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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 4: Exploring the RUINS part 2

After the call, Celestia looked around. There was a line of spikes blocking her way to the next room, and a rock with a pressure plate directly infront of it. The filly had an idea, she pushed the rock towards the pressure plate. The spikes seemed to disappear into the ground. 'This is to easy' Celestia thought smugly.

Just as she said her SOUL jumped out and a Froggit hopped close. "Oh, another frog, uh, hi." Celestia talked to the frog. Froggit just croaked and jumped to attack the pony's SOUL, said SOUL dodged out of the way. 'What do I do? What do I do? What do- I got it!' Celestia complemented Froggit, the monster didn't understand what she said, but was flattered anyway. Froggit jumped to hit the white heart, but the SOUL dodged out of the way, Froggit seemed reluctant to fight her, the alicorn noticed this. "Do you, want to spare me?" Celestia asked the monster. The Froggit seemed to understand and hopped away. Celestia could hear something in her satchel, she looked and saw 2 pieces of gold in the brown bag. 'Does that happen every time I spare someone? Cool'. The filly was happy to find she got a reward from the fight, even though she didn't know where it came from. She moved to the next room.

Celestia noticed the strange vent from before, as well as the cracks on the floor. Only this time, the cracks were all over the room. The alicorn looked at her wings and looked at the floor. 'Here we go now'. She stepped on the broken floor and glided down below. She didn't expect to see roses everywhere. Celestia landed and saw the pathway in the rose bushes and memorised it.

The pony walked to the door, but a jelly looking creature was in her way. Her soul jumped out as the creature wobbled. 'I don't have time for this' Celestia thought. Suddenly the white heart seemed to grow arms and legs and walked back into her chest. "Sorry jelly monster, maybe next time" She smiled softly to the moldsmal as she walked to the door.
She went back up and used her memory to figure out the hidden pathway. She went to the next room.

There were three rocks for the puzzle this time, as Celestia pushed two onto the pressure plates, she was about to push the third one until, "WHOA there, pardner. Who said you could push me around?" The rock monster spoke, startling the filly.

"Uuuhh, well could you move juuuust a little bit? Pretty pretty please." Celestia said making puppy eyes. She swore the rock just 'hhnngggh' quietly.

"Well, ok, just for you pumpkin" The rock moved, but not that much. Celestia resisted the urge to facehoof.

"Well, that's good, but maybe move onto the pressure plate instead, do you think you can do that?" The filly asked.

"Hmm? I think I got it." The rock moved onto the pressure plate.
Celestia heard a *click*, sound and saw the spikes had disappeared into the ground. "Was that helpful?" The monster asked.

"Yes, thank you Mr rock" The pony trotted to the next room, only for the spikes to reappear again. "Huh?" The alicorn looked back and saw the rock had moved out of place. Celestia sighed and walked back. "Do you think you can stay on the pressure plate until I get out?" Celestia kindly asked.

"Hmm? You wanted me to stay there? You're really giving me a workout." The rock went onto the pressure plate again as well as the spikes disappearing. The filly thanked it and trotted off to the next room.

In the next room there was just a hole in the wall and a piece off cheese on a table. Celestia payed no mind to it, but moved the table a little bit closer to the mouse hole, it filled her with... something. She heard a squeak. That made her satisfied about what she had done and trotted to the next room.

"Uuuhhh" What the pony saw in the next room surprised her, there was a ghost, sitting on a rose bush, repeating the letter 'z', pretending to sleep. "Um, hello there" Celestia said poking at the ghost when suddenly, her SOUL came out.

Here comes nabstablook.
Celestia gave the ghost a patient smile.
"Heh..." Napstablook looked just a little bit better. The ghost seemed to cry tears to attack the filly's SOUL, she swiftly dodged them all.

Celestia told Nabsatblook a little joke. "What do you call a dog on fire? A hot dog!"

"Heh, heh... Really not felling up to it right now. Sorry." Cheering seemed to have improved Nabstablook's mood again.
Nabstablook wants to show the pony something. "Let me try..." The ghost then made his tears go up, he made a stylish hat.
"I call it 'dapper blook'... Do you like it?" The monster eagerly waits the ponys response.

"It looks, fabulous!" The filly said with a sassy tone.

"Ohh gee..." The alicorns SOUL went back to her chest. The fight was over.
"I usually come to the ruins because there's nobody around... but today I met somebody nice.... oh I'm rambling again, I'll get out of your way." Just like that, Nabstablook vanished.

The filly smiled and made her way to the next room.

Author's Note:

seeing the views on this story, it fills me with DETERMINATION!
It took me four chapters to say that, now I'm unoriginal, like everyone else! :trollestia:

But seriously 79 view!? Holy filly Celestia! thanks everybody :pinkiesmile:.

Btw, if you have noticed I'm really bad at editing, sorry for that. If you find any typos, leave them in the comments so I can edit it (that's how it works right?) if you do that it will fill me and Celestia with more DETERMINATION!

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