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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 23: Through the Waterfall part 1

After noping out of a fight...again, and taking a break...again, the pony looked up and saw many sparkling rocks on the ceiling. Celestia raised a brow, 'what room am I in?' She looked around once more to see many echo flowers, one telescope, and a sign engraved on the wall. Celestia checked out the sign first.


Celestia had grown more curious, she looked a an echo flower that was next to the sign. The filly walked up to it, no sound was coming out of the flower, 'How exactly do these things work?' Celestia nudged the blue plant with her hoof, the echo flower produced sound.

"A long time ago, monsters would whisper their wishes into the sky. If you wished with all your heart, your wish would come true. Now, all we have are these sparkling rock on the ceiling...

Celestia looked up to see the rocks again, then looked at the other echo flowers. 'Monsters made wishes here?' The filly saw the telescope in the room with her. She was curious enough to check it out. There appeared to be words on the telescope's lense, the filly moved the telescope around until the telescope was looking at a big and sparkling rock, it read 'Check Wall' with a little arrow pointing forward.

Celestia looked where the arrow was pointing, there was a wall. The alicorn put two and two together and checked the wall out. It opened up, revealing a pathway to move forward.

Celestia was on a dock of some sort, with more writing engraved on the wall. The writing was ancient, but Celestia could just make out the words. The topic of writing made the filly shiver.

The war of Ponies and Monsters

Celestia took note that more writing was engraved in the walls, she read more.

Why did the Ponies attack?
Indeed, it seemed that they had nothing to fear.
Ponies are unbelievably strong.
It would take the SOUL of nearly every monster...
...just to equal the power of a single pony SOUL

But ponies have one weakness.
Ironically, it is the strength of their SOUL.
Its power allows it to persist outside the pony body, even after death.

If a monster defeats a pony, they can take its SOUL.
A monster with a pony SOUL...
A horrible beast with unfathomable power

The last sign was an illustration of a strange creature. Celestia was very disturbed about how the drawing was drawn. The alicorn, realised there were no more signs, only a small plank of drift wood, and river to another dock. The filly cautiously jumped on the plank and began to move. The filly reached the dock, but when she jumped off of the plank, it drifted away, back to the other side.

Celestia continued forward and reached a dimly lit part of the cavern. Celestia couldn't help but feel a sense of anxiety. She walked some more, until...


"AAUUGH!" Celestia screamed as a light blue spear came from her right, and almost skewered her. She quickly turned her head, she had recognised who had thrown it.


Right as the pony said it, Undyne appeared, summoning more spears to strike Celestial down. Said pony ran for her life, dodging the countless amounts of spears being thrown at her. The filly was fast, but Undyne could catch up.

Celestia spotted tall grass and made a beeline to it. The alicorn quickly jumped in the grass, and stood as still as she could.

*Clunck Clunck Clunck Clunck...

Celestia held her breath, the armoured monster was right next to her. Undyne suddenly raised her arm, this was it, Celestial closed her eyes. The pony heard a swoop, but felt nothing. She opened her eyes, only to see M.K. The little monster had gotten grabbed instead of her! Undyne raised M.K to her face, then put M.K back down, Undyne walked off.

Celestia hesitated at first, but then ran out of the tall grass. Breathing deeply, she realised that M.K was still in there. "Uh...M.K? Are you alright?"

M.K quickly responded, "Yo...I'm alright!" The monster ran out of the grass excitedly, and reviled Celestia, "But yo...did you see that!? Undyne just....TOUCHED ME!" M.K squealed like a fangirl. "I'm never washing my face ever again...! Man, are you unlucky. If you were just standing a LITTLE bit to the left...!"

Celestia forced a smile to appear "Heh heh, yeah...don't remind me..."

Luckily, M.K didn't here the last part, the monster was to exited to notice, "Yo, don't worry! I'm sure we'll see her again!" With that, M.K rushed off, and fell on his face, but quickly got up and ran again.

Celestia giggled at M.K's antics. She trotted to the next room.

Celestia continued forward until she saw a familiar small skeleton next to a telescope. The pony gasped happily and walked towards the skeletons "Sans! I can't believe you got here before me"

Sans looked at Celestia "heh heh, yeah. hey, i'm thinking about getting into the telescope business. it's normally 500000G to use this premium telescope...but...since i know you, you can use it for free. howzabout it?"

Celestia was sceptical, but accepted the offer. When she used the telescope, all she could see was red. Celestia looked at Sans with a confused face "I don't get it... Why's it red...what's wrong with the telescope?" Sans didn't answer, he was holding in laughter. Celestia's eyes widened in realisation. She quickly rubbed her hoof on the eye she was looking through the telescope with, she pulled away to see her hoof with red paint on it. "Ooooooooooohhhhh! Sans!"

Sans was to busy laughing at Celestia's angry but adorable expression. "don't-hue hue-worry tia...heheheheh...people who aren't satisfied get-heheh- a full refund!" By now Sans was laughing his skull off.

"Heh...heh heh heh heh! HAHEHEHEHHAHA!" Celestia joined the small skeleton's laughter fit. "How did I NOT see that coming!" The filly laughed some more, as well as Sans, who shrugged the question off.

After a good minute off laughing, Celestia and Sans calmed down. "I really needed that. Thanks uncle"

Sans raised a non-existent brow, "uncle?" Celestia froze, "hey, don't worry about it tia. i'm just jokin' with ya. you can call uncle anytime"

Celestia looked at Sans surprised "R-really?" Sans nodded, Celestia grinned widely "Thanks, uncle Sans" The filly felt a bit weird saying it at first, but it also felt nice. She said her goodbyes to Sans and went off.

Author's Note:

*Singing to the tune of Thriller'

But this ain't FILLER~ FIL-LER NAH~ I'd rather call it 'foreshadowing' if ya-do not mi~nd~!

Ok I'll stop....

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