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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 50: Celestia: Ambassador of Monsters/Princess of the sun

Celestia and Flowey flashed back into the throne room. Celestia felt her body tingle with excitement, in just a few moments she and her family would get to see the surface. Flowey had other thoughts, specifically of what the pony's other friends would think.

"I don't like this." Flowey finally said to his sister, "Your friends aren't going to like this- like me, either. I know that they're going to hate me."

"Don't worry Asriel," Celestia assured, "If they hate you, they're gonna have to get through me!"

"That doesn't make sense."

"You know what I mean!" Flowey smirked at the pony's response "You ready, Flowey?"

He rolled his eyes, "What do you think?"

The pony smiled, "Ready it is then." She walked in to the next room.

"Mom! I'm back!" Celestia called out. Toriel and the others turned their gaze to her in relief, then took notice to what she was holding. Their eyes looked shocked and angry. Except for Sans, who already knew, and Papyrus, who looked happy to see the flower.

"OH! IT'S THAT NICE FLOWER WHO TOLD ME TO CALL EVERYBODY!!" Papyrus said, oblivious to what the others were thinking.

"U-uh, Papyrus. Wasn't t-that the flower that tried to k-kill us?" Alphys asked, visibly scared.


Celestial saw Flowey tense up, "Uh, guys, this is Flowey. My super-close friend now. We're super-close" She assured, badly.

"You're friends with that flower that tried to KILL US!?!?" Undyne exclaimed, readying to attack is necessary.

"'That flower' has a name you know! It's Flowey." Flowey introduced himself.

The alicorn sweat dropped, this was not going well. She took a deep breath, "I know that Flowey has done some bad things, but he wants to try something new. I want to help him out in anyway I can. What I'm asking is... are you all okay with this?"

Her friends thought for a few seconds, then Toriel spoke, "My child, do you trust Flowey?" She asked.

The pony glanced at Flowey, then at her mother, "Yes."

The goat monster nodded, "I trust your judgment, since you do trust Flowey, I will trust him as well." Toriel and Celestia waited for the others to answer.

Sans was the first to answer. "i already said my answer to tia. while he's done bad thing, i'm pretty sure i have no choice."


Then Undyne, "Ugh! Guess he's stuck with us. I'll be cool with him, but if he tries any funny business I strike him down!" Alphys nodded to show she argreed.

Asgore spoke lastly, "I always believed in seconds chance" he said while glancing at Toriel, "So I will give the flower the Benefit of the doubt."

Flowey was utterly shocked by everyone's reactions, he turned to Celestia, "Hmph, this is part when I say 'thank you', isn't it?" The alicorn nodded, Flowey sighed in defeat, "Thank you... There! Happy!?"

Celestia nodded happily, "This is great! You're learning basic mannerisms!"

Flowey looked angered at Celestia's response, "Are you saying I didn't have any to begin with!?"

"Well you never showed any when we first met" She retorted sharply.

The flower let out a defeated sigh, "Weren't we suppose to be heading to the surface?" He grumbled.

The filly gasped, 'How did I forget?!' She glanced at her friends, "What're we waiting for everyone? The barriers gone! Let's head out to the surface!" Hearing the the sounds of her friends agreeing, they all heading left to were the barrier once was.

As they walked, Papyrus began chatting to Undyne about what he would do after they reached the surface. Alphys was showing Asgore something on her phone, the alicorn wondered why Alphys was blushing the entire time. Uncle Sans and Toriel were getting along great, although Celestia felt something strange between one of them, like a one-sided love. Or... Something like that.

"Hey, Celestia? Hello?"

Celestia was pulled back to reality when she heard Flowey's voice. "Oh...uh, yeah, Flowey?"

"You've been gazing at everyone for a while now. What are you thinking about?" Flowey questioned.

Celestia glanced at everyone behind her, then to her potted friend. "I've realised something... I've reached the end. The journeys over. For some reason... I'm beginning to have some regrets.. Some wishes I didn't do, or monsters I didn't interact with much."

Flowey looked anxious for some reason, very anxious. "Oh, so your regretting to not do everything back in the underground..? Are... Are you going to do anything about it?"

The pony gazed questionably at her brother. "I'd like to go back... But I feel like I shouldn't... I already have you guys, I'll probably get over it quickly."

The flower sighed in relief. "I hope so."

"Still, I can't get over the fact that my quest is over already. My whole journey to break the barrier, it's all done."

Flowey scoffed, "I thought you of all people would know what comes after the journey."

Celestia raised a brow, "What comes after a journey like that?"

Flowey looked ahead... and smiled, "The next journey..."

Celestia followed his gaze and gasped, alerting the others. "This is it."

"We're at the surface."

As everyone piled out of the underground, currently standing on the edge of the mountain. They looked apon the night sky, filled with dazzling stars. A full moon was lazily drifting down into the horizon, it illuminated the surface world around them, trees going far beyond the eye could see. Little mountains and hills scattered among the horizon, and a strange looking city in the far distance, built on the side of a mountain.

Everyone was stars truck at the sight. Toriel was the first to break the silence.

"Oh my..."

Asgore spoke next, "Isn't it beautiful, everyone?"

Alphys stared directly at the moon in awe, "Wow... It's e-even better than on tv... WAY better! Better than I ever imagined!"

"Celestia, ponies LIVE with this!?" Undyne exclaimed, gesturing to the landscape. "The stars look amazing... And the air is so fresh! I really feel alive!"

"HEY, SANS... WHAT'S THAT BLUE ROCK UP THERE?" Papyrus asked his smaller brother, pointing at the moon.

"we call that 'the moon', my friend." He answered.

"THAT'S THE MOON!? WOWIE!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FINALLY MEETING THE MOON!!" The tall skeleton shouted joyfully. Giving the alicorn a little giggle.

"I could stand here and watch this for hours..." The King said, staring at the night sky.

"Yes, it is beautiful, is it not? But we should really think about what comes next." Toriel interjected to Asgore.

"Oh, right..." The large goat monster turned to the group, "Everyone... This is the beginning of a bright new future. An era of peace between ponies and monsters. Celestia..." He called out to the pony, "I have something to ask of you. Will you act as our ambassador to the ponies?"

Celestia looked surprised at first, then smirked, "Like you had to ask. Of course I'll be the ambassador! I can imagine it now... 'Celestia! The all mighty ambassador of monsters!'. Has a nice feel to it, don't you think?"

Asgore and Toriel both smiled down at Celestia while the others laughed, the pony felt herself getting picked up by a tall skeleton.

"YEAH! CELESTIA WILL BE THE BEST AMBASSADOR!" He cheered excitedly, hugging a giddy pony and grouchy flower.

"Rrr... Careful! I don't want to be dropped!" Flowey glowered, finally speaking.


"SORRY." Celestia and Papyrus said in unison.

"H-hey guys, look!" Alphys pointed to the moon, which was almost completely submerged into the horizon.

"looks like the sun's coming up..." Sans said, gazing at the horizon. The other monsters, and Celestia, also looked apron the setting moon.

Suddenly, Celestia groaned in pain. Subconsciously dropping Flowey from her grasp.

"WAH!" Said flower screeched, fortunately being grabbed by Toriel just in time. Flowey glared daggers at the filly, "What the hell is wrong with you pon-" he stopped himself when he was the state of the pony.

Celestia laid limp in Papyrus' arms, her horn glowing brightly and the symbol of the sun was glowing. Suddenly, her eyes flashed opened, literally. The alicorn's pupils were replaced by a glowing light, shinning out of her eyes.

"CELESTIA?" Papyrus muttered, still carrying the pony in his arms.

The alicorn teleported out of the skeleton's grip and on the edge of the cliff. Looking directly at the horizon, she slowly took a step forward until a voice stop her.

"My child! What are you-"

"I know what I'm doing." Celestia spoke in a powerful voice, turning to her mother. "This is what I was suppose to be doing all this time... The sun is restless, it needs me." With that, she took a hoof off the ground. Surprisingly enough, a yellow platform was under her hoof. With each step forward new magic platforms were summoned.

After being a few feet away from the mountain, the alicorn turned around to face her gawking friends. Her horn glowed even brighter, behind Celestia, the sun was peaking out.

The filly flapped her wings, taking flight as the sun rose higher. Celestia spread her wings out as far as they could go, with the sun right behind her, it made her look like a goddess.

A powerful blast of magic erupted around Celestia. It had ended, her eyes flashed back to normal, as she teleported back to her friends. If they weren't star struck then, they were now. They each gave her their reaction.

"What the hell was that!?!?"

"Oh, my..."

"well that was impressive..."


"WHAT!? .....WHAT THE F##K???"

"Y-you just... S-sun moved a-and.... A-a-are you a magical princess...?"

"I've never seen such an amazing feat quite like that."

Celestia blinked, looking as astounded as the others were. "Did...did I just..." She looked up at the sky, it was morning now.

'Did I just lift the sun?'

Celestia knelt to the ground, she heard her mother gasp and rush up to her.

"My child! Are you okay?"

"I-I'm, I..." She mumbled at first, then looked up at her mother. "I feel... Stronger". She stood up without her mother's help, "I feel much stronger! But I'm just as confused at what happened as everyone else... M-maybe there's someone around here that we can get answers from..."

Most of the others had gotten out of their shock, they looked around.

"OH LOOK! THERE'S SOME SORT OF CASTLE OVER THERE!!" Papyrus pointed out, it was a big mansion in the middle of the forest. It looked, nice, to say the least. "DON'T WORRY CELESTIA! THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL GET THE ANSWERS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!!" The skeleton quickly ran off to the direction of the castle.

"Papyrus, wait! And he's gone..." Celestia sighed.

"welp. somebody's gotta catch up to him before he causes trouble. see you guys" Sans walked off in the direction Papyrus went.

'He'll find a shortcut, soon enough.' The pony thought.

Undyne chuckled, "Never knew Sans could actually DO something. Though, he probably won't find him faster than me! Papyrus, wait!!!" She ran off.

Realising that Undyne ran off without her, Alphys yelled. "Hey, Undyne! Wait up!!" She ran off.

Celestia smiled and turned to Flowey, still being held by Toriel. She carefully lifted him up towards her. "Sorry about dropping you, Flowey."

The flower 'hmph'ed and tore away from her gaze. "If you think I'm going to say, 'I forgive you', I'm not. Do you know what could've happened to me if goat mom didn't catch me!?"

The alicorn sighed, "I'm guessing you'll make me listen to it a hundred times". She looked back at Toriel and Asgore, "We better get going." With that, the walked to the castle in the forest.

"Ok! Ok! I get it Flowey! I swear I'll never drop you again! Just, please! Stop talking..." Celestia whined in defeat.

Flowey grinned, knowing all to well that he had won. "Fine. I see you've learned your lesson."

As Celestia, Flowey, Toriel, Asgore, Alphys, and Undyne continued towards the castle, they spotted the skelebros waiting at a huge door.

"There you are!" Undyne said, running up to the skeleton.

"AH! I SEE YOU ALL ARRIVED, FANTASTIC! I WAS JUST WAITING FOR THE OWNER TO COME OUT, I'VE ALREADY KNOCKED ON THE DOOR." Papyrus explained as everyone reached the front of the castle.

"no one's arrived yet. but it's okay, i get to practice some of my knock knock jokes.". Sans also explained.

"I wonder why no one has answered..." Toriel muttered, looking at the door.

"Well it is just a few minutes after dawn, Celestia made sure of that. I'm pretty sure most poines are still asleep at dawn" Flowey stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Hmm..." Celestia walked right up to the door, "Maybe we just need to knock it harder?" Lifting her hoof, the pony knocked hard in the door.

To everyone's surprise, the door opened. Revealing a great hall with multiple doorways.

"Woah..." Celestia gawked, slowly trotting in, as did everyone else. The place was huge! And at the end of the room were two seat that could only be described as thrones, one blue and one orange. Above those thrones was a long poster.

"WOWIE! CELESTIA, IS THAT SUPPOSE TO BE YOU!?!" Papyrus pointed at the poster, everyone looked to where he was pointing and gasped.

"T-the poines are all worshiping you..." Alphys said, looking in awe at the poster as the rest.

The poster was hanging down between the two thrones. In it, was a white pony with a pure coat and straight auburn hair. The most interesting aspect of the pony was the horn and wings that had sprouted out from her. The pony was an alicorn, and on the bottom of the poster were poines bowing down in respect.

"That's isn't me." Celestia spoke, "I don't have that kind of hair..." She examined the artwork more, "There!" She pointed at the top of the artwork.

There were two ponies, also alicorns. A tiny blue alicorn with the moon to her left, and a small white alicorn with rainbow-like hair, a sun was to her right.

Before anymore could be said, hoofsteps were heard. A small, high pitched voice started to be heard.

"-And then I was a superhewo and a pawent and I danced with a wobot and-"

"Yes, yes, dear Luna. I see that the dream you had was quite fascinating." Another voice spoke, a much older and wise one. Then, two figures came out of the left side of the doorway. A small alicorn, like in the poster, and an old unicorn stallion, with a white swirly beard.

"Right now, though, I need to see what, or who had lifted up the-" The old wizard looked at Celestia, "Sun... P-princess of the sun! You have returned!" The old pony quickly bowed towards the White alicorn.

"Whaddua mean Gwrunkle Swirwy?" The little filly, presumably Luna, then stared at Celestia, she gasped happily. "Tia! Big sis!" Luna jumped for joy as she hurried to the other pony.

The old wizard stopped bowing and gazed at Celestia happily, "I knew you weren't gone. Where have you been all this time." The stallion looked behind Celestia to see the group of monsters. His eyes widened, "I guess they answer the question for me... Is there an explanation for this?"

"Woooaaahhh....." Luna awed at the other monsters. "Cewestia, did you brwing them back?"

"Uhhhh...." The filly slurred, it was difficult getting over the fact that she had a baby sister. "Maybe, we shouldn't talk about it here."

"Ah, yes! Come with me everyone! I'll show you to the main dinning room. There we can have a chat about what's going on." The unicorn announced to the monsters and ponies. They all followed him.

In the new room, pane glass artworks covered the walls, a long table had multiple tea cups for everyone and one teapot. On one side were Papyrus, Sans, and Undyne, having fun with the blue alicorn named Luna, although she prefers the name 'Woona'. While Asgore, Toriel, Celestia, Alphys, and Flowey were on the other side explaining what had happened in the white alicorn's journey.

The old pony, named Starswirl, sat in silence after the explanation, he glanced at Celestia in astonishment. "After all this time, you were in the underground? And you broke the barrier! I know you are an alicorn, but that is still an amazing feat! And at such a young age!"

Celestia blushed with embarrassment, "Well, I-I had some help." She stuttered, glancing at Flowey.

"Now that we have told you our part, could you shed some light about how my child lifted up the sun?" Toriel asked.

"And who was that other white pony in the poster?" Flowey questioned as well.

"That pony..." The filly murmured. "Is, she my-"

"No, she's is not your biological mother." Starswirl replied, "Queen Lauren never had any children, but she did have students. You and your sister were her students. Luna had the gift of the moon while you, my dear, had the gift of the sun."

"S-so you're saying that Celestia is a princess?" Alphys asked, "A m-magical princess?" Her eyes were twinkling at this point.

"Yes. Why do you-"

"Oh my god! Celestia you're an actual, OFFICAL princess!! ImeanIalwayshadmytheorysbutthissealsthedeal!! It'slikeI'minananimeandI'mthecutesidecharacter!!" Alphys fangirled, talking about how amazing this was.

"You just had to answer the question." Flowey glowered.

"Well she did ask me. Anyways, do you wish to have other questions answered?" Starswirl asked the other monsters.

"I do." Asgore spoke, "The Queen of ponies, Queen Lauren. I'd like to speak with her about my people living on the surface now."

The old wizard tensed up, "I'm afraid I cannot do that, a few months ago... The Queen became deathly ill. Becoming weaker each day.... She passed away just four days ago. She left her best students with me and the task of lifting up both sun and moon." He let out a deep sigh, "Let me tell you it was no easy task, unlike alicorns, unicorns have their life force and magic force drain from them. I've been training Luna to lift the moon, but since Celestia's disappearance it has taken a toll on me. Strangely enough, these past few days the sun has been easier to lift, it was as if someone else was lifting it. I see now that you were the one Celestia."

"So that's why my magic was going haywire... I was actually lifting up the sun!" The pony concluded.

"W-wait, if the Queen is gone, who's ruling the surface?" Alphys wondered.

"That would be me... But with the Princess of the sun's return. I believe she is next in line." Starswirl answered, the monsters looked in shock.

As did Celestia, "I'm next in line? Does that mean I'll be the head of all the ponies and monsters?" The old wizard nodded. "That's... A lot to take in...".

"I have a suggestion." Toriel said, looking at Starswirl, "I could be Queen and take over the role instead of Celestia."

The unicorn immediately shook his head, "A monster being Queen over the ponies? I don't think they would like it very much, especially when your kind have just popped up."

Toriel tucked her hand under her chin, she thought about how the problem could be resolved, she quickly snapped her fingers. "How about until Celestia is the right age, You could be the ruler to ponies and I can be the... 'Assistant'. Taking up the more harder roles of being Queen. I am sure Asgore can help as well, if he isn't to busy will the role of King".

Starswirl sighed, "We haven't even gotten to the fact that monsters will live in Equestia and now Poines and monsters have to divide the lands. I am defiantly sure most of them wouldn't like it."

Asgore spoke up, "I don't see why we have to divide the lands. I'm positive that we could all live together in peace if we are determined enough."

"I don't think it's just that easy..."

"Gwrunkle Swirwy! Big sis! Uncle Sans towd me a joke!" Luna shouted, coming closer to the other monsters and ponies.

"Oh really, Luna?" Starswirl raised a brow playing along.

"WAIT, TINY WOONA! DON'T LISTEN TO SANS!" Papyrus yelled, running up to the little blue filly. Undyne ran up too while Sans was already there, presumably by using a shortcut.

Luna ignored the tall skeleton's protest and continued anyway, "Ahem, a monster wawks into a bar with a piece of pavement under his awrms..."


"woona, yes."

The filly giggled, "He says, 'One cider pwease'..."


"don't listen to him, keep going."

"And won for the woad!" The blue pony finished cheerfully. Making Sans, Celestia and the others laugh while Papyrus, Undyne and Flowey groan.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME SANS!? WE ALREADY HAVE A CUTE LITTLE PONY THAT LIKES/MAKES TERRIBLE PUNS, WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER!!" Papyrus protested, only making Sans laugh harder. The skelebros then had an argument about Luna's joking habits. Said pony joining in and defending Sans' side.

While the brothers were arguing, Toriel turned to Starswirl, "May I suggest we postpone the royalty conversation. I believe we should fully introduce ourselfs to the ponies before anything else happens."

The unicorn let out a chuckle, "I believe so too." He stood up, "I'll be back soon, I just need to inform the Royal guards about this news." With that he teleported away.

With Starswirl gone, Celestia looked around the room. Sans, Luna and Papyrus had stopped arguing. Undyne and Asgore were having a chat. Alphys and Flowey were also having a conversation, although it looked quite awkward. Toriel was currently talking to Luna, the ladder asking Toriel to tell her some puns.

Celestia smiled, 'It's like I always dreamed about...'

'I can finally live on the surface with everyone I love'.

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