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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 9: Mother's Day

Celestia yawned and stirred from her bed, it was really early in the morning. Usually the filly would just sleep in for hours until either her mother wakes her up, or she would wake from being to disgusted by the morning taste in her own mouth. These were not the case though, for it was a very special day. Celestia finished her morning stretches and teleported to the front room. 'Where is it?' The young alicorn looked for the calendar. 'Bingo!' She found the calendar and looked for today's date. 'Mother's Day' the filly read on the calendar.

'What to do what should I do?' Celestia trotted around the living room, thinking of the perfect Mother's Day gift. 'I cook bake her some snail pie! But that's way to easy for me, I need something that I can use to surprise mom, and challenge me. I could write a letter about what a great mom she is! But that's to simple' The pony groaned faceplanting on the floor, which was a terrible idea because now her face was sore. 'If mom was here she would scold me not to do that again, while making some funny puns like-' Celestia's eyes widened. 'Funny puns... That's it!' The pony teleported to her room to get some paper, pencils, and crayons. She then teleported to the living room and placed said items on the table. 'Hmm, it's not enough, I got it!' She went to the kitchen to get somethings out of the fridge, flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, sugar, and a bucket of snails. She then opened the shelves and got the utensils, as well as another ingredient. 'Perfect!' She thought. This was going to be the greatest Mother's Day ever.

After Celestia she cleaned and packed up everything in the kitchen, she teleported to the living room. 'Don't have much time left, she could wake up soon' the pony then wrote something on the piece of paper, then drew a picture on the paper with crayon. She folded it up to look like a letter and got the rest of Toriel's gift. Celestia teleported to the front of her mother's room, and slowly opened the door.

Toriel had just woken up a bit dazed. 'Thank god, I'm just in time' The pony thought "Mom?"

Toriel snapped out of her daze, "My child, what brings you here?"Celestia showed her the Mother's Day gift. "Did you, make snail pancakes and tea for me?"

Celestia nodded fastly, "Happy Mother's Day!" She called out, making Toriel grin.

"Ohh, Celestia, you shouldn't have" The alicorn's mother said, putting the breakfast on the desk, and taking the card.

"Open it up! Open it up!" The filly said quickly. Toriel opened the letter.

Dear tore Toriel
Thank you for takeing taking care of me for the past 6 moun months.
You have lifted my spirits when we did the telekinississ telekinesis test.
When I was allover the placein the teleportaion teleportation test.
And you have always helped me from danger- (I couldn't find a way to make a pun from the shield spell test, sorry)
I hope we can celebrate today with some chocalte chocalate cake. (Or snail cake)
Love from, your dauter daughter, Celestia.
P.s do you like the picture I drew?

Toriel silently looked at the picture of herself and Celestia, eating cake and pie.

The filly grew nervous "Do, do you like it? Sorry for all the typos, I was writing fast and-" she stopped herself when she saw tears pricking her mothers eye, a hand covering her mouth, she was giggling. "Mom, are you-"

"You do not know how happy this makes me my child" Toriel said, taking her hand off her mouth and interrupted her.

"But, your crying" Toriel laughed some more and picked the filly up, only to place her on the bed.

"These are tears of joy dear, you are just my little ray of sunshine."

Celestia began to wipe away the tears "I know there tears of joy, but it's still a bit weird to see you cry. So don't, unless there's a really good reason or you absolutely have to"

"Heh, I am pretty sure I have a good reason" Toriel said with a small smile.

"What's that?" Celestia asked.

Toriel suddenly tickled her, making the filly laugh like a maniac. "It is you silly"

"Nooooooo, ha ha ha, stoooppp, hee hee ha!" Celestial tried to teleport away or use her telekinissis to make her mother stop, but she couldn't concentrate with her mother tickling her belly so much. When Toriel slowed down to give her some time to breath it was the pony's chance to take revenge.

"Surprise attack!" The young alicorn yelled as she jumped onto the monster's back "I got you!" She yelled

Toriel snickered "You got me"

Celestia then covered Toriel's eyes "Now your blind!"

"Hee hee, oh no! Small hooves, my only weakness, whatever shall I do" The boss monster exaggerated, as she fell down on the bed, making the pony incapable of movement, but not completely crushing her.

"Ackk, mom! I can't move. Oh, wait, I can teleport" Celestia face hoofed and used her teleportation skills to get out of her makeshift prison.

"Ok, run along now dear, I have to eat my breakfast soon" The monster said, pointing out the snail pancakes and tea on the desk, which were lukewarm.

"Oh, right, bye mom" The alicorn teleported out of the room. Toriel spent the rest of the morning eating the breakfast that her daughter made her.

"Good night my child" Toriel whispered. The filly had just been just put to bed, but as the goat monster closed the door, she swore there was a flicker of light in the alicorn's room 'Did Celestia teleport in her sleep again?' When Toriel peaked through the door there was no clues to indicate the alicorn teleported. The pony just looked a bit irritated. As the monster closed the door, she couldn't help but wonder...

'Where did that light come from?'

Author's Note:

Mother-daughter moments, For-the-win...

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