• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 41: Preparations

After waving goodbye to Sans, Celestia took a few steps back into the resort. But she heard a 'crink' noise from underneath her feat. '...?' Celestia looked down, it was a note. Curious to see what was written, the pony picked up the note.

Hey! Go up the alleyway on the right for some great deals!

Celestia, now curious, trotted over to the alleyway. She instantly saw two monsters. One that looked like a green alligator, the other, a purple cat. They were in a conversation and didn't notice the pony a few feet away. Celestia cleared her throat to gain their attention.

The two monsters turned around, and let out a surprised gasp.

"Bratty! Is that..."

"Catty! Is that...."

"The pop pony!!!"

The monsters, Bratty and Catty, squealed loudly, rushing up to a surprised Celestia.

"We're totally like... Your biggest fans!" Catty squealed along side Bratty.

"We're like... Your biggest fans!" Bratty squealed along side Catty.

"Oh. Um, thanks, I guess" Celestia didn't really know what to say, but then remembered. "Oh yeah! Do you two have stuff on sale? I'd like to check it out"

Bratty and Catty turned around and whispered to each other.

"Bratty! Oh my god! Pop pony wants to buy our stuff!" Catty whispered loudly in delight.

"Shh! Catty! Be cool! I like, got this" Bratty and Catty turned around and gave Celestia a big smile. "So, like, what do you want to buy?"

"We got junk food, mysterious things, old western outfits. All that stuff!"

"Usually, the stuff is like"

"TOTALLY wicked expensive!"

"But, like, for you, it's like"

"TOTALLY wicked cheap!"

"Huh, okay" Celestia looked at the junk food first, it looked sorta old. "Where'd you get this stuff?"

"I mean, like, where does anyone get guns, or food, or..."

"We found it in the garbage!" Catty immediately covered her mouth in a futile attempt to stop Celestia from knowing.


"It's, GOOD garbage"

"It's like, really good garbage!

"Oh, where exactly did you get the garbage?" Celestia was a bit reluctant to bye anything from the monsters.

"Like, the garbage store." Bratty rhetorically answered, Bratty and Catty gave each other a glance. "Waterfall mostly" The alligator answered honestly this time.

"I found a gun in the dumpster!" Catty added proudly.

Celestia looked at the items on sale, she saw something that caught her eye. An interesting shiny white cable. "Hey, what's this thing? It doesn't look like it came from Waterfall"

"Oh, that thing? It's a electrical cord ...I think. There's a pretty funny story to that" Bratty explained.

"Funny? Bratty, I think the word you're looking for is, ADORABLE" Catty remarked to her best friend.

The alicorn was now interested, "Well, can I hear it?"

Bratty and Catty both giggled, "Like there's any other option"

"So, like, we're here minding our own junk, y'know, making sure nobody touches it." Bratty explained

"But then, like, the most adorable cat comes near us! Oh my god! It was so cute!!! It was all fluffy and it was black and white and it had the most adorable pair of wings I've ever seen! " Catty squeed as she described the cat.

'When did cats have wings?' Celestia silently wondered, but still listened to the story.

"So, like, Catty was all over it in a flash, cuddling and cooing. Then, like, it gave Catty this weird cord thing and some weird note. Now, we usually don't buy stuff, but like, this cat didn't look like it wanted money. Then, like, it was gone after that. It was, like, totes weird"

"Aww come on, Bratty" Catty whined to her friend. "You gotta admit that cat was fricking adorbs! All cats are" Catty posed cutely as she said the last statement.

"Yeah you're right"

"There so..."



Catty gave Bratty a shock glance.


They both laughed, "Bratty, NOO!!!"

"I'm just kidding!! Kind of" Bratty looked back at Celestia, "So like, do you want to buy it?"

"Its only 75G"

Celestia looked at her satchel, there was still a lot of G she had left, "Sure! I'll buy it. But can I also see that weird note?" Celestia handed them 75G, Bratty gave her the cord and weird note. Celestia looked at the note, it was badly written, and the words didn't make sense. The only words she could understand was 'hi' and 'pony'.

Hi reira ! taea e koe te hoatu i tenei pai ki pony hoki ahau ? Mauruuru koe ! :) I te ara , e kore e korerotia ki te tangata te tīari ahau , e pupuri ahau he kōtaha iti , whakawhetai .

'Maybe it's in another language?' Celestia was still curious about the note, but she had another thing in mind. "So, what does the cord do?"

"Well, like, it looks like a cable"

"And like, cables usually put things in other things and stuff like that!"

"Its basically like, science-y stuff"

"Hmm..." 'Maybe Alphys knows what this thing is' Celestia put the note and cable in her satchel and waved goodbye to the allycat and alligator.

Celestia made her way out of the hotel, and near the entrance of the CORE. 'This is it'



"Hey...! Uh, this is Undyne..." Undyne introduced.

"Hey Undyne! What's up?"

"Well, uh...Shut up Papyrus! I'm trying to speak!" Undyne's voice could be heard, although muffled, "PONY!!! You have to deliver something for me!!!"

"Can I do it later?"

"WHAT?!? NO! You have to do it now!!!" Undyne roared through the phone.

"Ok, I'll do it later, don't worry, I'll talk back in.... Probably an hour from now"



Celestia knew Undyne wanted something badly, but she had another things to get through. After dealing with the CORE, she would do the task. Celestia walked towards the entrance of the CORE, filled with DETERMINATION.

Author's Note:

Well ko e tino tahi mea . Te ti'aturi nei e ahau humarie hanga Celestia tona ara i roto i te matua . Mai kore ai Alphys e a tawhio noa hoki te nuinga o te reira . Heheheh

Isn't google translate the best?

Heoi, waiho he rite ki te kē koe e kore , ka korero ki ahau, ki ta koutou whakaaro i roto i te kōrero i raro iho .

e ko te te reira hoki inaianei ...

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