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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 49: To believe I walked alone



"This is all just a bad dream..."



"Wake up..."

The filly felt herself being hugged tightly by soft, loving arms. Celestia struggled to open her eyes and adjust to the world around her. Everything was a bit shaky and blurred, but soon enough she saw figures of her friends, their faces showed relief. The pony blinked slowly, still feeling someone hugging her.

"M-mom...?" She weakly called out.

She felt her mother tense up, Toriel loosened her grip on the alicorn and gazed at her in shock, then relief. "You are awake! Thank goodness!" Toriel gave her daughter an even tighter hug, then let her go so the pony could stand.

Alphys spoke next, "W-we were so worried...! It felt like you were out forever!"

Then Undyne, who wore a happy grin "Yeah! Any longer and I would've freaked out!" Her eyes then turned serious, "Tell us next time you decide to take a nap, okay!?"

"yeah. you made papyrus cry like a baby." Sans cut in, making his brother angry.


Sans raised a non-existent brow, "what did you catch?"

"TEARS!!!" Papyrus cried loudly.

The tall skeleton's actions made Celestia let out a weak, but genuine laugh, "OK, OK. I'll make sure to tell you guys."

"Now, now." Asgore spoke, comforting Papyrus, "The important part is that Celestia is all right." The King revealed something that was hiding in his cape, a cup of tea. It looked strangely fresh, and warm. "Here, Celestia. Why not drink some tea? It'll make you feel better."

Before the alicorn could reply her mother interfered, "Errr... How about we give her space, first? She must be very exhausted. Though from what, I'm not certain." She had mumbled the last sentence to herself. Toriel looked down at her child, "Celestia... We do not remember exactly what happened." She confessed, "There was a flower... And then, everything went white."

Celestial tuned out what Toriel had said after that. The filly's eyes widened, 'Asriel...' She remembered the talk they had, and the promise she gave.

"-Perhaps you might want to take a walk. And say goodbye to all of your wonderful friends." Her mother finished.

Celestia snapped back to reality and smiled at Toriel, "Yeah, I'd like that. But you can wait for me, right?" She turned to everyone else, "You too guys."

Toriel chuckled, "Do as you wish. We will all wait for you here." The others nodded in agreement.

"Ok, I'll meet you guys back in a bit! I promise I won't take long!" With a flash of yellow magic, Celestia teleported away.

The alicorn had teleported to where she and Flowey had first met. Celestia ran off excitedly to where she and Asriel planned to meet. "Asriel?" She called out, nearing the flower patch. The filly slowed down when she spotted the little boss monster.

Asriel looked back at her in surprise, "You, actually came."

Celestia grinned, "Of course I did! I don't break promises." She walked up to Asriel and sat down near the patch of flower, gesturing that Asriel do the same.

As the goat monster sat down they looked up at the sky, even though it was nighttime, the moon and star's light still illuminated the area.

After a while, the pony spoke, "It's nice, isn't it?" She asked Asriel.

"Yeah. It is."

More silence filled the room.

"So, we broke the barrier." The filly said.

"We broke the barrier" Asriel repeated.

Celestia stared blankly into nothingness. "Everyone's free, everyone can leave the underground and live on the surface...... It was my dream to live happily with my- our, mom. Now that dreams a reality and even more monsters are with me. I'm should be happy.... Yet I'm not."

Asriel blinked in surprise and stared at Celestia. "How are you not happy?! You were so determined in breaking the barrier! I saw it in your eyes, and now you're telling me your still not satisfied!?!"

Celestia stared at the flowers, "I am happy and satisfied. But not as much as I thought I would be. It's like, somethings missing... I think I know what it is though."

Asriel gazed in curiosity, "What is it?"

Celestia smiled and glanced at him, "You."

The boss monster's eyes turned from curious to solemn. Asriel tore away his gaze at the alicorn's and sighed, "I know what your going to say. I'm sorry, but I can't come back. I just can't, OK? I don't want to break their hearts all over again. It's better if they never see me."

Celestia didn't protest or try to persuade him to go with her, as Asriel expected. Instead, she sighed, "I know."

The little monster's eyes widened, "You're not going to tell me I should go with you. Or say that I'm making a mistake?"

"I'm not your parent, I'm your friend, your sister. I can't tell you what to do, or force you to do anything. In the end, it's your choice." Celestia took a deep breath, "I guess somewhere, deep inside me, I knew what your choice would be."

"...Then why come here? Why still stay with me when there are others who you love and love you back? Is it pity?" The goat monster asked.

"No, not that. I just have some question I'd like answered." Celestia looked at him, "Questions, about you and your brother."

Asriel focused his gaze on the golden flowers, "Well, I guess you can go ahead and ask."

"Do you know why Sombra fell down here?" The filly asked.

Asriel visibly tensed up, "It wasn't for a very happy reason. Celestia. I'll be honest with you. Sombra despised ponies, why he did, he never talked about it. But I'm pretty sure his magic might be a reason. His powers, they were different from an average pony. Sombra's Magic, it radiated with power and hatred."

This raised a new question in the pony's mind, "Was Sombra a bad person?"

Asriel stayed silent for a while before he answered, "No. He may have hated ponies with a passion, but he loved me. He cared about me, a lot. We were inseparable, heh, I still remember the birthday present he gave me."

Celestia's mind raced back to when she saw the tapes. "Wait a minute..." She dug into her satchel and revealed the ukulele she took a while back. "Is this the present your talking about."

Asriel gasped, he visibly got happier. "That's it!" The monster took the instrument out of Celestia's magical grip and stared at it in astonishment. "It's just the way I kept it!" He began to play a little tune with his ukulele.

While he was playing Celestia heard a faint meow from behind her. She turned to see that a familiar winged cat was staring at her, the feline swayed her tail in a way where it looked like it wanted her to follow it.

"Celestia, did you do this?" Asriel called out.

"Hm?" The filly turned to look at him, Asriel was pointing to a singular black flower, standing out from all the golden ones. "What happened"

The little monster shrugged, "I had my eyes closed when I was playing, so I don't know how that got there." He explained.

In the back of the alicorn's mind, she heard an oh-so-familiar voice.

"Thanks for bringing him back..."

The voice belonged to Sombra.

'Uh... You're welcome.'

"I'm not entirely sure how that flower appeared, but right now I have something else in mind." Celestia explain as she stood up.

Asriel had a sad look in his eyes, "You're leaving?"

She smiled, "Not yet, I'm thinking of just taking a walk back home. You know, my old home." Celestia explained. "You can join me, if you want that is." With that, Celestia walked away, leaving Asriel to himself.

The monster stared down at the black flower, "What should I do... Do you know?" The flower didn't talk back, obviously. He sighed, "I miss you Sombra, I wish I could see you." He felt his eyes well up with tears, the little monster stood up and wiped them away. "Goodbye, Sombro." Asriel ran after Celestia.

As Celestia continued further into the ruins, while spotting some monsters she had met before, she felt a pang of sadness within her chest. 'This is the last time I'll ever see this place. Hopefully the surface is a lot better.'

"Celestia!" A voice rang out.

Said pony stopped in her tracks, she smirked, 'I wondered when he would show up.' "Asriel! Over here!" The pony spotted the former prince dashing up to her.

"Hey!" He said, finally catching up to her, "I decided to walk with you. It's been a long time since I've been through here."

"I can say the same thing." Celestia replied. "Come on, I'm pretty sure that spider bakery is up ahead." She continued to walk.

Asriel walked with her as he raised a brow. "Why are we going there?"

"I just want to check out something." Was Celestia's reply. As they reached the bakery, they noticed a small purple note stuck on one of the webs.

Sorry, we're closed.
We will be relocating on the surface.
We're sorry for any inconvenience.
Have a nice day!

"So the spiders made it out." The filly muttered beneath her breath.

"That's a shame, I'm kind of hungry." Asriel confessed.

"Oh! I think I have something in here." Celestia checked her satchel again, only to find something that defiantly wasn't there before. She lifted it up, it was two chocolate cookies, with a sticky note attached to it.

Asriel's eyes beamed, "Cookies~" He quickly snatched on of them and took a small nibble at it. "Mm! It's delicious! Where'd you get this?"

Celestia didn't reply, she just stared at the sticky note on the cookie. It was in a strange yet familiar language, and it had a paw print on it.

koe maioha

She put the note away and took a nibble at the treat. Asriel was right, it did taste delicious. With one massive bite, the cookie was gone. She noticed the muffled laughs coming from Asriel, "What?"

"It's, hphh.. funny...pfft... You eat... Hmhmhm just like my brother!" He was laughing like a madman now. Celestia could help but giggle too.

After a good few seconds of laughing, they continued walking further into the ruins. There was an awkward silence between Celestia and Asriel. The former couldn't think of what to do next.


The pony and monster both jumped back a bit, startled from the noise. Celestia realised that her phone was the cause of the sound. The pony checked her phone to see who was texting her.

Hello my child. My phone has been given an upgrade from your friends Alphys. Now I can text you! Amazing, is it not? Anyway my child, I was beginning to wonder what you are doing. Are you alright?

"Who's that?" The boss monster asked.

"It's mom." She replied, "She's asking if I'm okay." Asriel didn't reply. "I'll just say I've been hanging out in the ruins... I'll put it on vibrate too." The alicorn texted back to her mother and put away the phone.

Neither the filly or monster talked for awhile, but it was the pony who broke the ice first. "Hey, Asriel."


"What was it like being SOULless, I-if you don't mind me asking." Celestia stuttered. Asriel slowed down, visibly tensing up. Celestia feared she had crossed a line.

Asriel had his head down, "You already know, don't you? You've seen what I was before."

"N-no, I meant were you really sure that you didn't feel anything?" Celestia said carefully, hoping to not hurt Asriel's feelings.

"Celestia, when I was a flower. I felt so alone, no one could make me feel, not mom or dad. Nobody could make me happy, or sad, or anything! I couldn't kill myself because it never worked, I was too determined to die. And each time I tried, I just woke up to where I first started, like if it was all a dream. So I lived SOULless, forever, as an evil flower." He explained solemnly.

"Why.." The filly mumbled

The goat monster looked at her in confusion. "What?"

"Why did you decide you were evil?" Celestia spoke a little louder.

"I just told you, I couldn't feel emotions."

"And that automatically means you're evil?" Asriel stiffened up.

"No, I was once nice and kind as a flower, I helped people. But that was it. I didn't feel proud, or satisfied, or happy in the slightest. I grew bored of helping people and not feeling anything. My mind wandered of into more darker thought, the rest is history." Asriel explained, "So to answer your question. Yes, I'm sure I couldn't feel anything while I'm SOULless, no one can make me feel anything."

"What about me?" The filly replied confidently, "You're SOULless right now, aren't you? Haven't you been laughing and smiling, and feeling."

"That's... That's just a lingering effect from having all those SOULs" Asriel countered.

"What if it isn't? Asriel, I know you think it's impossible. But I'm pretty sure breaking the barrier was almost impossible too. And look how that turned out. What I'm saying is, even if you turn into a flower, even if you become SOULless. I'll still love you, you're my brother now, I want to do the best I can to help you."

A long silence was shared between the two. Celestia looked around her and realised something. "We're back at our house." Asriel didn't reply, but instead gazed at Celestia, deep in thought.

Suddenly, the goat monster winced in pain, "Ahh!" He clutched his head.

"Asriel! Are you alright?!" Celestia asked in a worried.

Said monster looked at his hands, his breathing stopped and his eyes widened. 'It's happening...'

His wrist had turned sickly green, and leaves were sprouting out.

Asriel groaned in pain once pain, collapsing near the withered tree. "D-don't worry, th-there might be some medicine in my mom's room! I'll be right back!" Celestia rushed in the house before Asriel could protest. Celestia knew it was hopeless, but she at least wanted to try.

Meanwhile, Asriel groaned in pain, lying by the side of the tree. He knew it was coming sooner or later, but he recalled what Celestia had told him.

"-Your my brother now-"

"-Are you alright!?-"

"-I'll still love you-"

"-In the end, it's your choice-"

'My choice...' He didn't feel pain anymore, instead he felt something different. Hope.

The alicorn rushed out of the house and looked around, "Asriel! I can't-" She broke off when she couldn't see him near the tree. "Asriel..." Celestia felt like her heart had been torn out. She looked around the withered tree, and spotted a familiar golden flower, it looked wilted.

The flower twitched, and moved its head up, to reveal a face on it. Celestia knew what had happened. Asriel had turned back into Flowey the flower.

Flowey expected Celestia too stare at him in pity, an emotion of which he despised. Yet, the pony's eyes were filled with concern.

"Are you okay?" She asked him.

Flowey looked at her in confusion, "Why are you looking at me that way?" The pony raised a brow in response, "There's no anger or pity in your eyes. Why?"

Celestia gave him a small smile, "I told you, even if you're a flower, I'll still love you Asriel."

Flowey/Asriel flinched, "Please don't say that name. At least, not in front of others."


"i think he means me" A certain skeleton voice replied.

Celestia gasped and turned around, Sans was leaning on a wall near the exit. "Uncle Sans!? How long have you been here?!"

"long enough to hear what you just said." The small skeleton replied, walking towards his niece. "so, a flower is your brother? you gotta be 'pollen' my leg, tia"

Celestia held in a snicker while Flowey grumbled something incoherent.

"on other note. your mom's been worried about ya, since you didn't return her text." Sans explained.

Celestia sweat dropped, "I didn't know I was away that long, we better get going, shouldn't we?"

"Hold up pony." Flowey spoke up, getting her attention as well as Sans' "I...I've made my choice. I'm coming with you."

Celestia beamed, "I know the perfect thing for this! Wait here for a second!" In a flash she teleported away.

Flowey and Sans started to have a staring competition with each other. Flowey broke the silence first, "So why are you here, smiley trash bag."

Sans ignored the flower's insult and walked up to him, "let's say i'm what the cat dragged in."

Flowey scowled, "The only reason why I'm not gonna kill you right now is because Celestia wouldn't like it."

Sans closed his eyesockets, "heh." he opened them to reveal they had no white pinpricks. "I Could Say The Same Thing."

The flower was unfazed by Sans' threat and sighed, "Listen smil- ugh, Sans... I'm going to be straight forward with you. Celestia's given me something, a new chance. I want to take that chance, try something new for a start. So, can we just, forget about what we've done to each other in the past."

Sans raised a non-existent brow, "okay, who are you, and what've you done to flowey?"

Flowey growl, "I MEANT WHAT I SAID!! This actually might be new chance for me. Please, Sans... Can we forget what happened back then?"

Sans stayed silence, thinking. "...fine... but if you so much as hurt my kid..." A vibrant blue flame glowed from his left eye. "I'll Tear You Apart."

Flowey let out a satisfied, 'humph'. "It's a deal then."

Suddenly a yellow glow appeared and the alicorn had returned with a few items. "Okay I'm back!"

Flowey's eyes widened as he saw a trowel and flower pot within the pony's aura. "What the hell are those for!?!"

Sans' smile grew wider, "i like this idea already."

Celestia's smile wavered, "I was expected you to react that way. But I think it's for the best."

Flowey gave her a dead panned look, "So it's the best for me to be trapped in a flower pot for the rest of my life?"

"Not for the rest of your life." The filly reassured, "It's just easier to travel this way."

Flowey grumbled, "Ur.. Let's get this over with." Celestia placed the pot on the ground and tried to carefully dug out her flower friends. The keyword was 'tried'. "Ow! Watch it! You nearly cut off my root!"

"Sorry." Celestia apologised, lifting some dirt and Flowey up, the alicorn carefully placed him in the flower pot. "There we go! You all right in there?"

Flowey looked around his pot, "I guess it's okay..."

"Great! Let's get going! Uncle Sans, you coming with us?" The pony called out.

Sans was already walking out of the room, "nah, i'll meet you guys up there. see ya, tia, flowey." With that, he was gone.

"So, you ready?" Celestia asked.

"Hmph, guess so." He remarked.

The alicorn smiled as they both flashed out of the room.

Author's Note:

Yes, it is true. I am going for the floweypot route with Asriel. Honestly, its the most logical to me.

We're close to the end. Can't ya feel it.

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