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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 35: Are vegan hotdogs water sausages in disguise?

After the cooking incident, Celestia continued onwards through Hotland. She caught sight of an ominous metal structure in the distance, Celestia marvelled at the sight.


"S-see that building in the distance?" Alphys asked.

"Yeah...it's huge, and it's making me uncomfortable"

"That's the CORE. The source of all power for the Underground" Alphys began to explain, "It converts geothermal energy into magical electricity by... Uh, anyway, that's where we're going to go. In the CORE, is an elevator directly to ASGORE's castle. And from there... You can go home"

"...home..." Celestia went silent, "...U-uh, OK. I got it; Go to the CORE, find the elevator, get ASGORE, politely ask to leave. Am I missing anything?" Celestia asked.

"U-um, I d-don't think so... Y-yeah! Your all good! I'll c-call you later!!"


Celestia drew her attention back to the CORE, 'This is it? Have I made it this far already? I'm almost ready to go...home...'

Celestia looked up at the ceiling of the underground, her brows furrowed. 'No, that's not my home... The Ruins, mom, that's my home'

She looked back at the last area, thinking about the promise she had made at the very beginning. 'I promised that I'll find a way to break the barrier, so I can live with mom up in the surface...no...it's not just that anymore... Uncle Sans...Papy...Blooky...Undyne...heck, even Alphys... I'll do it for them! I'll do it for all of them!!'

She walked with DETERMINATION flowing through her body.

After the young pony got out of the elevator, she trotted onwards. She gasped, infront of her was the familiar stout skeleton, selling hotdogs. Celestia raced up to him, "Uncle Sans! How'd you get here!?! I mean... What are you doing here!?! No, that's the same thing... What I meant was-"

"you're happy to see me?" Sans interrupted the alicorn's stumbling.

"Y-yeah that! Heheheh... Sorry, it's just that it felt like it's been so long since we last saw each other!" Celestia gushed, "Hey, by the way... Did Undyne give you the, message, yet?"

"message? oh, you mean the 'i.o.u'?" The filly nodded, "yeah, about that, I think it's a little one sided, tibia honest" The small skeleton snickered at the joke.

However, Celestia was not amused, "One sided? You made me a Pop star without my permission!! Have you seen all the friends I have!?! It took soooo much time just to accept them all!" She protested.

Sans raised a non-existent brow, "you don't know what happened with undyne yet, do you?"

Celestia now raised a brow, "What do you mean?"



"UNDYNE, PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN. YOU'RE SURPLEXING MUST COME TO AN END, RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!" Papyrus scolded the Royal guard, who was stuck in a blue aura.

"LET ME GOOOO!!! I MUST SEE ALPHYS!!!! NNNGGGAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" Undyne struggled and tried to get out of the magical grip, it appeared to be working.

Papyrus sweat dropped "UM...SANS, ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN HOLD UNDYNE FOR A LITTLE BIT LONGER?!? I'M GETTING A BIT SCARED HERE..." He whispered to his brother, who was struggling to keep his arm up.

"*huff* honestly...I don't think I can hold her-*puff* much longer...*wheeze* hurry up!" Sans struggled to speak, controlling all of his power to restrain Undyne.


end flashback

"do you know who was responsible for undyne's rampage?" Sans asked rhetorically.

Celestia sheepishly smiled and pointed to herself.


"Ooohhh...oops" The pony awkwardly laughed, "Well, umm... Is it bad that I still want an i.o.u...? I mean, I know now that I made Undyne go into a flustered rampage and all... Buuut I got turned into the underground's celebrity in less than 12 hours..."

Sans thought about it, "tell you what, how 'bout I give you a discount for these hotdogs" The small skeleton suggested, Celestia raised a brow, "don't worry, I'll just give you the vegan ones. Just for 5G each"

"Deal!" Celestia gave him 10G, Sans gave her the vegan hotdogs, after a bit of inspection, Celestia noticed something, "Hey, these are just water sausages! Ohhhh...heheheheh, OK that's clever Uncle Sans" Celestia put them in her satchel, only to find that only one vegan hotdog could fit, her inventory was full.

"huh, can't fit anymore? don't worry, I got the next best thing" Sans grabbed the other hotdog and put it on the alicorns horn. But instead of falling of like the filly expected, it stayed where it was.

Celestia's eyes sparkled, "More..."

"more what?"

"More hotdogs! And put them on top of my horn. Hurry before it falls!" Celestia urged the skeleton.

Sans put 5 more hotdogs on the alicorns head, the tower stayed stable. "hehheheh, oh my god tia. this is hilarious"

"Less talking more stacking!" She demanded.

Sans use his own telekinesis to put 23 more hotdogs on the alicorns head, "It's like the law of physics stopped, and the laws of awesome tripled" (1) Celestia marvelled and the tower of hotdogs. "Just one more..."

"woah there tia...you want me to put 30 hotdogs on you? i'll be 'frank' with you. as much as I like putting hotdogs on your head... 30 is an excessive number... 29, now that's fine, but 30...does it look like I can lift one more up there? Sans asked rhetorically

"Umm...Okay then... I won't ask for more... But only if you take a picture of me with the hotdogs!!!" She explained excitedly, giving Sans the phone, "I can't do it myself because I'm already concentrating on keeping these balanced"

"oh this is gonna be good, just take a few steps back"

Celestial carefully took 4 steps backwards, making sure the hotdogs didn't fall. "Okay take the picture" She smiled at the camera.


"Well? What's the holdup?" The alicorn asked ticked off.

"just finding the best lighting to use, keep it up for a while longer" Sans reassured.

The hotdog tower wobbled violently, "H-Hurry up! I think these things are about too- GGAAHHH!!!!"


The sausage tower was no more, all the vegan hotdogs were lying on the ground. "Sans, please tell me you took a picture before it fell"

"well, yes and no" Sans answered honestly.

Celestia's brows furrowed as she quickly checked in the picture, "What do you mean yes and-" She silenced herself to see that the photo was all burry, you could only make out a small white fuzz and a long red fuzz. "Noooooooooo!!" Celestia groaned while she face planted onto the counter. "It was so perfect...!"

Sans rubbed the back of her head in comfort"hey, lighten up tia, maybe you could use something else for your post. Like hilarious jokes"


"UNCLE SANS YOUR A GENUIS!!!" Celestia looked at him with sparkles in her eyes.

"i know" he winked.

The alicorn grabbed the phone and started typing, while running away in exhilaration, "THANKS FOR THE IDEA!!! I'LL SEE YOU LATER OKAY!? BYE NOW!!!" The pony was gone.

Sun-Angel Pop-pony64 updated status. Hi everyone! ^.^ So I got this idea from a friend, and I wanted to make a post about it! So... What is the best and worst pun you can make? I'll be waiting in the comments! :D

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Author's Note:

(1) Wanna know the reference? Check chapter 39

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