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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 5: Exploring the RUINS part 3

Celestia saw three Froggits in the next room, they had, interesting things to say. Honestly, she didn't know what the hell they were talking about, but she didn't skip the conversations of the frog monsters. She was just about to walk out until...


The pony picked up the phone.

"Hello?" The familiar voice said. "I realized it has been a while since I have cleaned up. I was not expecting company so soon. There are probably a lot a things covered about here and there. You can pick them up, but do not carry more than you need. Someday you might see something you like, you will want to leave room in your satchel for that."


'Hmm, okay, noted.' Celestia went onwards to the next room.

In the room there were spikes at the exit and 6 cracked parts of the floor, spread out evenly across the room. The vent doors were beside each broken floorboard. But before Celestia could think, her SOUL jumped out, Loox drew near.

The filly couldn't stop staring at the giant eyeball that was basically 80% of it's body. This made the Loox very unhappy. Loox summoned rings to attack the white heart, the filly dodged, but got hit by one, she braced for intense pain, but it surprisingly didn't hurt as much compared to that stupid flowers attack. The filly then dicided to look away from the massive eyeball, "Finally, someone gets it." that seemed to help the alicorns odds of sparing. Celestia spare the monster, Loox walked away.
Celestia heard some jingling in her satchel, she looked and saw there were more pieces of gold in the bag. 'Score!'

Now she was back to solving the puzzle, she thought about when she had made the spikes disappear by flicking a switch. 'Maybe there's a switch in the room below'. She looked at the broken floorboards. 'Which one to go through?'. The filly just let chance dicide and went to the middle one on her right. She glided down and saw a familiar ghost lying down. "Hey! Your that ghost from before." The pony stated.

"I fell down here... now I can't get up...go on without me..." Nabstablook said sadly.

"Wait, aren't you a ghost or something?" Celestia said.

"wait, ghosts can fly, can't they..." The filly nodded. "oh yeah, thanks for the reminder... uh..." Nabstablook didn't really know the alicorns name.

"It's Celestia, and you are?" The pony questioned.

"...Nabstablook...b-bye now." The monster vanished.

Since there was nothing else to do now in the small room, the pony went back up. She then tried the broken floor opposite side of her. She glided down, and to her luck, a switch was there! She flicked it, and heard a satisfying *click*, Celestia went up and the spikes were no longer there. The filly trotted onwards.

'What the heck' was the alicorns only response for about what was in the room, it was already solved. There were just three coloured switches, red, blue, and green, and the spike traps were underground. If she wasn't confused by then, she definetly was when she went to the next room, The next room was exactly like the room before, just turned around, even the spikes were there, but unfortunately, activated, and blocking the exit. 'What the heck do I do!?' She struggle and trotted around, and noticed a sign. Sadly, she still couldn't read the language, but there was one word that was in blue. 'Hmm, so I just press the blue switch?' She thought to herself, she tried her theory and luckily, it worked! The spikes were gone. She trotted onwards.

The room was exactly like the two rooms before, rotated around in a different angle, Celestia saw a sign which had a red word. She pressed the red switch.

(A/N But not before she was attack by Vegitoids and sparing them but I'm not going to write that because I'm a lazy f*#k)

Vola, the puzzle was solved. Celestia encountered a few other monsters as she continued, but through careful diplomacy and kindness, she was able to convince them to leave her be. More gold found its way into her satchel as a result. Though the room repeated again, the color of the word on the sign allowed her to determine the appropriate switch to activate. She moved on to the next room.

Celestia noticed the vines and rose bushes, while she trotted onwards, Celestia saw that there were two different pathways, she went to the path in front of her, as she walked she saw a Froggit, it said that Toriel passed through here and was carrying some groceries with her to the room with the rose bushes. 'That other pathway, it must be where Mom went!' Celestial quickly thanked the frog monster and made her way back to the room with the other path.

This room was, interesting, to say the least. There was a giant tree in the middle of the room, roses underneath it, and a purple brick house. Celestia was about to head forward until she saw Toriel. "Oh dear, that took longer than I expected." The boss monster picked up her phone, presumably to call on Celestia to check if she was alright, until she saw said pony. Toriel rushed to the filly and checked to see if she was injured. "How did you get her, my child, are you hurt?" Toriel said worryingly.

"Don't worry mom, I'm fine." Celestia reassured her.

"I should have not left you alone for so long. It was irresponsible to try to surprise you like this." She said with guilt.

"It's okay re- wait, did you say surprise!" Celestia's eyes sparkled.

"Err... Well I guess I cannot hide it any longer. Come, small one." Toriel said, taking off with the pony not far behind.

As the alicorn went in, the house was very beautiful and homely, she could smell something delicious. "Do you smell that?" Toriel asked, the pony nodded. "Surprise! It is a cinnamon-butterscotch pie. I thought we might celebrate your arrival." The pony and monster both laughed at the joke. "Ah, I see you like jokes as much as I do." The monster stated. "I want you to have a nice time living here. So, I will hold off on snail pie for tonight. Here, I have another surprise for you." Toriel proceeded to walk to the hallway, with Celestia in tow.

"This is it..." Toriel said cheerfully, Celestia looked at the door beside her. "A room of your own. I hope you like it." Toriel gently patted the filly's constantly flowing mane. But Celestia was confused.

"Wait, that means-" Her eyes widen. "I-I get to live with you?" She said looking at her mother for an answer. Toriel nodded, Celestia froze for a second, then jumped to hug Toriel, the monster was surprised at first, but then hugged back. After a few seconds she slowly put the pony down.

"Do you smell something burning...? Um, make yourself at home!" Toriel rushed to another room.

Celestia decided to check out her new room. She opened the door and looked around, she saw some plushies on a bed, her bed, there were some more toys in a toy box. A closet and cabinet with a dusty photo frame and a tiara next to it. There was also a poster of a golden flower on the wall as well as a bean bag underneath it, and a lamp besides the bean bag.

She jumped on the bed and rolled around, "aahhhh this feels nice." The alicorn said to no-one in particular. Only when she snuggled under the covers was when she realised she was exhausted from the puzzle solving. "Maybe a *yawn* nap won't hurt" She lied down and curled herself up, peacefully sleeping.

Later, Toriel was getting the pie for her and went in her room. "Celestia dear, are you al-" Toriel stopped herself seeing a peacefully sleeping pony, wrapped up in blankets. The monster smiled and quietly placed the plate of Cinnamon-butterscotch pie on the floor next to her bed. She went to turn off the lights, and shut the door.

Little did she know that right after closing the door. A small light appeared on the alicorn's horn, but she didn't even flinch. The light grew bigger, and left the pony's horn as it suddenly zoomed up, passed through the ground, as it reached the surface, it zoomed to the sky, or to be more specific...

The sun.

Author's Note:

As many people say, the plot thickens.

Btw, if your wondering exactly how much health Celly has here, I'll put it in spoilers for you,
Fifty two

P.s I was having boredom problems until I found this
Three words: I CAN'T BREATH!

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