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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 30: Hanging out with the fish

After being given directions to the head of the royal guard's house, the alicorn teleported next to Blook acres. "Okay, Papy said it was just to the left... There it is!" Celestia walked to the pathway that led to Undyne's house.

There, Celestial spotted Papyrus infront of an angry looking fish house. The filly gasped happily "Papy!" She teleported on top of the tall skeleton's head, "Surprise hug attack!" Celestia hugged his skull.

"NYEH HEH HEH! IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU TO PONY!" Papyrus lifted the filly off his skull and back of the ground, "SO, ARE YOU READY TO HANG OUT WITH UNDYNE? I HAVE A PLAN TO MAKE YOU TWO GREAT FRIENDS!"

"Heck yeah I'm ready to hang out!" Celestia grinned wickedly, this was going to be fun.

"OKAY! STAND BEHIND ME!" The pony did so. Papyrus turned his head "PSST. MAKE SURE TO GIVE HER THIS!" The skeleton whispered loudly as he showed the alicorn a bone wrapped up "SHE LOVES THESE!"

Celestia lifted the boney present and put it in her satchel "Thanks Papy" She whispered.

Papyrus knocked on the door. The door opened, revealing Undyne without her armour. "Hi, Papyrus!"

Celestia looked at the rest of Undyne's form 'She's skinnier than I imagined. How does she wear that giant armour?'

"Ready for your extra-private, one-on-one training?" Undyne confidently asked.

"YOU BET I AM! AND I BROUGHT A FRIEND!" Papyrus walked to the right to reveal Celestia.

"Hi, I don't think we've..." The fish monster interrupted herself when she saw the alicorn standing there. Celestia could she her almost about to snap. Undyne looked at Papyrus, all he gave her was a blank stare. Undyne fake smiled, trying to keep her cool "Why don't. You two. Come in?"

"NYEH HEH HEH" Papyrus wiped his boots on the rug.

Celestia grinned and went in, 'This is going to be ssooo much fun'.

After they walked in Papyrus spoke up "HERE, UNDYNE. MY FRIEND BROUGHT A GIFT FOR YOU, ON HER OWN!"

Celestia quickly lifted up the boney present for Undyne to grab. Said monster slowly grabbed it "Uuuuhhhh.... Thanks. I'll, uh, put it with the others." She walked to a drawer and plopped it in. "So are we ready to start?"



Celestia laughed like a mad mare "HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEH! Oh my- Hahehehehehe"

Undyne's brows furrowed "Why are you laughing!?"

"Heheh it's just that- hahaha - I'm just imagining -heheheh- that this is what Papy would always do if he had to go to the bathroom" The pony explained.

Undyne 'hmpf' and put her hand to her hip "But why are YOU here? To rub your victory in my face? IS THAT IT!?"

"No, not at all" Celestia reassured her.

"Then why are you here?" Undyne widened her eye in realisation, "Wait, I get it. You think I'm gonna be friends with you, huh? Right???"

"Uh, yeah.. I mean... Yeah..." The pony poker faced. 'Is she going to snap again?'

"Really? How delightful!! I accept!" Undyne said with sarcasm as big as a mountain. "Let's all frolick in the fields of friendship! .... NOT!"

Celestia gave her a deadpan look 'Did you really have to say it like that?'

Undyne ignored the stare "Why would I EVER be friends with YOU!? If you weren't my house guest, I'd beat you up right now! You're the enemy of everyone's hopes and dreams! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND! Now get out of my house!" The royal guard yelled as she pointed at the door.

Suddenly Papyrus appeared from out the window. "DANG! WHAT A SHAME... I THOUGHT UNDYNE COULD BE FRIENDS WITH YOU. BUT I GUESS... I OVERESTIMATED HER. SHE'S JUST NOT UP TO THE CHALLENGE." The skeleton explained.

"CHALLENGE!? What!? Papyrus! Wait a second...! Darnit!" Undyne protested, but the skeleton was gone.

Celestia smirked 'Papy, you clever cinnamon roll' The pony realised it was a trick to get Undyne to be her friend.

"He thinks that I can't be friends with YOU!? Fuhuhu! What a joke! I could make friends with a wimpy loser like you any day! I'll show him!" Undyne boasted.

Meanwhile Celestia thought about what she just said about her 'Wimpy loser? Wimpy. Loser!? Ohhhh... I'm gonna love pranking the hell out of you now!'

"Listen up, pony! We're not just going to be friends. We're going to be..." Undyne posed like a valley girl "BESTIES. I'll make you like me so much... You won't be able to think about anyone else!!!" The fish monster laughed maniacally "It's the PERFECT REVENGE!!!"


"Why don't you have a seat?"

Celestia smiled "Sure.. But right after I check out this place. You got some interesting stuff" The alicorn looked at the massive sword.

"Ponies suck, but their history... kinda rules. Case in point: this giant sword! Historically, ponies wielded swords up to 10x their size. Right!?" Undyne asked.

"Um... I don't know about that..." The alicorn Answered honestly.

"Are you kidding me!? Come on! I've READ Alphys's pony history book collection. I know ALL about your giant swords and supernatural princesses. Heck, you even ARE one! Or are just a faker!?"

"Undyne... I seriously don't know what you're talking about. What do you mean by supernatural princesses?" The alicorn asked Undyne.

"OH MY- Wait right there! I'll be back!" Undyne rushed to the another room, she came out with some books, she plopped them on the table so the pony could see. "Look! See that one with the wings and horn!? That's a supernatural, magical pony princess"

Celestia took a good look a the illustration, 'I don't remember history books being in colour and have barely any facts in them' But she did wonder why the pony with wings and horn was called a 'supernatural' princess. "Okay, I believe you"

Undone fist pumped "Hell yeah! Our first bonding moment together. We're one step closer to becoming besties!"

Celestia couldn't help but smile at Undyne's antics. "So, should I put these, 'history' books, back in that room?"

"What you wanna go see my room? TOO BAD! No nerds allowed! ....well, maybe some nerds... I'll just put these back later"

Celestia raised a brow, ' 'Some nerds?' I smell romance~' The pony decided to leave it at that and check out the drawer of bones.

What she found was a dog, winking. Celestia used her hoof to cover her laugher.

She trotted over to the piano, "You have a piano, why does it smell like grapes?"

"Well, one time Alphys's... uh, friend??? Came over here. All he did was lie seductively on the piano... And feed himself grapes. I don't really like that guy. But I admire his lifestyle" Undyne explained.

"Heheh, it does sound like his lifestyle is, pretty juicy" Celestia joked, what made it funnier was Undyne's expression. It was pure gold to the pony.

She trotted over to the fridge, it was strangely warm. "Hey Undyne, what's with this fridge? It's not cold"

Undyne saw the filly's confused face, she explained what it was "I hate cold food. So Alphys fixed it up my fridge so it heats up food instead. Hot fridge... The world's greatest invention!"

"I see... But did you really need two?" Celestia asked while grinning.

"What do mean!? I only have one hot fridge" Undyne exclaimed

"What about the oven?" Celestia barely holded in the laughter.

Undyne took a second to realise what she meant, she then groaned loudly "That's not a joke! Not even a bad one!!!

"Your expression say otherwise~" Celestia chuckled and finally sat down on the seat. Ready to continue.

"Comfortable?" The pony nodded, "I'll get you something to drink" Undyne walked to the fridge and placed some teaboxes, a soda bottle, a container of hot chocolate, and some sugar, all of the kitchen bench. "All set, what would like?"

Celestia was about to hop off the seat, but Undyne threw a spear to try and stop her. The giant spear broke the table and the 'history' books went all over the place. "HEY!!! DON'T GET UP!!! YOU'RE THE GUEST!! SIT DOWN AND ENJOY YOURSELF!!!"


Celestia gave Undyne an 'Are you f#%king kidding me' look.

Undyne somehow sweat dropped "..um, why not just point to what you want? You can use the spear!" She gave out an awkward laugh.

Celestia knew Undyne was trying her best to become friends with her, she was just a bit, aggressive. The alicorn gave her a pity smile and lifted up the spear. "Hmm.... Tea looks nice" The alicorn pointed at the teaboxes.

"Sure, which one?"

"The one on the top please"

"Ok, coming right up! Undyne got the tea box on top, and put a tea bag in a tea pot, she added some sugar, filled the pot with water and put iron the stove to boil. "It'll take a moment for the water to boil"

As they waited Celestia thought of something 'She's really trying to be best friends with me... I guess I can make this more easy for her'


"Okay its all done!" Undone grabbed the teapot and poured the contents into a cup. "Here we are"

Celestia lifted the cup out of the monster's hands, "Thanks for the tea"

"Careful, it's hot" Undyne said as she sat down on the other side of the table.

Celestia was wondering how hot it actually was. She blowed on the tea, trying to cool it down.

"It's not THAT hot!! Just drink it already!" The fish monster yelled.

Celestia took a quick sip of the tea, it's burning, Celestia got the tip of her tongue burned. "It's weally hot, but it's prethy good!"

Undyne smirked "Of course it is! Nothing but the best for my ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS FRIEND!!"

They both sat in silence for a bit, besides the pony taking a sip of the tea every now and then.

Undyne broke the ice "Hey... You know... It's kinda strange you chose THAT tea. Golden flower tea... That's ASGORE's favourite kind. Actually, now that I think about it... You kinda remind me of him. You're both TOTAL weenies!!! .....sort of"

Undyne looked at Celestia "Y'know, I was a pretty hotheaded kid. Once, to prove I was the strongest, I tried to fight ASGORE. Emphasis on TRIED. I couldn't land a single blow on him! And worse, the whole time, he refused to fight back! I was so humiliated... Afterwards, he apologised and said something goofy... 'Excuse me, do you want to know how to beat me?'"

Celestia giggled at that statement, "Oh, sorry, continue"

"I said yes, and from then on, he trained me. One day, during practice, I finally knocked him down. I felt...bad. But he was beaming... I've never seen someone more proud about getting their butt kicked. Anyway, long story short, he kept training me... And now I'm the head of the Royal Guard! So I'm the one who get to train dorks to fight! ....like, uh, Papyrus" Undyne explained.

Celestia glared "Papyrus is not a dork! He's my cinnamon roll~!"

Undyne raised a non-existent brow "Your cinnamon roll?"

Celestia sweat dropped "Did I say that!? I meant 'a' cinnamon roll not 'my' cinnamon roll! Heheheh...."

"Sssuuurree you did" Undyne said unconvinced "Well, your actually are right about that. He's just, well... It's not that he's too weak. He's actually pretty freakin tough! It's just that..."

"He's too pure and innocent" Celestial finished Undyne's statement.

"Well, yeah! He was SUPOSE to capture you...and he ended up being FRIENDS with you instead! I could NEVER send him into battle! He'd get ripped into little smiling shreds"

'That won't happen, I won't let it happen' The filly thought while Undyne was talking.

"That's part of why... I started teaching him how to cook, you know? So, um, maybe he can do something else with his life"


"Oh, sorry, I was talking for so long... You're out of tea, aren't you?"

Celestia looked at the cup, it had no more tea in it. "I didn't even know it was gone"

"Don't worry, I'll get you some more" Undyne got out of her seat and walked to the kitchen, she stopped halfway there. "Wait a second. Papyrus... His cooking lesson.... HE WAS SUPPOSE TO HAVE THAT RIGHT NOW!!! And if HE's not here to have it..." Undyne flashed the pony a menacing smile. "YOU'LL HAVE TO HAVE IT FOR HIM!!!"


Undone leaped onto the kitchen bench and knocked over everything on said bench. "That's right!!! NOTHING has brought Papyrus and I closer than cooking! Which means that if I give you his lesson... WE'LL BECOME CLOSER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!! Fuhuhuhu! Afraid!? We're gonna be BESTIES!!!"

Celestia stared at Undyne with DETERMINATION. "Let's do this!" Though, Celestia wanted to do this for another reason.

"OK!!!" Undyne quickly leaped to Celestia and, to the alicorns suprise, grabbed her neck and jumped back to the kitchen. "Lets start with the sauce!!" The fish monster stomped one foot, tomatoes and other vegetables came down from the ceiling. "Envision these vegetables as your greatest enemy! Now!! Pound them to dust with your hooves!!"

Celestia instead pet the vegetables in a affectionate manner, Undyne looked like she was gonna lose it. The pony smiled wickedly at Undyne, "What, you mad?" 'This is for grabbing my neck without warning'.

"OH MY GOD!!! STOP PETTING THE ENEMY!!! I'll show you how it's done! NNNGGGAAAHHH!" Undyne uppercut the veggies. Tomato juice spattered everywhere. "Uuh, we'll just scrape this into a bowl later. But for NOW!" Undyne stomped the floor again. A metal pot and spaghetti noddles came from the ceiling.

'Why are these things taped to the ceiling?!'

"....we add the noddles! Homemade noddles are the best! BUT I JUST BUY STORE-BRAND! THEY'RE THE CHEAPEST!!! NGAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Uh, just put them in the pot"

The alicorn lifted each individual nodal out of the box and into the pot. "How's that!?" Celestia said proudly.

"YEAH!!! I'M INTO IT!!! Alright! Now it's time to stir the pasta! As a general rule of thumb, the more you stir... THE BETTER IT IS! Ready!?"

"Let's do it!" Celestia used her magic to make the wooden spoon stir the pasta.

"Stir harder!" The pony stirred harder, "HARDER!" Celestia kicked it up a notch, "HARDER!!!!!!!!" The alicorn gave it all she got.

"Urg! Let me do it!" Undyne summoned a giant spear and smashed the pot. "Fuhuhuhu! That's the stuff! Alright, now for the final step: TURN UP THE HEAT! Let the flames symbolise your passion! Let your hopes and dreams turn into burning fire! READY!? Don't hold anything back!"

Celestia grinned widely and use a fire spell, fire started under the pot. 'Heh, all this cooking is making me feel exhausted..."


The alicorn's eye widened 'Oh no... Not now! Hold it back! Hold it back!' Celestia's eyes went pure white, a bonfire erupted from the spell.

"Wait, that's too-"


The house was completely burnt and in shambles, Celestia felt immeasurable amounts of guilt. 'But I held it in. Am I that strong?'

Undyne looked at Celestia, but to the pony's surprise, she wasn't angry. "Ah, Man, no wonder Papyrus sucks at cooking." Undyne awkwardly joked. "So what's next? Scrapbooking? Friendship bracelets?" Undyne sighed "...Ugh, who am I kidding. I really screwed this up, didn't I?"

"No, it wasn't entirely your fault. I'm the one to blame for the fire" Celestia reassured her.

"What this? It's fine, I told you to not hold anything back... Guess I should've known this would've happen. And I can't force you to like me, pony. Some people just don't get along with each other. I understand if you feel that way about me. And if we can't be friends. That's okay..."

Celestia was about to say that she still like her as a friend, but Undyne looked at her with a menacing glare. "Because that means... I CAN DESTROY YOU WITHOUT REGRET!!!" Undyne zoomed over and picked up the spear.

Celestia's SOUL jumped out.

"I've been defeated... My house is in shambles... I even failed to befriend you. That's it. I don't care if your my guest anymore. One final rematch! All out on both sides!!! IT'S THE ONLY WAY I CAN REGAIN MY LOST PRIDE!!!! NOW COME ON!!! HIT ME WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT! NNGGGAAAAHHHH!!!"

Celestia stood there processing what had just happened. 'I can't fight her... My magic... It's been storing up so long that if I even try to zap her, it'll destroy her. What do I do?!' Celestia thought of an idea, so crazy it just might work, 'I'll unleash all my magic! But not on her... Just around her! A fake attack!' Celestia stared at Undyne with DETERMINATION. "Here I come...I'm not holding back"

"GREAT! SHOW ME-" Celestia teleported right near Undyne's face. She swung her spear, but hit nothing. "WHAT THE!?"


Undyne turned around to see Celestia charging up a massive fire ball. Before she could blink, the alicorn unleashed a fiery hell.



Undyne was barely damaged, her mental state, was another story...

"What. That's the best you can manage? Even attacking at full force... You just can't muster any intent to hurt me, huh?"

Celestia panted, that magic attack really drained her, "*Puff* Well, *wheeze* I think the evidence, *huff* is behind you..."

Undyne turned around, she couldn't believe what see saw. A giant burnt tunnel, with an Undyne shaped wall in the middle. Undyne turned to face Celestia, "Heh, you know what?" Undyne dropped her spear, "I don't actually want to hurt you either. At first, I hated your stupid saccharine schtick, but... The way you attack me right now, it... Reminded me of someone I use to train with. Now I know you're not just some wimpy loser." Undyne grinned widely at the pony, "You're a wimpy loser with a big heart! Just like him..."

"Hey! We both know I'm not wimpy! I just created a giant cavern behind you! I'm pretty sure that takes skill!" The alicorn pouted.

Undyne chuckled "Yeah... I'll give you credit. You're MUCH more stronger than the magical princesses in the books" Undyne sighed "Look, pony. It seems like you and ASGORE are faded to fight. But knowing him... He probably doesn't want to. Talk to him. I'm sure you can persuade him to let you go home. Eventually, some mean pony will fall down here... And I'll take THEIR SOUL instead. That makes sense right?"

Celestia smiled "Right" They both laughed.

"Oh, and if you DO hurt ASGORE... I'll take the pony SOULs... Cross the barrier... And BEAT the hell out of you! That's what friends are for, right?"

Celestia sweat dropped and sheepishly smiled "Heheh right."

"Now let's get the hell out of this flaming house!"


From the outside, it looked like the fish house was crying. It kinda made Celestia feel sorry for it.

"Well, that was fun, huh? We'll have to hang out another time...! But, uh, somewhere else I guess... In the meantime, I guess I'll go hang out with Papyrus. So if you need me, drop by Snowdin, OK!? OH! And if you ever need help... just give Papyrus a ring, OK? Since we're in the same spot, I'll be able to talk too!" Undyne happily explained.

"Ok, got it! When you see Papy, tell him I said hi"

"Got it. Well, see ya later punk!" Undyne began to walk off. Until the pony stopped her.

"Wait! I almost forgot... If you see uncle Sans, tell him he owes me one! He'll understand!"

"Uh, ok! Bye punk!" Undyne walked out of sight.

'Well, better get going back to Hotland. I wonder if that Alphys person is there. I'm gonna have soo much fun teasing her about Undyne~'

Author's Note:

This chapter didn't drain me as much as I thought it would... Heck yeah!

Anyways, Celestia has unleashed yet another 'reaction' to the sun. Luckily, since this kinda drained her magic. It won't appear for a llooooooonnnnnnnggggg time.

Also, expect more, Fangirling and popularity when we go to Hotlands. Be careful Celly, you might just be used to make a certain T.V show become much more popular...

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