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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 6: Learning magic part 1

The little alicorn yawned and stretched as she stirred from her sleep. Her vision was blurry, but she could see a plate of pie on the floor. Her eyes shot open. 'How long have I been asleep!' She looked around and quickly got out of bed, her muscles were a bit sore, but the pony shook of the pain. She looked at the slice of pie, it looked delicious, a bit cold, but still delicious, Celestia crouched down and took a nibble at the Cinnamon-butterscotch pie. Celestia loved it, she then it all in one bite. "Mmm mm" There was pie crumbs all over the filly face, but she didn't care.

Celestia trotted out of her room and looked around the hallway, it seemed to be day time, the filly wasn't sure, she saw a slightly open door next to her room. 'That must be mom's room' she thought. The alicorn dicided to poke her head in. There was no one in the room, so she just found it pointless to explore the bedroom, for now. She stepped out and walked to the main entrance, she saw another room, and trotted in. She found Toriel, placing some pancakes on the table.

"Ah, awake already I see" Toriel said with a cheerful smile.

Celestia yawned "Did you *yawn* make these for me?"

Toriel laughed "I just want you to know how glad I am to have someone here. Sit down child"

Toriel and Celestia were eating pancakes happily, but the monster noticed that the pony didn't use any knifes or forks, she just ate it using her mouth, which made the mess on her muzzle even messier. "Child" Toriel said, getting the filly's attention. "I was wondering, why are you not using the cutlery?"

"Mu whaut?" Celestia asked with a mouth full of food.

"The forks and knifes next to your plate." Toriel answered.

The filly gulped her food down, "Oh, but how can I pick them up? I don't exactly have a special talent to pick up small things with one hoof" Celestia explained, waving her hooves around.

"Well, why not use magic? Telekinesis to be exact." Toriel stated. Which made the alicorn more confused.

"H-how do I use that?" The pony asked.

The goat monster thought for a minute."How about I teach you after we finish breakfast"

Celestia beamed, she scoffed all her pancakes in one minute and licked the plate. After she finished, she looked at her mother with a excited face, and in anticipation, but was greeted with a face of complete shock. The pony's eye saddened, "Did, did I do something bad?"

Toriel's eyes twitched, but then she was howling in laughter. "Heh, heh, Celestia that was, hah, hah, that was, heehee." She couldn't even finish her sentence without laughing like a madwoman. Celestia was really confused, but also happy to see her mom laughing at a, joke, she apparently did. Luckily, Toriel's laughter died down, and looked at her, almost, empty plate of pancakes. "Well, heh, my child I suppose can start teaching magic." Celestia beamed, "But, after we clean your face, you look like a mess." The pony pouted and looked and her muzzle, it was covered in syrup, pancake crumbs, and some leftover pie crumbs.

After cleaning up the alicorn's muzzle and mouth, as well as clearing the table, they sat near the fireplace. "Celestia, you are no ordinary pony." Toriel explained.

"Why's that?" The alicorn questioned.

"Well, usually ponies either have wings, to fly. Horns, to use magic, or neither. You, on the other hand, have both wings, and a horn." The monster stated, pointing at her horn and wings.

"But, then what's the difference?" The alicorn asked.

"That is the difference, never in monster history, has there been a pony with the wings of a pegasus, and a horn of a unicorn. I do not know how powerful ponies like you are, but we can find out."

"How?" The filly asked

"I shall teach you everything I know, monster magic isn't as strong as pony magic, it is true, but there are a lot of simarlarities. I can teach you the basics. How to use telekinesis, teleportation, and shield spells. Does that sound alright?" The goat monster asked.

"It sounds fantastic!" Celestia cheered happily. Toriel smiled.

"Let us begin then"

Toriel showed Celestia the fork from earlier. "Child, before you do any magic, you must be calm and relaxed. I suggest closing your eyes and taking deep breaths." As Toriel suggested, Celestia closed her eyes and took deep Breaths. "You must have a clear mind for this to work. Keep breathing, and imagine the fork floating in the air." The alicorn took breaths, in, out, in, out. She imagined the fork floating above her mom's head. Celestia heard her mother gasp and opened her eyes. The fork was in some yellow aura, and was floating in midair.

"I-I did it" Celestia said in disbelief.

"Ok, now try to imagine the fork moving in midair." Toriel said with a wise tone. Celestia took the advice and the fork appear the move in midair.

"WooHoo! I did it!" The pony hopped. The fork suddenly snapped into two and lost it's yellow glow and fell to the ground. "Awww" The alicorn groaned.

"It is okay dear, you did extremely well." The boss monster said happily, Celestia's eyes twinkled, she grinned.

"It's just like moving my SOUL, except... actually yeah, it's just like moving my SOUL." The alicorn stated.

"Yes but your heart and the fork are just small things. When using telekinesis you may have to pick up bigger things, or pick up large quantities of objects. We should practice you telekinesis until you past the final test." Toriel explained.

"What's the final test?" The alicorn asked.

"It is quite simple actually, you have to use your magic to pick me up safely, and then lift me back down. Do you think your up for the challenge?" The boss monster asked.

Celestia was a bit scared if what happened to the fork, would happened to Toriel. But she had something in her that made her say she could do it a hundred times. "I'm up for anything." Celestia said with determination.

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Learning magic is fun.

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