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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 40: Answers she never asked for

Celestia made her way towards the MTT resort, she spotted the Royal guards and gave them a quick wave before she went on up to the resort. She immediately spotted a small skeleton hanging out near the entrance of the resort.

"Uncle Sans!" Celestia gasped happily as she went up to the monster. "How's it going?"

"good. so, i heard you're going to the core. how about grabbing some dinner with me first?"

The filly tapped her hoof on her chin playfully "Hmm, should I...sure!"

"great, thanks for treating me" He joked, making Celestia wear a humorous smirk. Sans walked over to an alleyway, suggesting that the pony should follow, "over here. i know a shortcut" Celestia closely followed Sans through the alleyway, in a flash, they were in a restaurant.

Sans seated himself to the table near the middle, the filly sat on the other side, "Wow, this place looks nicer on the inside"

"well, i guess you can say that" Sans took a moment before he continued, "so. your journey's almost over, huh?"

Celestia's eyes widened a little, 'Not the topic I expected' she cleared her throat before she spoke, "Um, I-I guess"

"you must really wanna go home. i know the feeling"

"N-no! That's, that's not it. I like this place, I really do! It's just-" She gave out a tired sigh, "I have no choice"

"yeah, you told me why you 'have to' get back up. to solve your...'condition'. but, do you really think they'll help you? i'm pretty sure the scientist could help you out with ya problem" Sans suggested.

"..." Celestia stared blankly at the candle on the table.

"ah, forget it. i'm rootin' for ya, tia" The skeleton assured her.

Celestia looked at him with appreciation, "Thanks uncle Sans"

Sans looked away for a moment, then looked back at Celestia, "hey. howza bout i tell you a story." The alicorn's ears perked up in curiosity, "so i'm a sentry in snowdin forest, right?" Celestial nodded, "i sit out there and watch for ponies. it's kind of boring. fortunately, deep in the forest... there's this HUGE locked door. and it's perfect for practicing knock knock jokes. so one day, i'm knocking 'em out, like usual. i knock on the door and say 'knock knock'. and suddenly, from the other side...i hear a woman's voice. 'who is there?' so, naturally, i respond: 'dishes' 'dishes who?' 'dishes a very bad joke'"

Sans has to wait for Celestia to stop laughing.

After the laughter, Sans continued, "yeah, she basically did that. so i keep 'em coming, and she keeps laughing. she's the best audience I've ever had. then, after a dozen of 'em, SHE knocks and says... ''Knock knock!' I say, 'who's there?' 'old lady!' 'old lady who?' 'oh! i did not know you could yodel!'"

Sans once again, waited for the laughter to die down.

"needless to say. this woman was extremely good. we kept telling each other jokes for hours. eventually, i had to leave. papyrus get kind of cranky without his bedtime story. but she told me to come by again, and so I did. then i did again, and again. it's a thing now. telling bad jokes through the door. each time i came by, she always sounded happier. wether it was from my jokes or not, I was happy, too." Sans' smile wavered, "one day, though, i noticed that she wasn't laughing that much, she barely laughed at all. i asked her what was up, then she told me something strange. 'if a pony ever comes through this door...... could you please, please promise me something? watch over them, protect them, will you not?' now, i hate making promises. and this woman, i don't even know her name. but... someone who sincerely likes bad jokes... has an integrity you can't say no to"

There was silence for a while.

Celestia stared into the candle on their table, 'Mom, you always cared for me. Even when you weren't around'

"do you get what i'm saying? that promise i made to her... you know what would have happened if she hadn't said anything? ...Tia" Sans closed his eyesockets, only to reopen them to reveal pitch black sockets, staring straight into the pony.
"Y o u w o u l d ' v e b e e n d e a d."

Celestia was too shock to speak, a chill ran down her spine. She silently thank Toriel for what she'd done.

Sans closed his eye sockets again, to reopen and show his more friendly look, "hey. lighten up tia. just messin' around with ya" He assured Celestia.

The fear the filly had mostly washed away, but there was something she couldn't get off her mind, "Hey, uncle Sans, is there any chance... That you talked to m-that woman recently?"

"as a matter-o-fact, i was just about to say that" Celestia listened closely, "well, when you were having a sleepover at our place, i went to go see her. we did the usual, told each other bad jokes, but i felt like she was hiding something, i could hear it in her voice. when i talked about you coming over she went silent. and when i told her that you had an, 'accident' with your magic... she bombarded me with all these questions. 'Is she okay?' 'Did you check her temperature?' 'Does she have any bruises?' 'Did you give her pie to calm her down?'. you know, questions that moms would usually say. so, here's the million G question. The woman from the door... Do you know her?"

Celestia took a moment to respond, "Yeah, she's my mom" Celestia let out a half-hearted laugh. "It was obvious, right?"

"at first, maybe. i didn't think she would let her kid go out on her own, you know, facing dangers, destruction, death, usually stuff that moms don't let their kid do. i'm not calling her a bad mom, maybe just a lazy one" Sans shrugged, unknowingly angering the pony.

Celestia felt a pang of rage inside her. She banged her fore legs on the table, eyes glaring at Sans with distraught, "We had no choice! We did it because we had to! All because I'll suffer if I stay down here for good! I wanted to stay! I really did! But I couldn't! It wasn't fair! It- it's not fair! I-I it's n-not..." Tear started pricking her eyes.

"t-tia" Sans quickly went to the alicorns side and rubbed her mane to try and comfort her. "it's okay... you'll be alright... your mom did the right thing" He felt the filly hug tightly onto his jacket, sobbing quietly. "shh... you'll be okay now, alright?"

Celestia looked up to Sans and gave a slow nod, she wiped her tears away, "Th-that why I went on th-this journey in the first place. *sniff* So I could break the barrier and I can live with mom on the surface" Celestia rubbed her eyes to get the last tear drop, she looked back at Sans, "I want to break the barrier, so I can with all of you on the surface. I know I can break it. I have to!" Her eyes no-longer teary, now filled with DETERMINATION. "I promise I'll help you guys get out. You tell Papyrus, Undyne, Mom, that can help them with anything. Okay?"

Sans chuckled at Celestia and casually ruffed up her mane, "like i said, i'm rootin' for ya. and i'm pretty sure a lot of people are too"

Sans and Celestia walked out from the MTT resort. Celestia waved goodbye to her uncle, and was filled with DETERMINATION.

Author's Note:

It was hard writing this chapter, that's all I have to say.

Luckily things will get more light-heart in the next chapter.

Leave a like if you already haven't and tell me what you think in the comments below.

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P.s (I have 'certain' things in mind for a certain fabulous monster)

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