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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 11: The test....

It had only been a day since the incident, yet it felt like forever. Celestia had only a few bruises and bumps here and there, but Toriel was a different matter. The blast had not been easy for the poor boss monster, she had many burns on her arms and hands, the shockwave had also put a massive bruise on her back. She was recovering quite well though, but all that Celestia felt was great amounts of guilt. Toriel said it was not her fault and she didn't ever know about it, but it felt like she had always knew. She kept apologising when Toriel Would gasp in pain from the injuries or when Toriel would say she had to do something she couldn't really do. It made her wrench in guilt for what 'she' had supposedly done.

But it was nothing compared to Toriel's guilt. The goat monster knew Celestia was connected with the sun somehow, but she had always shook it off. Now she was always in a desperate state when her daughter wasn't looking. If Celestia continues to live with her, she would be in extreme amounts of danger. How Toriel wished there was a better option, but none were there. It was either keep the filly with her, and watch her suffer, Or let her go into the underground, and get killed by Asgore, Toriel would cringed at the thought of Celestia being killed by him, just so he can become a 'God' and break the barrier. She was doomed either way. She was the first alicorn to be identified in monster kind and would be the first to be killed by monster kind.

"Good night mom" Celestia whispered to the monster. Toriel just nodded with a fake smile, as she closed the door Toriel walked to her bedroom in deep thought, trying to conseal her feelings about what had happened. As she closed the door to her room, she couldn't hold it in anymore. The monster slid down the door and weeped in silence, hands covering her face as her tears dampened her fuzzy hands. 'No, why this, why, did I do something bad? Do I deserve this!? Is this just a sick sense of humour, is someone laughing while pulling the strings!?! Toriel cried some more, 'Why can she not be with me, but I need to do what's best for her, but I cannot even do that...' she remembered all the good times Toriel had with the pony. Cooking lessons, meeting her, teaching her magic-' Toriel's tears stopped flowing, she removed her hands from her face. 'Magic...she is an alicorn, she is powerful in the realm of magic!' Toriel slowly stood up, 'Celestia, she could-no, she can beat Asgore, she can get through the barrier, she can be finally safe with her kind' Toriel looked at the Mother's Day card on her desk, a single tear came down. 'Even if it means breaking both of our hearts...' The monster got into bed beginning to drift from reality. 'Celestia, my child. My expectations... My loneliness... My fear... For you, Celestia, I will put them aside' The last thing Toriel thinks about is her child, happy, and most importantly, above the underground.

2 days later.....

Celestia woke up to find a note on the drawer. 'Huh?' She lifted it up to read.

Dear Celestia
I have a difficult test for you.
Please meet me in the basement,
with your satchel and scarf,
Love, Toriel

Celestia was baffled, 'My satchel, my scarf?' But she did as Toriel said. She grabbed her satchel (which was improved by having her symbol on it and no more stitches through it) and her cream-coloured scarf. She went out of her room and into the basement.

As the pony walked down, she remembered when she had tried to see what was in here, but Toriel always blocked what was ahead. She was always curious about the basement, but never disobeyed her mother. As she kept walking she saw a huge purple door. Toriel standing in front of it, "Mom?" The filly asked sheepishly Toriel turned around to face the alicorn, she had a sad look in her eyes.

"My child" The boss monster sighed "I-I have an important test for you" Toriel began to explain "You see, my child, what happened three days ago, it scared me, how much pain you were in, I'll just, *sigh* get to the point. You cannot stay here"

Celestia's eyes widened, her pupils shrunk. "M-mom? Why, I-i didn't m-mean to-"

"Celestia" Toriel interrupted her with a stern voice. "It is not easy for me to say this you know. If you continue to stay here, to live in the underground, you will suffer, and die." The monster explained in a shaky voice. "You have two test that you need to complete, the first test, or the 'main' test, is that you need to cross the barrier..." Celestial knew about the barrier, where ponies had banished the monsters and so they couldn't escape, created a shield from the world above. No monster could make it through, but ponies with powerful souls could. "But to cross the barrier" The pony's mother continued "You have to defeat the King of all monsters... Asgore dreemurr"

Celestia shivered at that name, "I have to defeat him?"

"But that is not just it, the second test is to prove yourself, prove your power, your strength to me"

The alicorn froze, 'No, wait I don't want to!' But it was to late, for a familiar white heart appeared from her chest.

Toriel looked through her, her hands summoning balls of fire. "This is the test. Prove to me you are strong enough to defeat Asgore, prove to me you are strong enough to survive!"

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