"

"Abra!" Madjick interrupted her,

Celestia tried to talk to it again, "Uh, I think we should-"

"Cadabra!" It interrupted her again.

The filly had gotten ticked off, "Listen can we stop-"

"ALAKAZAM!!!" Suddenly Madjick attacked the pony with a spell, then proceeded to summon it's other attacks.

Celestia tried to dodge, but saw that whenever she wanted to move her SOUL one way, she went in the opposite direction, it confused the pony greatly. She shook her head violently and tried to ignore Madjick and instead think of more calming things, she snapped out of her confusion.

"Hocus pocus" Madjick unleashed another attack.

Luckily, thanks to her calming her mind, Celestia's SOUL moved the way she wanted, and dodged all attacks. The pony tried talking to Madjick again, nothing changed, but Madjick looked satisfied. "Can we stop fighting?"

Madjick nods and Celestia's SOUL went back in her chest. Madjick zoomed off.

"Phew" Celestia sighed in relief.

"Th-that was close..." Alphas said from the phone, which Celestia didn't notice was still on until now. "Wh...why are there so many monsters here?" Alphys muttered to herself. "I mean... It's no problem, r-r-right? W-w-we've just got to keep heading forward!" She assured.


Celestia moved on to the next room.

Although the pony had some trouble with the previous room, she stay determined and let Alphys guide her through the CORE, even though Alphys didn't know what to do half the time. Celestia was at a crossroad, she gave the scientist a ring.


"Alphys, I need some help, which way am I suppose to go?"

"A crossroad...Uhh... Uhh...tr...try heading yo the right! I'm sure- *knock knock* um... j-just go that way... I'll call back"


Celestia put on a puzzling look, 'What was that about? Did somebody knock or something?' She shook off the strange all and went right like Alphys instructed.

Celestia saw the laser puzzle from before, the pony waited for Alphys to call...

But it never came.

Celestia waited some more for the call from Alphys, there was still no ring. 'Where'd you go?' Celestia grabbed her phone and gave Alphys a ring...

There was no response.

'She's, she's probably in the bathroom' Celestia tried the laser puzzle herself, the alicorn made her way grouch half of it unscathed, but the other half was just a long line of blue lasers, making it impassable to cross through it all. The pony huffed, 'This is impossible! I'm can't walk through it unless I- ohhh" Celestia used her magic to make a shield spell above her. She took a few cautions steps forward, the shield had deflected the blue lasers. Celestia grinned as she made it through the laser puzzle with ease.

The alicorn got ready to move on, but something wasn't right, Alphys wasn't calling to guide her. And she hadn't answered her phone, Celestia walked to the next room, feeling slightly alone.

Celestia looked at her surroundings, there was a lot of crossroads, luckily there were also signs that could guide her through the CORE. As Celestia read through the signs, she was beginning to feel that the signs were more philosophical than instructional. Until she came across a sign near a force field. She read it to hopefully find out what to do.

To the East! This is the end

'Okay, just have to pass this barrier' Celestia came up to the electrical force field, she could see the other side, with a deep breath the alicorn used her magic to teleport to the other side of the barrier. Celestia looked around, it had worked. "Yes!" She continued to the next area.

The pony found herself on a long bridge with a strangely familiar monster blocking her way. Luckily Celestia figured out that this monster was very much like the one from the RUINS, with the right words, she spared it in the flash of an eye. The pony determinedly made it to what appeared to be the end of the CORE.

"So I'm hear already..." The filly muttered to herself. Before she walked to the next and final area, she took her phone out of her satchel.


'Come Alphys, where are you?'


There was no response.

Celestia sighed, she was concerned about where the scientist was, but still knew that she had other things to do first.

With DETERMINATION, Celestia walked into the next area.

Author's Note:

I wonder where Alphys went... Maybe she's in the bathroom, maybe she's checking her profile page...

Or maybe she's somewhere else entirely.

But let's not get into that yet, besides, we have to get hyped up for the next chapter. Because Cellys gonna have to get all the help she can get for this one!


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