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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 47: Reunion...


Celestia saw Toriel immediently tense up at hearing her voice. The monster turned to face the pony, Toriel's eyes were full of disbelief when she saw her daughter.

"Celestia..." Toriel slowly smiled, tears of joy began to run down her cheeks.

The alicorn started to smile as well, running up to teleport on top of her mother's head, hugging her. "Mom! Y-You're here! You're actually here!!".

Toriel gave the pony an almost bone-crushing hug. "It is so good see you again my child. You do not know how lonely I have been without you". She look at her daughter with a smile, "I could not stop worrying about you even if I tried...You have grown since I had last seen you, have you not?"

Celestia nodded proudly, "I made a lot of new friends! Although, most of them tried to kill me at first I mean- Those people are so cool!"

The boss monster sighed in relief to see her child happy, "I am sure I will love to meet them all, my child".

Celestia grinned, she noticed the other monster standing idly by, one who had a striking resemblance to her own mother. "Oh, you must be the King!" The alicorn teleported out of Toriel's embrace, and reappearing in front of the King, Asgore. "Hi, I've heard a lot about you on my way here, I'm Celestia."

Asgore gave her a soft smile, "Greetings, pony. It is nice to meet you as well. Especially in a better way than what I had expected..." Celestia raised a brow at Asgore's words, but didn't have much time to think about it when Toriel scooped Celestia up in her arms and gave Asgore a stern glare.

"Like I have said before, ASGORE. Suspend the battle until further notice, by which I mean to NEVER lay a hand on my daughter... Can you keep that promise?" She asked tensely.

"Tori, why would I hurt my own daughter?"

"Do not, 'Tori' me, Asgore." The goat monster retorted, "And she is not your daughter".

The filly looked back and forth between Asgore and Toriel, "I don't know, mom. He seems like a pretty cool dad to me!"

Before the conversation could continue, another voice was heard. The voice of the Royal guard, Undyne. "Ngaaahhhhhhh!!!! ASGORE! Pony!! Nobody fight each other!!" The blue scaly monster appeared at the entrance of the throne room, "Everybody's gonna make friend's or I'll...!!" Undyne's expression of determination changed to stunned as she gazed at Toriel. "I'll..."

"Hi Undyne!" Celestia waved, she turned to her mother, "Mom! This is one of my friends, Undyne."

Toriel walked up to Undyne with a kind smile, "Hello, I am TORIEL. Is it true you are my daughter's friend? It is nice to meet you".

Undyne blinked, snapping out of her stunned trance, "Uhh, yeah..? Nice to meet you!" She walked next to the King, "Hey ASGORE, is that your ex? Jeez, that's rough, buddy." She patted his shoulder in comfort.

Another voice was heard, it belonged to Alphys. The doctor quickly came into view. "H-hey!! Nobody hurt each other!!" Alphys' saw the former queen and look in awe, "..."

"Oh! Are you another friend? I am Toriel, hello!" Said monster greeting kindly.

"Hey Alphys!"

"Uh, h-h-hi!" Alphys looked back and forth between the King and former queen, "THERE'S TWO OF THEM??" she mutter quietly as she walked over to where Undyne was.




Papyrus looked as shocked as Celestia's other friends. "OH! HELLO, YOUR MAJESTY!" the tall skeleton went up to the filly's ear, "PSTT, PONY... DID ASGORE SHAVE...? AND, CLONE HIMSELF??????" Toriel didn't seem offended, but Celestia sure was.

"Papy... That's my mom!"


"I'll explain later." The pony assured.

Sans walked in the throne room and stood next to his brother, "hey guys...what's up?"

Toriel gasped, "That voice...!!" She looked at the smaller skeleton, "Hello, I think we may... Know each other."

"oh hey.... I recognise your voice, too"

Celestia gasped, "Oh right! Mom, this is Uncle Sans. Uncle Sans, mom."

Sans' smile grew bigger, "well, nice to meet 'cha, mom"

Toriel giggled at the joke, "It is nice to meet you too, Uncle Sans. But please, call me Toriel"

"sure thing"

"Oh! Wait, then...!" Toriel turned around to Papyrus, "This must be your brother, Papyrus! Greetings, Papyrus! It is so nice to finally meet you! Your brother has told me so much about you."


Celestia's ears perked up and whispered something to her mother. Toriel replied with a small giggle, "Hey, Papyrus... What does a skeleton tile his roof with?"

"HMM.... SNOW-PROOF ROOF TILES??" The skeleton suggested, completely oblivious to the joke.

Toriel managed to hold in her laughter, "No, silly! A skeleton tiles his roof with..."

"SHIN-gles!!!" Celestia finished, both Toriel and the filly laughed at their joke.

Papyrus let out a loud groan, "I CHANGED MY MIND!!! THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!"

The filly giggled at Papyrus' sudden mood swing. "Come on, Papy! You gotta admit that joke was pretty..."

"rib tickling..." Sans joked, making him, and Toriel laugh while Papyrus groaned even more.

Celestia rolled her eyes playfully, "I was going to say, 'humerus'. But that works too."

"OH MY GOD!! ENOUGH WITH THE PUNS!!!" The skeleton shrieked, sending both his brother and Toriel into laughter.

"Come on, ASGORE! It's gonna be OK!" Undyne said. Celestia turned to see the King weeping while Alphys and Undyne were consulting him. "There are plenty of fish in the sea...".

"Y-yeah, ASGORE! Undyne's totally right about that fish thing!" Alphys agreed, "S-sometimes you've just got to, uh... S-stop going after furry boss monsters and, uh... J-just get to know a really cute fish...?" She was blushing at this point, strangely, so was Undyne. "Erm...it's a metaphor."

"Well, I think it's a good analogy."

Suddenly, Mettaton's legs revealed itself from the entrance of the throne room, "OH MY GOD! WILL YOU TWO JUST SMOOCH ALREADY?! THE AUDIENCE IS DYING FOR SOME ROMATIC ACTION!!!"

'Is it strange that I can vouch for that?' The alicorn thought as Undyne yelled at Mettaton to get lost. Thankfully, he obliged.

"Man, the nerve of that guy! Right Alphys?!" Said monster looked away, "Uh, Alphys?"

The scientist grew an awkward but determined smile, "No. He's right. LET'S DO IT."

"WHA???" The fish shouted flustered, "Well?? Uh?? I guess??? If you want to??? Then??? Don't hold anything back!!!"

Alphys and Undyne came in closer, but Toriel interfered with their kiss. "W-wait!! Not in front of my daughter!"

"Uhh, right! S-sorry!"

"Got a little carried away there."

Meanwhile, Celestia pouted at her mother, screaming internally, 'DANGIT MOM!! WHY!?!?'

"Hee hee hee." Toriel chuckled at the filly expression, "I do not think you should see any romantic actions just yet."

"But I've already been on a daaa....." Celestia stopped herself too late. 'Oh no.'

The boss monster raised a brow, "You have been on a what?"

"N-nothing! Nothing! I've been on nothing!" The pony let out a sheepish laugh, glancing at Papyrus, he was having a conversation with Alphys. She seemed confused.

"Papyrus... YOU called everyone here, right? Well, uh, besides, her." Alphys gestured to Toriel, "Uh, anyway... If I got here before you... How did you know how to call everybody?" She asked.

Papyrus' smile grew bigger, "LET'S JUST SAY..."


Celestia's eyes widened, 'No...no no NO!' She looked around frantically for a yellow flower.

Alphys looked as scared as the filly was, "A tiny...flower?"

Celestial spotted something. There, in the corner of the room, was a golden flower, grinning evilly with large vines ready to strike. Her eye's became the size of dinnerplates. She riggled free of her mothers grip, "MOM! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" She ran past Toriel and blasted the flower with her magic. But there was no one there anymore. Celestia's breathing became quicker as she looked around for Flowey.








Celestia froze in place, hearing her friends and family's cries of pain. 'I missed...'.

"Hello, IDIOT!" A voice came from behind her.

The voice made the alicorn turn in rage, she felt like she wanted to blast someone out of existence. Only one monster could make her feel this much pent-up aggression, and he was right there under her friends, smiling smugly.


"Howdy, pony! It's been awhile."


Flowey stood underneath the pony's friends, all of them looking pained from being lifted by thorned vines.

Celestia gritted her teeth, "What do you want, Flowey?"

Said flower let out an evil laugh, "I already have what I want. While you guys were having you're little pow-wow... I took the pony SOULS!"

Celestia felt more anger inside her, she felt, off in a weird way. "But why hurt my friends, my mom!"

"Simple, really. Why just stop there? Having 6 pony SOULS are great! But now all of your FRIENDS' SOULS are gonna me mine, too!" He let out an evil laugh.

Celestia felt something inside her, getting stronger by the second.

"And you know what the best part is? It's all your fault." The flower stated, "It's all because you MADE THEM love you! All the time you spent listening to them... Encouraging them... Caring about them... Without that, they wouldn't have come here. And now, with their souls and the poines' together... I will achieve my REAL FORM." He explained.

The pony felt something inside her, no, inside her SOUL. Something that had convicted her of what to do next.

"Kill him... Make him pay for what he did, and what he'll do..."

Celestia closed her eyes and spread her wings out, purple mist began to sprout from each of her eyes, and green lighting zapped around her horn. When Celestia reopened her eyes, they were no longer magenta, but fully green.


The alicorn growled, "DIE YOU INSUFFERABLE BEING!!" She blasted green lighting at the flower. Sending a shockwave of green aura as the lighting hit the ground.

Flowey somehow managed to not get hit, he had planted himself on the king's shoulder, looking more baffled than scared.

Celestia turned her head to Flowey, still glowering at him, "I SAID DIE!!!" She sent another blast his way. Of course, Flowey dodged, and sent more thorned vines her way. The alicorn had blasted most of them to smithereens, but got unlucky as one vine managed to wrap itself around her hind leg. She turned shocked, as more vines came in and wrapped around her torso, locking her in place. "UGGGHHH!!! LET ME GO!!".

Flowey sprouted next to Toriel's head this time, looking directly at the filly with a suspicious glare.

Celestia saw her chance to attack and used the last of her strength to send a beam of green energy at Flowey...and Toriel. Fortunately, it miss by a hair. But the shockwave after gave her friends and Flowey a painful sting.

The filly gasped and blinked, her eyes turing back to normal and the power inside her SOUL had faded. 'What have I done...' Tears began to form in her eyes, "I-I'm sorry...I-I didn't..." She started weeping.

Flowey scoffed, "You're weak, pony. Right when I thought you had the guts, you crumbled...such a shame really for a second I almost thought..." He shook his head, "Nevermind."

Celestia grunted at the pain of the vines, slowly crushing her, "Why...are you still doing this?" She managed to say.

"WHY?" Flowey repeated, a smug grin plastered on his face, "Don't you get it? This is all just a ga- no, it's a STORY. If you leave the underground satisfied, the story 'ends'. If it 'ends' you won't want to play with me anymore. I'd be just some forgotten toy that you have no love for anymore. And what would I do then?" His face changed to a more grimmer one, "But this STORY will NEVER end!" He moved all of the filly's friends closer to her, "I'll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach..." The Filly's friends were yanked away from her, "And then tear it away before you can grasp it. Over, and over, and over...". Flowey laughed maniacally.

Celestia struggled under the binds, "I'm....n-not....giving up... I'll find a way....to BEAT you...!"

"Hee hee hee. Listen, if you DO defeat me I'll give you your 'happy ending'. I'll free your friends, I'll destroy the barrier, everyone will finally be satisfied. But that WON'T happen. You...! I'll keep you here no matter what!" The pony's SOUL came out as a thorned vine circled around it.

"E v e n I f I t m e a n s k i l l i n g y o u 1 ' 0 0 0 ' 0 0 0 t i m e s !" He laughed evilly as the vine around her SOUL began to squeeze violently.



"rrrrrrAAAAAAARRRRRHHHH!!!!" Celestia screeched as her SOUL began to crack, 'It can't end like this!' "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" It looked like the end as her SOUL cracked even more.

Suddenly, fire balls sizzled to life all around her. They zoomed near her...and burned the vines constricting her. Celestia collapsed and gasped for air, she felt immobile, yet a little part of her felt better.

"What?" Flowey said in confusion.

Another voice spoke, the voice of Toriel.

"Do not be afraid my child..." Toriel gave her daughter a look of hope, "No matter what happens... We will always be there to protect you!"

Celestia blinked, she felt a little better, her SOUL began to repair itself.

Flowey glowered and summoned her 'friendliness pellets' at the filly's SOUL, the pellets were blocked off by a spear and a bone.

"THAT'S RIGHT PONY! YOU CAN WIN! JUST DO WHAT I, WOULD DO...BELIEVE IN YOU!!!" Papyrus gave her a weak but happy smile.

"Hey! Pony! If you got past ME, You can do ANYTHING!! So don't worry! We're with you all the way!" Undyne gave her a big smile.

Celestia felt better, her heart was sealing itself up.

"huh? you haven't beaten this guy yet?" Sans joked light heartedly, "come on, this weirdo's got nothin' on you."

Flowey shot more pellets, all of which were blocked by fire balls and lightning bolts.

"Technically, it's impossible for you to beat him... B-but... Somehow, I know you can do it!!" Alphys said with a glint of hope in her eyes.

"Pony, for the future of ponies and monsters...! You have to stay determined...!"

Celestia slowly stood up, her SOUL was still healing, monsters that she had encountered throughout her journey came to encourage Celestia.

"C'mon, you got this!"

"We're with you too!"

"La la la la!"

"You've GOT to win!'

"You can do it deary~"


The alicorn's SOUL had fully repaired, she looked at Flowey with a determined smile. "Let's end this, NOW!"

"Urrggg.... NO! Unbelievable!! This cant be happening...! You... YOU...!" Everything seemed to stop as Flowey's face turned sinister. "I can't believe you're all so STUPID." The ground began to shake as everyone look ether surprised, shocked, or scared.


"Wait! NO!!!" Celestia looked around frantically at all the pain-stricken faces, everything flashed white.

Celestia drifted unconsciously in a black void, she had been here before. She slowly opened her eyes, "Mmmpphh..." The pony's eyes shot up on fear when she saw nothing around her. Celestia's breathing became shallow, and fast. "No...not again...w-whoa!" She accidentally flipped around, there was nothing to stand on or grab, she floated around in a black void.

"H-hello!?" She shouted at loud, hoping someone was there, "M-mom! Uncle Sans, Papy! ......cat?" She looked around again, suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a white figure. "H..Hey! Toriel! Is that you!" Celestia tried to trot to the white figure, but her hoove achieved no signs of movement. 'Hmm...' She looked at her wings, 'Maybe these can help...'.

The alicorn spread out her wings, with a cautious flap, she began to drift toward the monster. The filly began to flap her wings again, 'H-hey, this is kinda fun!' She took a deep breath and used her wing to fly a loop-da-loop. She succeeded, "Heheheh, wheee!" She flew a bit faster towards the monster, Celestia noticed that it was wearing a jumper, a green and yellow-striped jumper.

"You...look...familiar..." She murmured under her breath.

The fluffy monster looked at it's hand, "Heh...heh...heheheh!".

Celestia froze, "That voice..." She was directly in front of him.

"Finally. I was so tired of being a flower." He spoke in a kind tone.

The pony started in disbelief, "But...you were...how did..."

The figure turned to face the filly, he smiled kindly, "Howdy! Sombra, are you there? It's me, your brother." Everything flashed white.


The monster now looked grown up, floating like Celestia. He wore something mixed, like Toriel's robe and Asgore's armour.


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