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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 33: *Dadadoo~* *Dadadoo~* *Dadadoo~* *Dadadoo~* *Dadadoo~* *Dadadoo-

Celestia enter the harsh unforgiving heat of hotland, and felt absolutely no heat. The filly sighed in relief, 'Goodbye uncomfortable heat, hello...um... cool air? I'll work on that'

The alicorn took a few steps away from the lab, until.


A vibration on the phone called out to Celestia. Said pony lifted phone up and looked for anything new.

ALPHYS updated status.
just realised i didn't watch undyne fight the pony v. v

'So I can see what Alphys is thinking about? This must be the perks of social network... Wait, what the heck that?' Celestia inspected the 'v. v' wondering what it meant. 'I don't get it what's this suppose to...ooooohhhhhh...' The filly looked in realisation, 'That's so cool! I wanna try that! How do you make it smile?'


ALPHYS updated status.
well I know she's unbeatable i'll just ask her abt it later ^. ^

'Ooohhhh...thanks Alphys, how'd read my mind? Probably with a, mind reader" Celestia snickered at the bad pun she just made.

She slowly trotted onwards but kept close attention on the phone. She check her profile page and looked at her status. 'What should I write...?'


'Another one?'

ALPHYS updated her status.
for now I gotta call up the pony and guide them =^. ^=

Celestia slowly figured out the '=' marks were shrug symbols, and again, marvelled at the fact stuff like that exists.

'I got to do that stuff to'. She went back to her status page and began to write.

Hi everyone! This is my first time writing one of these, soooo... Yay!

She stopped writing, 'hmm...what symbols should I use? I can't use Alphys' she might think I'm copying...got it!' She wrote two more symbols

Hi everyone! This is my first time writing one of these, soooo... Yay! :)

'Perfect' She continued writing up her status.

Hi everyone! This is my first time writing one of these, soooo... Yay! :) .If you don't know who I am, I'm the pony in the video sing the pop song. Hence the name I guess =^. ^=. Anyways I'm just at Hotland chilling, ;). I'd like to be your friend. Until next time!

"Annnd send. This is fun"



COOLSKELETON95 sent you a friend request


Strongfish45 sent you a friend request


Frogguy sent you a friend request


Flexmaster;) sent you a friend request


As the sound kept repeating, Celestia sweat dropped, 'I have the feeling that I-' "WOAAH!" Celestia felt something moving herself. She looked down to see some sort of horizontal escalator. 'How'd I get here...? Oh right I was walking" She looked back at her phone, which was still beeping with friend requests, 'OK...accept, accept, accept...nope....accept, accept-'

It was like this for most of the time, accepting all of the friend requests and occasionally having Alphys update saying something cute and bizarre or she would call the pony soon, even though she didn't. Celestia also accidently activated strange steam pressure plates that used pressurised steam to move Celestia to another part of the path that would've been unreachable if it weren't for said pressure plates.

The alicorn continued walking and accepting all the requests made by every monster, by now she already had 400 friends and counting.


'Oh, Alphys is finally calling'

"Uh, hi, so the blue lasers... Uhh! I mean, Alphys here! Hi! So, the blue lasers won't hurt you if you don't move!" Alphys awkwardly explained through the phone.

"Blue lasers? What blue..." Celestia stopped looking at the phone and instead looked forward. In front of her, a laser, the laser was orange. "Oh! Those lasers, wait, the one infront of me is orange. What's that mean?"

"O-orange ones, um... Y-you have to be moving and they... Um, they won't um... Move through those ones! ... Uh, bye!"


'Well I guess I have to put down the phone an-'


ALPHYS updated status. OMG I DID IT!!! Claws haven't shook like that since undyne called me to ask about the weather... v. v

Celestial smiled at the post, 'Good for you Alphy~ Wait, there's weather down here?'



The pony looked at the post and put two and two together for the second time. She then squealed 'It's so cute!... Oh right, puzzles'

Celestia looked at the orange laser infront of her, she rushed past it, no damage was taken. Celestial looked back at the beam 'That was easy' she turned around to see many more, most of them were moving blue lasers. The pony face hoofed 'Of course I jinxed it'.

She carefully manoeuvred halfway through the lasers, then accidentally got damaged by a 2 blue moving laser. She huffed angrily and teleported her way to the end of the laser barrage. 'It isn't cheating if it's completely unfair, which it was'

Celestia noticed a red switch near the lasers, she instinctively switched it. The lasers went off, 'Huh, convenient.... Now where was I' Celestia trotted onwards accepting every friend request.

'Accept, accept, accept, acc- oh hey there's no more request! Finally' the pony gave out a sigh of relief, she had accepted every friend request given to her and now had around 1000s friends. Only 3 of which were actually her friends.


"A-A-Alphys here!!!! So, uh.. Th....the northern door will stay locked until you... S-solve the puzzles on the right and left! I...I think you sh-should g-g-go to the right first!" Alphys hastily instructed.

Celestia nodded in understanding "Got it!"


Celestia looked at the steam plates infront of her, when the middle one was pointing to the right, she quickly jumped on. It blew her to the right side. 'Okay, time to work some puzzling magic!'


ALPHYS updated status. wonder if it would be unfun if I explained the puzzle...

'Hmm...it would be nice if she explained it... And if she could help me find where it is'

Celestia walked forwards to see two monsters laying around, "Um, excuse me. Are there any puzzles around here?" The alicorn asked.

One of the monsters turned to face her, "...It's just over there, in the next room" he hesitated for a moment, "By any chance, are you the actual, Pop pony?"

The question made the other monster turn around to face Celestia. Said pony sweat dropped "Um...yeah. I'm the... Pop pony...what's wrong with that?"

"Oh, nothing. Can we get a pic with you though? It'd be cool to post it online"

The pony smiled "Yeah sure!" She teleported up to both of them "So... Do you have a camera or something?"

"I got one" The second monster gave Celestia a phone. She lift it up.

"Smile for the camera~"


Celestia turned the phone around to see the photo, "Nice"

"Hey, did you know that some TV show called MTT had a cosplayer look like you? I mean, they even got the flowing mane right. That takes some serious special effects" The first monster explained.

Celestia awkwardly laughed "Yeah, 'cosplayer'" Celestia gave them back the phone. "I have to get back to solving puzzles. Bye!" She walked to the northern area.

It was a simple puzzle that was easy enough to solve. Celestia finished it quite quickly and teleported back to the other area. She activated the steam pressure plate to advance to the next puzzle.

Her path was blocked by a single blue laser. 'This is still unfair....maybe if I-?'


"Alphys! Here! Th-that blue laser seems totally impassable! B-b-but! As the Royal scientist I can-"

Celestia teleported from one side of the laser to the other. "You know I teleport through these things, right Alphys?"


"Y-y-yeah! Of c-course I did! It's totally obvious you could do that! B-but I should hack into th-the system to turn o-off the laser so you can...save up your magic...?"

"Yeah, I guess you can do that"

"O-of course I can! That was my plan in the first place! Eheheheheh!"

The blue laser behind her shut off.

"Thanks for the help Alphys!"

"N-no problem!"


'Okay where's the-"

"Oh my goodness!!! You're the Pop pony!" A fiery monster infront of her spoke up. "Can we please have your autograph!"

"Um...I don't have anything to autograph, how about I take a pic with you guys instead?" Celestia suggested taking out her phone.

Celestia walked up next to them, she help the phone up high. "Smile for the camera!"


Celestia once again, turned the phone around to see the picture, "Looks good!"

"Thanks for that, I really appreciate it" The fire monster blushed.

"No problem!" With that said and done, Celestia made her way to the puzzle entrance.

This puzzle was slightly harder for the filly to solve, but Celestia stayed focus and figured it out. She smiled with DETERMINATION, "There, now I can go back too the door" She teleported back to the steam plates.

Celestia waited for the steam plate to point upwards, then activated it as soon as it flickered. She looked at the massive metal door blocking the path to progress.


The metal door slowly opened up. Celestia happily continued forward.


ALPHYS updated status. whatever!!! I'll just explain it!!!


"Uhh...I think...Umm... Hey! About the puzzles on the left and right...! They're a bit difficult to explain but..."

"Oh those puzzles, I already solved them! Don't worry about explaining it" Celestia reassured.

"...oh, you already s-solved them?"

"Yeah, there were pretty easy"



Celestia moved to the next area, by steam plates!. But she was wondering why the ground was so... polka-dotted.

to be continued

Author's Note:

So Celestia is basically the o.g celebrity before MTT got EX'D.

Also those selfies are just the beginning, every monster in Hotland with get a pic with the Pop pony. (Even Tusuneplane) That how you spell her name!?! I dunno I don care

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