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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 25: Through the Waterfall part 3

Celestia found herself in a strange room, it just had a piano and a sigh. She walked up to the sigh to see what it had to say.

A haunting song echoes through the corridor...
Won't you play along?
Only the first 8 are fine

Celestia figured out pretty quickly that she had to play a song on the piano to find some sort of treasure.

Celestia took note of it and walked off to the corridor, listening for any tunes. What she got instead was more history of the war engraved in the walls, she continued to read and learn.

This power has no counter. Indeed, a pony cannot take a monster's SOUL.
When a monster dies, it's SOUL disappears.
And an incredible power would be needed to take the SOUL of a living monster

There is only one exception.
The SOUL of a special species of monster call a "Boss monster."
A Boss monster's SOUL is strong enough to persist after death...
If only for a few moments.
A pony could absorb this SOUL. But this has never happened.
And now it never will

Celestia looked around, but there was no more. "That's it, again! Why does it always keep cutting of!" Celestia exclaimed annoyed. She trotted forward.

There was a stone statue of some sort of monster, it's head hung low, there was constant rain pouring down from a hole. Celestia didn't know why, but she felt sorry for it, she walked some more until she saw umbrellas. The pony had an idea, she lifted an unrelated and put it on top on the statue.

Music came from inside the statue.

Celestia smiled, she hummed the tune. 'This must be the melody'.

She quickly teleported to the room with the piano. When she got closer, she played the tune. It was hard at first but the filly got a hang of it.

A doorway opened, the alicorn grinned and walked through. There was a red round artefact in the middle of the room. Celestia raised a brow, but lifted it up to inspect. 'This looks like a ball'. She put it in her satchel, but it failed. "What the...?" Their was something inside her satchel. Celestia put the artefact down and search her inside the satchel.

She found a sleeping dog.

"How did you get in there?" Celestia questioned, the dog said nothing, sne decided to put the dog down.

*The dog woke up*

It suddenly jumped on to the artefact, and absorbed it.

Celestia's eye twitched "What...?" The dog looked at Celestia, then tried to scurry away. "Oh no you don't!" Celestia used her telekinesis on the dog, it was surrounded by her yellow aura. But the dog somehow shimmied out of it and...phased through the wall.

Leaving an extremely baffled Celestia, she saw some writing below where she had found the orb, when she read it, she face hoofed.

The legendary artefact!
Warning: Beware of the trolling dog

(A/N I'm 100% certain that's what it would've said)

After the dog incident, Celestia took off where she had left off, the alicorn lifted another umbrella to keep herself dry from the rain.
As she walked onward she saw M.K in the rain.

"Yo, you got an umbrella? Awesome!" M.K ran up to the filly and ducked under the umbrella. "Let's go!"

Celestia smiled and walked onwards, with M.K in tow.

As they walked M.K started up a conversation, "Man, Undyne is sooooooo cool. She beats up bad guys and never loses! If I was a pony, I would wet the bed every night...knowing she was gonna beat me up! Ha ha it would suuck! Don't ya think?"

Celestia stiffened, but nodded and continued walking, trying to hide her dread.

Celestia saw an echo flower and slowed down to look at it. M.K looked at it to, remembering something.

"So, one day. We had a school project where we had to take care of a flower. The king- we had to call him 'Mr dreemurr'- volunteered to donate his own flowers. He ended up coming to school and teaching the class about responsibility and stuff. That got me thinking...YO! How COOL would it be if UNDYNE came to school!? She could beat up all the teachers!!" M.K shouted with excitement.

Celestia smiled and rolled her eyes and continued walking, M.K following "I guess that would be pretty cool... Undyne coming to school, not the beating up teachers thing"

M.K looked away from the filly, hiding their embarrassment. "Y-Yeah, ummm... Maybe she wouldn't beat up the teachers... She's to cool to ever hurt an innocent person!"

Celestia smiled sadly 'If only that was true'

They continued forward until they reached a room with no rain. Celestia couldn't see two hooves in front of her so she created a light with her horn. There was now a little flash light on the alicorn's horn.

M.K looked at the alicorn in surprise "Yoooo! That's so cool! How do you do that?!"

Celestia smirked at the monster "Magic" then snickered twice. She looked at her surroundings, her eye's widened "Woooaaahhhh" Celestial was in complete and utter awe at the giant area she was in.

"Come on!" M.K said excitedly as they ran forward.

Celestia ran as well, but also looked at the giant castle 'That castle....that must be where the barrier is' she saw M.K up ahead, gawking at the view. She caught up and smiled "It's a pretty great view huh?"

M.K smiled at her "Yeah... It's awesome!"

Celestia chuckled "Let's get going"

M.K followed Celestia out of the area.

The rain appeared once more, Celestial noticed two things, one, there was another bucket full of umbrellas, but there was also a big steep ledge blocking the rest of the room. M.K walked up to the ledge while Celestia put the umbrella back.

Celestia went next to M.K, who looked at Celestia "Yo, I have an-" M.K interrupted themselves when the alicorn teleported up. "Oorr you can just do that..."

Celestia turned to M.K "Do you want a lift?"

M.K shook their head "I'm good. Yo, you go on ahead, I'll catch up! I always find a way to get through!" M.K ran off, then face planted, but quickly got up and started running again.

Celestia snorted "That's like the fourth time they fell down" she walked off.

Celestia saw more ancient writings about the war. She read them quickly, wanting more information.

The ponies, afraid of our power, declared war on us.
They attack suddenly and without mercy.

In the end it could hardly be called a war.
United, the ponies were far too powerful, and is monsters, too weak.
Not a single SOUL was taken, and countless monsters were turned to dust...

Celestia felt bad, 'We're ponies that awful?' She walked onwards, to some sort of wooden platform.

As she walked the place had gotten dimmer. Celestia was on high alert for anything bad, or sharp to come at her.

A bright blue light appeared on the wooden platform. Then another, then another. Celestia felt something bad was going to happen.


"AAWWGH" Giant spears spiked up from the ground. The pony looked down below to she Undyne, raising her arm. A blue light appeared under the pony. She rushed away from it before she was skewered. More blue lights appeared as Celestia dodged them. She hopped from platform to platform to escape Undyne's wrath. Celestia reached one giant platform with the exit. The filly made a beeline to it, frantically dodging the spears.

She ran straight forward until...

Dead end...

The pony panted from all the running, she was trying to think straight, 'What do I do?"


Celestia sweat dropped and slowly turned around, "U-Undyne..."

The royal guard stood there, Celestia could hear a spear being summoned, she looked at the floor but, there was nothing, then the pony looked up. Her eye's widened spears were coming down to strike...

The platform...

'Did she miss?' Suddenly the platform began to shake. Celestia looked below, then at Undyne.

The platform broke...

"AAAUUGGHHH" Celestia screamed as she fell, the alicorn tried to flap her wings to slow down, but it failed. Everything went white...


"It sounds like it came from over here..."

"Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you..."

"Are you okay?"

"Here, get up..."


"(A/N Not yet), huh?"

"That's a nice name."

"M y n a m e i s........"

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