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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 44: The best wingmare 2: Wingin' it

Celestia arrived at the Waterfall dump, everything still looked the same. The pony looked around, Alphys was nowhere to be seen. "Alphys!" The filly called out, "Alphys!!" She waited for a response.

Celestia heard some shuffling to her left, she ran over to check it out. "Alphys! Ae you there!?"

"Pony!" A voice yelled behind the pile of garbage, the voice belonged to Undyne. Undyne showed herself, and to Celestia's surprise, she was not only wearing her usual blank tank top, but also a nice leather jacket, her velvet hair was also styled nicely. Undyne gave the pony an intense glare.

Celestia gave out an awkward laugh, "Hey Undyne! How's it going? You look nice! What's the occasion?" Undyne crossed her arms, still staring at her. "Um... You're mad about me not helping you earlier, aren't you?"

Undyne groaned uncrossing her arms, "Of course I am! You were suppose to deliver a letter to Alphys!"

Celestia's fear disappeared, replaced with confusion, "That's what you're mad about? A letter to Alphys? Can't you deliver messages yourself?"


"I'm confused, did you deliver the letter or not?" The filly asked.

She sighed, she calmed down a bit, "Well, since you weren't bothered to help, Papyrus went with plan B. Plan B was... well..." Undyne mumbled the last parts.

Celestia had a small smirk plastered on her face, "Let me guess, since I wasn't there, Papy 'challenged' you to do it yourself making you turn into a rampaging mess that delivered the letter for Alphys, and you probably surplexed anything and everything that blocked your path"

Undyne stared in shock, "THAT'S... Sort of right...But I also kinda ran off after I knocked and slid the letter under the door"


Undyne groaned annoyed, "Oh my god! Do I have to spell everything out for you!? I asked Alphys to hang out in Waterfall and I realised that I wasn't wearing anything cool so I ran off to wear something cooler! And now I can't find her anywhere!"

The pony put two and two together and realised that Undyne had asked Alphys on a date. Celestia used her all her DETERMINATION to not squee loudly. 'I got to help Undyne out with the date' Celestia cleared her throat, "Undyne, as the best wingmare there is, I shall help you with this date!"

Undyne huffed, "It's not a date if there's no one to date with!"

The pony thought, she clapped her fore-hooves, "How about we role play!"

"OK pony listen!" Undyne shouted sternly, "I don't need to roleplay a date with you, I need to find Alphys! And I can't find Alphys when I'm 'dating' YOU!"

"HOW ABOUT I FIND HER?" A familiar voice asked from behind a garbage pile, Papyrus jumped over to them wearing sweatbands and a 'Jogology' shirt.

The alicorn gasped happily, "Papy!" She teleported onto his head and gave him a hug, "I didn't know Undyne brought you here too!"

"I didn't either" Undyne said shocked.

"OH THAT'S BECAUSE I SNUCK OUT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU AND ALPHYS!!! BUT THE PONY WILL ALSO SUFFICE" Papyrus got Celestia off his skull and gave her a bear hug.

The filly giggled, "This is perfect! Papyrus can go look for Alphys while Undyne and I start the dating role play!"

"A BRILLIANT PLAN PONY!!! I'LL GO DO MY PART!!" Papyrus ran off, searching for the scientist.

Celestia smiled at the scaly monster, "Ready to start the role play?"

"I have no choice don't I?" The pony nodded, Undyne sighed loudly, "Guess I'll do it"

"Great! Then with all that said and done, DATING START!!"

Celestia and Undyne were now on a pretend date. Saying it was awkward would be the understatement of the year, at least that's what Undyne feels.

"So, Undyne" Celestia smirked, "On this date-"

"It's not a date" Undyne claimed.

"DON'T INTERRUPT" The alicorn cleared her throat, "On this date, I will be Undyne while you will be Alphys"

"WHAT!?!? WHY CAN'T I BE ME?!?! I'M ME!!" Undyne exclaimed loudly to the pony.

"Undyne, Just, just.... OK?(1)" The filly replied, "This is because I can show you what to say. And how you would think Alphys acts, therefore showing how much you know about Alphys'" She explained.

"That's, a good justification to be honest" Undyne to a deep breath, "OK...Oh! Hi Undyne! It's me! Alphys! Your super cool awesome science friend!" Undyne said in a falsetto tone.

Celestia looked at her sternly, even though she was laughing on the inside. "Undyne, no, just no. Where's the stuttering, the shy tone, and when has she yelled like THAT?" The filly criticised.

The monster raised her hands in defence, "Don't blame me! I'm not good at acting"

"It's okay no one's good at acting the first time" The alicorn reasurred, "OK, no more criticism, back to rollplay" she cleared her throat. "Ngaaaahhhh!!! Hey babe! Your lookin' fine~" The filly flirted in a raspy voice.

"WHEN DO I SOUND LIKE THAT!?!" Undyne exclaimed.

"No interrupting!" The pony reminded, she continued in her 'Undyne' voice, "You are so cute and adorable!!! Ngaaahhh!!!!"

Undyne groaned, bringing back her 'Alphys' voice, "Oh! I didn't know you felt that about me this way..."

"And then you kiss Alphys" The pony instructed.

Undyne face palmed, "Pony, no... I don't just want to rush in!!!"

"But isn't that your go-to thing to do?" Celestia asked.

"That's battling, not dating..." The monster claimed.

Celestia grinned, "Then why do people say loves a 'battlefield'" She laughed at Undyne's expression.

"THAT'S IT!!" Undyne shouted, "YOU'RE NOT BEING SERIOUS ABOUT THIS! I'M GOING TO FIND ALPHYS!!!" Undyne tried to storm away, but Celestia blocked her path.

"OK, OK. Maybe role playing wasn't the best idea"

"Oh really? I wouldn't have guess that?" Undyne's voice dripping with sarcasm.

The pony ignore her comment and continued, "Well, maybe instead of role playing the date, you can tell me what you'd do on the date"

"Finally a good idea. well first, we'll actually talk instead of flirting which would be REALLY awkward. Then we'll keep talking, telling each other jokes, and taking about pony history. Like when we usually hang out at the dump" Undyne explained.

"I see I see..." The pony nodded in understandment. "Well, what do you like most about her? Her knowledge, her 'history' books, her appearance"

"None of those" Undyne replied which shocked the filly, "I don't care if she's playing video games or reading history books. To me, all of that's just nerdy crap. What I like about her, is that she's PASSIONATE about it!!SHE'S ANALYTICAL !" She proclaimed with pride. "It may not seem like it, BUT SHE HAS PASSION FOR WHAT SHE DOES!! SHE ISN'T AFRAID OF DEFENDING WHAT SHE LIKES OR ACCUSING WHAT SHE DISLIKES! I MEAN, HAVE YOU SEEN HER RANTS ON UNDERNET!?!?" The alicorn nodded as Undyne continued, "HER PASSION, IT'S AMAZING! IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IT IS! WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THAT SHE CARES ABOUT IT!!! 100 PERCENT!! AT MAXIMUM POWER!!!"

"R-really? Th-that's what you l-like about me?" A new voice replied, behind a garbage can.

Undyne looked shocked while Celestia just smiled, 'So you finally show yourself'

Alphys stepped into view, she was wearing a cute black dress with little white polka dots. She was smiling at Undyne, "I-I... I never knew that's what you liked a-about me" The scientist frowned, "I th-thought that y-you liked me b-because I knew all those cool things..." Alphys took a deep breath, "Undyne, I h-have to be honest. I... I lied to you, both of you" She glanced at Celestia, then back at Undyne, "I lied about almost everything... I thought that if I pretended to be someone I wasn't, you would like me better... I see I was wrong... Do you, do you really like me for my passion?"

Undyne crouched down to Alphys' eye level, "Of course" she answered in a calm voice, "But can you promise me something?" Alphys looked at her and nodded, "I want you to tell the truth from now on. I don't want you to lie to me, or anyone else. Can you promise that?"

Alphys took a moment to respond, then she abruptly hugged her, "Okay, I-I'll do it! I-I promise"

Undyne hugged back, "Great, because now..." She threw Alphys into the air, the scientist would've fell into the trash can if Celestia hadn't caught her. "IT'S TIME FOR TRAINING!!"



Undyne stood proudly, "Heck yeah! Alphys... I want you to become happy with who you are! And I know just the training you need to do that!

Alphys was shocked, "U-undyne, y-you... You're gonna train me...?" Her heart fluttered.

"Pfft, what? ME!? I'm gonna get Papyrus to do it" Undyne looked around, "Hey pony, can you bring Papyrus here?"

Celestia smiled, "With pleasure" in a flash, literaly the alicorn brought Papyrus, "Hey Papy! Wanna help out with Alphys'... um... 'Ego-boosting training'?"

The skeleton gasped happily, "WOULD I?" he looked at Alphys, "COME ON ALPHYS! LET'S GET THOSE BONES SHAKIN'!!! IT'S TIME TO JOG 100 LAPS, HOOTING ABOUT HOW GREAT WE ARE!"

Undyne brought out a stopwatch, "Ready? I'm about to start the timer!"

Alphys sweat dropped, but she looked determined, "U-undyne, I'll do my best...!" Alphys started running with the skeleton, while said skeleton started boasting about himself.

Meanwhile the pony chuckled, "Hey guys! Wait for me!" She was about to catch up when she heard a frightening scream, Undyne's scream.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Undyne grabbed the pony and stared at her intensely, "She said she lied about almost everything... Then the cartoons and comics, she lied about them being real... She kidding right?! Those cartoons... Those comics... Those are still REAL, right?!" She started shaking the filly violently, "ANIME'S REAL, RIGHT?!?!"

Celestia was fairly dizzy from the violent shaking, but still gave her an answer, "Uhh.... It's as real as I am... I guess, my head..."

Undyne let go of the dazed pony and laugh like crazy, "OF COURSE!!! I KNEW IT!!! GIGANTIC SWORDS!!! MAGICAL PRINCESSES!!! HERE I COME!!!" She laughed again, then realised Celestia was still lying on the floor, still dazed, "Oh uh... sorry pony... Thanks for everything... I guess" Celestia was not responding, "Um... Pony? Are you okay?" Undyne gently shook her, still no responding, Celestia appeared to be sound asleep. "Heh, guess that tired you ou-"


She was interrupted by a powerful burst of magic, it flung her back by a few meters, Undyne caught her balance and looked at the pony in shock, "P-pony?!"

Celestia was unconscious, but there was a powerful yellow aura surrounding her, the aura was gradually getting hotter.

Undyne looked around frantically, "PAPYRUS!! ALPHYS!! COME QUICK!!"

"U-undyne?" Said monster saw Alphys and Papyrus running towards her. "W-we heard an explosion, what's going o-" She gasped when she saw the pony. "O-oh my god, wha-what happened!?"

"I don't know! She just- and then- now all this-" Undyne was so shocked she couldn't talk properly.

"SHE'S DONE THIS BEFORE, WITH HER MAGIC GOING HAYWIRE" Papyrus inferred, looking desperately at the pony. "BUT IT NEVER WENT 'THIS' HAYWIRE!"

The aura around Celestia got bigger and engulfed her in a bubble like sphere, and started to lift her up. Undyne was the first to act, rushing up and grabbing the filly by the legs, she winced as her arms got burned by the yellow aura, but she held on and tried to pull the pony out of the bubble, "UUUGGHHH! HANG! ON!" The bubble lifted Celestia and Undyne up, Undyne dangled her legs, failing to pull the filly back down.

"I'M COMMING!" the skeleton ran and grabbed Undyne's legs and began to pull down, but the sphere was still putting up a fight.

"U-undyne! Papyrus! Alphys shouted helplessly, she put on a determined look and grabbed the skeletons leg and pulled as well, even though it did not do much to help, Celestia was almost out of the bubble.




With one giant yank, Celestia was ripped out of the yellow aura, the bubble popped out of existence. The monsters fell back and hit the ground, all making audible 'oof's' Papyrus caught the filly before she hit the ground while Alphys ran to Undyne to check her injuries.

"A-are you okay Undyne? Your a-arms look terrible"

Undyne winced, but assured the doctor, "I'll live"

"UNDYNE..A-ALPHYS..." Papyrus whimpered, "S-SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THE PONY". The two monsters looked at Celestia, their eyes widened. The filly had taken a beating, there were burns all over her coat and her mane had stopped flowing. Thankfully, the fast, shallow heaving from her flank told the monster she was alive, although barely.

Undyne stared at Celestia's battered body "Oh crap... Wh-what do we do now?! Is she gonna be okay?! I mean, what do we do!?"


"How's rest going to help her!?" She exclaimed.

As Papyrus and Undyne suggested and shot down each other's ideas, Alphys had an idea. "G-guys, I-I know what to do" A determined looked plastered on her face. "Undyne, Papyrus, I need you two to help carry the pony to my lab. I can do the rest" They both nodded in agreement, Alphys took a glance at Celestia "Don't worry, Celestia, I know what to do"

Author's Note:

(1) I love this guy

Had this chapter ready about a week ago, then Internet decided to become a b!tch. Not just any b!ich.

A mega b!tch.

So anyway, Celestia might find herself waking up in a strange new place, with very, very strange 'monsters' :ajsmug:

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