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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 12: I have.....DETERMINATION (and feels...a lot of feels...)

A/N listen to this while Celly and goat mom fight

It's sure to make goosebumps appear on your skin, here's the Link

Toriel blocks the way....

Celestia looked at her mother in despair 'I don't want to do this' Toriel waved her hands, a string of fire balls came right at her white heart. She dodges them. 'Moms strong, but I can be stronger! In the real way!' Celestia tried to think about something to talk about, but she couldn't think of any conversation topics.

"..." Toriel looks through the filly, she strikes a wave of fire balls, the alicorn's little white heart dodge them all, barely.

Celestia looked at her, "Mom, I'm not going to fight!" She yelled out to her.

Toriel's response was silence "........." The boss monster prepared another magical attack.

The filly got hit by the fireballs a few times, she then went through her satchel and ate a spider doughnut, she felt a bit better. "Mom! Please, I'm not going to hurt you!" Celestia yelled out, tears pricking her eyes.

The monster looked at her "What are you doing?" More magical attacks came at the filly.

"Mom, please I don't want to fight you!" Celestia shouted, trying to persuade her to stop.

But Toriel shouted back "You have to fight me! Just attack me!" and unleashed a magical attack. The alicorn dodge, Toriel was waiting to get hit by her, but the alicorn just wouldn't fight.

Celestia looked at her mother, "Mom, there's got to be a better way!" Toriel was acting aloof.

"...What are you proving this way?" Toriel just wanted to do her best for Celestia, she knew that. But Celestia wouldn't attack her, she just looked at her, tears dropping down her face. Looking pained, but not from her attacks, from what she was telling her. To fight, like it was a kill or be killed world.

"Stop it..." Toriel said in a stern yet also shaky voice. She used another attack, Celestia just kept dodging, but she never attacked, the filly just kept staring at her. "Stop looking at me that way..." Toriel managed to take her eyes off of her daughter and summoned more fire balls.

Celestia couldn't bring herself to hurt Toriel. This upset said monster, "Celestia, you have to hurt me! It's the only way!"

Finally, the pony had enough of this, "NO!!!" she screamed out. The monster was shocked, but her face was keeping her true feelings hidden. Celestia looked at Toriel in anger, "IT CAN'T BE THE ONLY WAY!!! The alicorn screeched, tears rushing down, Toriel took a deep breath and looked away, sending fire balls at her soul. Celestia's heart dodge them all. "MOM!! PLEASE STOP THIS, YOU KNOW I CAN'T HURT YOU!! Toriel still didn't look the pony in the eye, but she looked so sad.

As she unleashed another attack, Celestia was prepared to dodge them, but they appeared to be, dodging her heart. The filly's eyes widened, 'She isn't attacking me?' "M-mom?"

"I know you want to stay here but..." The pony took a small step towards the goat monster. "Please... fight me..." Celestia took another step, Toriel appeared to have tears peicking her eyes. "If you do not, I will never know if you cannot cross the barrier...if you cannot defeat Asgore..." Celestia stepped towards her mother again, tears flowing down both Celestia's, and Toriel face. "I know we have so much here together... but please, I cannot watch you suffer down here... I need to know if you can survive on your own..." Celestia was now in front of her weeping mother. "W-why are you making this so-so difficult"

Celestia hugged Toriel, crying into her shoulder. "M-mom, I k-know I can't be here, b-but why do I need to fight. I've been through the Ruins, I've met every monsters here, I never had to fight them. So why do I have to f-fight Asgore?"

Toriel said nothing for awhile, she just hugged her daughter tightly. "..."

Celestia waited to here a response, finally, Toriel stepped back from the hug, but never left her gaze. "M-mom?"

"Ha, ha... Pathetic, is it not? I had asked you to do something I knew you could never do... Just so I could feel better about myself.." Toriel took a deep breath. "Celestia I have only two wishes I request from you... The first wish is to find a way to cross the barrier. The second, is make sure you do not let them... Asgore...Take your soul. Can you do that for me my child?" Toriel asked

"I will, only if you do one wish for me" The pony stated, Toriel was about to ask until Celestia suddenly wiped away her mother's tears. "Keep, being happy ok? I know it will be hard, but I can't stand to see you cry" Her mother chuckled a little a nodded.

With one last hug they said their goodbyes "I love you mom"

"I love you to, my child. Be safe" Toriel began to walk back into the house, looking at the pony one last time, before she walked away, wiping the tears out of her eyes. Celestia looked at the doorway and went into the next room.

As Celestia trotted forward down the seemingly endless hallway, she could feel her heart beat loudly, 'Why...? Why can't she come with me? Why do only ponies get through the barrier?' She kept trotting, remembering all the good times she had with Toriel. The alicorn stopped at one memory that went through her mind, the magic test. She remembered all the things Toriel had said, how she was not like ordinary ponies, how she was extremely powerful. 'I'm not like other ponies, I'm powerful..." A thought came into her mind, a thought that would change the course of monster and pony history forever.

'I could find away to break the barrier, without dieing, without being killed' Celestia trotted with an emotion, a powerful one.

She trotted with DETERMINATION. 'I promise mom... I promise I'll find away to get you out of here, so you can live with me, together on the surface. I promise..."

Celestia kept walking, until she saw something- no, someone. Someone she wished she would never see again. "Flowey" she said with hatred. The damn flower was in the middle of the room, with a smug look on his face.

"Clever. Verrrryyy clever." The flower said smugly, the pony just glared at him. "You think you're really smart don't you? You didn't have to kill anybody, this time. In this world, it's kill or be killed. So you were able to play by your own rules. Spared the life of your cherished mother. Hee hee hee..."

Celestia couldn't take anymore of this "Get to the point, bozo"

Flowery didn't seem to take offence, "Name calling? That's just mean. But alright, what would happen if you meet a relentless killer?" Celestia raised a brow, Flowey's face turned a bit more gruesome "You'll die, and you'll die, and you'll die." His face turned back to his smug form "Until you tire of trying. What will you do then?" Flowey's face changes again, into a more eviler look "Will you kill out of frustration? Or will you give up one this world entirely... and let ME inherit the power to control it?"

Celestia tried to stomp on the despicable flower, but he dodge out of the way. "I will NEVER let you control the world!"

Flowey kept that stupid smug, evil, grin on his face. "I am the prince of this world's future. Dont worry, little princess, my plan isn't regicide. This is SO much more interesting" Flowey laughed wickedly. Celestia charged up a laser attack to demolish the damn plant, but he got away.

'Stupid flower! I'll show him, one day' and with that Celestia opened the door...

to the rest of the underground....

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