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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 38: Spiders and Jealous Planes

The CORE loomed in the distance, sending chills down Celestia's spine. 'That machine's getting creepier each time I see it...' She slowly walked along the path, staring at the giant machine, the pony sighed, '....no...it's, it's not the machine...' She continued walking.


"Hello?" The filly greeted.

"Um... H-hey... I noticed you've been walking slower around the CORE... Are you w-worried about meeting ASGORE...?" Alphys asked a bit concerned.

"Well... Yes and no..." Celestia answered honestly.

"W-what do you mean by that?"

'Hmm, how do I say this...' "I mean, yes, I am a little worried, but also no, beacause it's not the main reason I am worried..." The filly tried to explain, "Does that make sense?"

"Y-yeah, I get what you mean... W-well, don't worry, OK? Th-the King is a really nice guy... I'm sure you can talk to him, and... W-with your pony SOUL you can pass through the barrier! S-so no worrying, OK? J-just forget about it and smile" Alphys assured Celestia.

The pony felt much better, "Thanks Alphys"


With a reassured smile, Celestia moved on to the next area.

As the pony got out from the elevator, she instantly noticed a shop run by a spider monster. Celestia quickly trotted to the monster, "Hi there! I'm Celestia, what's your name?"

"Hello dearie, my name is Muffet~ Welcome to our parlour~ Interested in some of our spider pastries? All proceeds go to real spiders~" The spider monster, Muffet, introduced.

"Hey... By any chance, is this for the spider donation for the spider clans in the RUINS?" Celestia asked.

Muffet wore a shocked expression, then replace with a serious one. "How do YOU know about the spider migration? No one ever asks, or knows, the reason for our spider charities"

"Oh, it's beacause I donate to the spider bakery as often as I can! Those spiders are nice, we sometimes share recipes with each other! Though, I don't really have the, ingredients, for most of their pastries... It's still nice to chat to people who like cooking as much as I do!" Celestia explained to Muffet happily.

Muffet went into a silent shock, "You're the pony from the telegrams" She whispered to herself.


"Oh. Nothing dearie~" Muffet went back to her much more kinder tone, "But would you like some of our pastries? Only 9999G~"

Celestia awkwardly smiled, "Heheh, uh, I don't really have that much money..." Her eyes lit up, "But I can still donate for you!" She went into her satchel and grabbed 350G. "This should suffice, right?"

"Ahuhuhu~ Of course dearie~ You are very helpful to our cause!" Muffet grabbed the 350G.

"I should get going... Hopefully we'll meet again!" Celestia walked off.

"Bye bye dearie~ hope to meet again soon!"

The next area was full of steam plates, though it did not look as difficult as the steam puzzle before.


"Hi, Alphys here!" Alphys quickly greeted.

"So, are you going to explain how to beat it like usual?"

"Eheheh, you know it! This room is like the room we saw before. There are puzzles in the north and south... You'll have to solve them both to proceed!" Alphys confidently explained.

"OK, just one thing. Can I teleport to the north and south ports if I can't find my way through the steam plates?"

"...Um, I-I don't think there's anything stopping you...so go ahead!" The doctor replied, "...A-also...I'd like to say! I don't really...like giving away puzzle solutions. But if you need, just call me, ok? Wait! Wait! I have a better idea! Let's be friends on UnderNet! Then you could just ping me if you need help!" Alphys suggested.

"But, aren't we already friends? You signed me up in the first place and I always see your posts on UnderNet"

"O-oh...y-yeah, you've been reading my posts the whole time... Well! I hope! You agree with me! About the Season finale! OK bye!" The scientist awkwardly stated.


Celestia put the phone back and looked at the area, 'So I will go...south!' Using her knowledge from the previous puzzle, she nevigated her way to the south puzzle easily. When she went south she found that she needed to get through blue lasers on a conveyor belt, easier said than done. Luckily Celestia figured out the key to get by and made her way to the south puzzles entrance.


"Hi Alphys, what's up?"

"Hey! This um, doesn't have anything to do with guiding you... But... Uhh... Hey, would you watch to watch a pony TV show together??? Sometime???" Alphys awkwardly asked.

"Oh really? What's the show called?" Celestia questioned sarcastically.

"It's called, um, M... My Darling Ponies: Friendship Forever..."

"Sure! I'd watch it"

"R-really!?" Alphys replied in disbelief, "It's so good! It's um, my favourite TV show! It's all about this pony call Dusk twinkle and she's a talented unicorn tutored by the powerful princess! But she's also anti-social and doesn't wanna make friends! But like...Eventually the princess sends her away at a local town to meet friends! She doesn't like that, but she does it anyway because the princess says so! So she meets Zazy zulip, Orangebuck, Neon blitz, Diamond Variety and Creamtimid in that order! She doesn't want anything to do with them but then after the return of Nightdream lunamar aka princess Selena! Whoops spoilers! Dusk twinkle realises that these ponies are her friends and after that they all discover the power to defeat Nightdream lunamar and revert her back to princess Selena! AND THEN it turns out that the other princess predicted this and sent Dusk twinkle over to stop Lunamar and discover the magical power that was the power of friendship! So that was the first two episodes and the rest of season 1 is basically slice of life flicks until season two! Which is...!!! Is... Uh, well, um... OK WELL I almost spoiled the entire season, but um. Uhhh, I think you'd really like it!!!" Alphys took really deep breaths after she explained the show to Celestia.

"....Yeah, sound great.....are you ok?" She asked concerned.

"Eheheh...I'm fine. Don't worry!" Alphys reassured, getting her breath back, "We should watch it! After you get through all this!"

"Sound good to me"


Celestia put the phone back and went into the puzzle room.

The puzzle was quite easy, Celestia got the idea of what to do once she figured out the key.

She went out and whooshed to the north puzzle. When Celestia arrived, her SOUL jumped out, she was greeted with a little happy volcano.

"Hi! I'm Vulkin~" The volcanic monster greeted happily.

"Oh, hell-"

"V-vulkin! Back off the pony!!" Another monster yelled, it was some sort of mechanical flying monster, wearing a fancy hat on her head.

Vulkin gleefully smiled, "Ahh? But I'm helpful! Cause I'll get your crush to-"

"VULKIN! THIS ISN'T HELPING!!!!" Tusuneplane yelled angrily at the little monster.

Vulkin looked discourage "Ahh...not helpful...? OK..."

Meanwhile Celestia gave Tusuneplane a annoyed glance, "Why are you being so mean?"

The plane monster, appeared to be flustered, "Ehh? W-why do you care!?" She summoned planes to attack the pony, Celestia dodged easily.

Vulkin didn't attack, rather pout sadly. Celestia felt empathy towards it, she hugged it. Vulkin cheered up immediently "Ahh... So... LOVEY!"

Tusuneplane looked jealous while Celestia felt something burning. "Ahh! Hot! So hot!" Tusuneplane got even more jealous.

A barrage of plane and thunder attacks went Celestia's way, she luckily evaded all attacks. Celestia looked at Tusuneplane, then at Vulkin. The filly whispered to the volcanic monster, "Psst, what's up with the metal monster? Is she ok?"

Vulkins eyes beamed, she whispered back, "Tusuneplane like you~ Get close to her! Then she will think I'm helpful again"

Said plane monster looked furious, "What're you taking about!? What's so secret that I can't know!?! Huh?!" Celestia turned at stepped closer to Tusuneplane, but not too close. Tusuneplane appeared to be...blushing. "Ehh? P-pony...?"

Attacks came her way, Celestia saw green auras around the smaller planes, she moved her SOUL across most of them. It seemed to make the plane more flustered.

"Hey, how about we all stop fighting..." Celestia revealed her phone, "And just take a pic together!"

"Yea! I like pony's idea!!!" Vulkin wriggled it's weird rump in agreement.

Tusuneplane gave a small blush, then shook her head and glared, "F-fine! Only because I'm wearing my good hat!"

"I'll take that as a yes" Celestia got closer to Tusuneplane (making said monster extremely flustered) while Vulkin scooted up near both of them. "OK, smile for the picture!"


Celestia looked at the photo, "Looks good to me!"

Tusnueplane 'hmph'ed, "It only looks good because I'm in it"

"Suuure" Celestia said unconvinced. "Well, I should be on my way... See ya!" Celestia walked off, waving goodbye to the monsters.

After solving the puzzle, Celestia used the steam plates to get to the locked door. When she arrived, the door opened.


Celestia moved to the next area, strangely, the next area was covered in web... Spider webs....

Author's Note:

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