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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 28: Good friends and supposed foes

Soon after the event with Temmie village, Celestia used a light spell to make her way through the dark maze. Some monsters would appear, but they wouldn't really fight, the monsters would actually praise the pony and would usually want to get a picture to post on Undernet.

Celestia kinda liked this new way instead of every monster that looks her way wants to fight. Plus they would give her a bit more gold when spared.

Eventually, Celestia made it out of the dark maze. She trotted and tried to look around, it was wet and dark. If it wasn't for the alicorns light spell, she wouldn't see two hooves in front of her. The filly finally made it out if the water, she felt anxious, like she was being watched.

Celestia saw an echo flower, she trotted up to it, looking around once more, she nudged the blue plant. What it said made her heart froze.

"Behind you"

The room was no longer dark. The alicorn quickly turned around to see the familiar armoured figure. "Undyne"

*Clunk clunk clunk clunk*

"....... Seven" The armoured figure spoke "Seven pony SOULs. With the power of seven pony SOULs, our king......King ASGORE Dreemurr...... will become a god. With that power ASGORE can finally shatter the barrier. He will finally take the surface back from pony kind... And give them back the suffering and pain that we have endured....... Understand pony?" Undyne explained.

Celestia shakily nodded.

"Good, this is your only chance at redemption. Give up your SOUL... Or I'll tear it from your body" Undyne summoned a spear, ready to attack at any moment, "Your choice, pony"

Celestia stopped shaking in fear, she had remembered what her mother said.

"Make sure you do not let them... Asgore...Take your soul. Can you do that for me my child?"

'I'll do for you...mom' Celestia stared at Undyne with DETERMINATION, "I'm not giving up my SOUL, not now! Not ever! I won't let anyone take my SOUL!" A smile appeared on the pony's face 'I will survive! I will! I'll make you proud mom!'

"....You chose poorly..." Undyne rushed towards the pony spear first, it didn't phase her. Celestia was ready for the fight of her life!

"Undyne!!! I'll help you fight!!!"

That voice.

Celestia was shocked to see M.K standing between her and Undyne. 'How did M.K get here!?'

Meanwhile, M.K looked back and forth between the royal gaurd and the pony. M.K gasped excitedly at Celestia "YO!!!! You did it!!! Undyne is RIGHT infront of you!!! You've got front row seats to her fight!!!" M.K excitedly looked back and forth between Undyne and Celestia. The little monster's excitement faded. "...... wait. Who's she fighting???"

Undyne let out a small but audible groan as she grabbed M.Ks cheek and pulled the little monster away, ignoring M.K's protests.

Celestia stood there, 'Did M.K just, stop the head of the royal guard from fighting me?' The pony smiled, she had gained a new respect for the monster. She trotted forward to see another pathway she had missed, she continued onwards.

The area had more echo flowers than the filly had ever seen! Celestia saw the pathway littered with them. She decided to nudged the ones on the pathway.

"......hmm.... if I say my wish... You promise you won't laugh at me?"

"Of course I won't laugh!"

"Someday, I'd like to climb up this mountain we're all buried under. Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around... That's my wish"

"Hahaha! Heheheheheheh! ......hey, you said you wouldn't laugh at it!"

"Sorry, it's just funny... That's my wish, too"

Celestia couldn't help but squee, it was adorable. She looked up from the flowers to see one more written sigh on the wall. She quickly read on.

However.... There is a prophecy.
An angle of light.... The one who has seen the sun and surface...
They will return. And the underground will go empty.

Celestia was certain that this was the last of the written history. She was about to walk off, until she heard whispering.

From behind her...

Celestia quickly looked back at the pathway of flowers. There was a splash off water next to an echo flower. She slowly trotted to that echo flower and nudged it once more. What it said, surprised her greatly.

It Sounded like Toriel.

"Did I make the right decision...? I surely hope my child is alright..."

Suddenly, the voiced changed to another familiar voice, but the voice was of one Celestia loathed.

"Hee hee hee. THAT'S not true. She'll find another kid, and instantly forget about you. You'll NEVER see her again"

Celestia scowled "We both know that's not true! Quit lying to yourself! And STOP following me!" She shouted across the room, thinking he got the message. She trotted out of the room, 'I will see her again. We'll both get to see the sun...together'

The filly found herself on a bridge, a narrow one. She walked forward with no hesitation. Until she heard a voice which made her stop before She could reach the end of the bridge.

"Yo!" M.K yelled, getting Celestia's attention.

"M.K! What are you doing here?"

M.K slowly walked towards the pony "Yo, I know I'm not supose to be here, but... I wanna ask you something"

"Ok, sure. What do you want to know?"

M.K hesitated, "...Man, I've never had to ask anyone this before... Umm... Yo, you're a pony, right?"

Celestia sheepishly smiled "Y-yeah... I'm a pony"

M.K laughed awkwardly "Man! I knew it! .....well, I know it now... I mean... Undyne told me, um, 'stay away from that pony'. So, like, um... I guess that makes us enemies or something"

Celestia's brows furrowed, "No it doesn't. Just because I'm a pony doesn't mean I hate you, or Undyne, or any monster"

"Yo, what? So I have to hate you?" M.K asked reluctantly.

Celestia shook her head, "No. We don't have to hate each other"

"B-but Undyne said-"

"Who cares what Undyne says!" Celestia yelled sternly, "I'm still going to be friends with you, no matter what" Celestia smiled at M.K kindly.

"Man I...I'm such a turd. Thanks Celestia. I'm...I'm gonna go home now" M.K quickly ran away from the alicorn, until the monster stumbled, and fell off the bridge and grabbed a stone pillar. "Y-yo! H-help! I tripped" M.K held on for dear life.

*Clunk clunk clunk*

Celestia looked at Undyne, who had just walked forward. But the filly wasn't scared of her anymore. She looked at M.K "Don't worry! I'll help you out!" Celestia quickly lifted up M.K and put the monster back on the bridge. "Are you okay?"

"Yooooo, that was so cool! Can you do that again!?"

*Clunk clunk*

M.K's eyes shrunk, the monster turned around and saw Undyne. M.K stood fiercely standing infront of the pony "Y...y....yo...dude.... If y-you wanna hurt my friend... You're gonna have to get through me first!"

Undyne slowly stepped back, then she walked away.

"She's gone..." M.K couldn't believe it, but Celestia did.

"Yeah! Way to go M.K! You stood up for me, I don't know how to repay you" Celestia smiled happily.

M.K looked shocked "R-repay me!? But, you saved my skin. I should be repaying you, you're a good friend"

"You are too" Celestia gave M.K a small hug "Hey, didn't you say something about going home?"

"O-Oh right. Man, thanks again, I'll see ya around!" M.K walked away.

Celestia smiled happily as she went onwards.

'Hmm...this place looks bigger than the rest of the cavern' The pony thought as she walked, she saw a giant rocky mountain with an entrance below. 'That must be the way to Hotland'. She trotted until she was at the entrance. Her eyes widened, she saw someone on the top of the mountain.


She was facing forward, so Celestia couldn't see her front.

"Seven. Seven pony SOULs, and King ASGORE will become a god" Undyne explained once more.

Celestia rolled her eyes 'Can she get to the point? I've already heard this'

"Six. That's how many we've collected thus far" The pony's eyes widened, Undyne looked directly at her. "Looks like you already understand. With your seventh and final SOUL, this world will be transformed. First, however, as is customary for those who make it this far... I shall tell you the tragic tale of our people. It all started long ago..."


Celestia waited for the story, but there was no response. 'What's the holdup?'

".....No.... You know what?"

(A/N Que NNGGGAAAHHH! music)


A flash of brightness appeared, Celestia used her wings to cover her eyes. When the light was gone, she looked up at Undyne again. Only to see her helmet off, revelling a female fish face. Celestia stared at her face 'She's a fish!? The head of the royal guards a fish!?!'

Undyne pointed fiercely at the pony "YOU! You're standing in the way of everybody's hopes and dreams! Alphys's history books made me think ponies were cool... With their giant swords and flowerey swords mares. BUT YOU? You're just a coward! A fake! I bet you're not even a supernatural princess! Your just pretending to be one!"

'Supernatural princess?'

"And let's not forget your wimpy goody-two-shoes schtick! Oooh! I'm making such a difference by hugging random strangers! You know what would be more valuable to everyone? IF YOU WERE DEAD!!! That's right pony! Your continued existence is a crime! Your life is all that stands between us and our freedom! Right now, I can feel everyone's hearts pounding together! Everyone's been waiting their whole lives for this moment! But we're not nervous at all! When everyone's hearts are put together, they can't lose! Now pony! Let's end this right here, right now. I'll show you how determined monsters can be! Step forward when you're ready! Fuhuhuhuhu!" Undyne yelled proudly.

Celestia firmly stood up 'How am I suppose to spare fish lady!? I have to get to Hotla-' Celestia slowly realised something "She's a fish, and Hotland is just straight forward" Celestia smirked. The wind was howling, the alicorn's mane blowed in the wind.

The pony took a step forward, staring at Undyne with DETERMINATION, "I'm ready Undyne! Give me all you got!" Celestia's white heart appeared.

Undyne grinned widely "That's it, then... No more running away! HERE I COME!!!!!!!" Undyne lunged at Celestia with her spear.

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