• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Little ray of sunshine - KDS-Writingindustries

A filly goddess of the sun is now a filly being raised in the land of the underground. What could go wrong?

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Have you ever heard of Equestria? If so, you might have heard of the War that took place there. Long ago, PONIES and MONSTERS were at war. However, It was unclear about why the War started in the first place. Nevertheless, the ponies claimed victory. Even though the monsters had brute strength and size on their side, the ponies' magic was much more powerful than their own. The ponies had banished the monsters deep underground, trapping them by using their powerful magic to create a barrier to make sure no monster ever breaks through. Not even the strongest of monsters nor the most powerful of magicians could break through the magical barrier. The monsters were stuck, banished to the underground with no simple way out. There was only one foreseeable solution. They knew that if they collected 7 pony SOULS, they could break free from their prison. It was only a matter of time.

Many years later...

It was dark, so very dark that the only thing you could see was a spot of a ray of sunlight, showering a small patch of beautiful golden flowers. In the middle of said patch of flowers laid a small sleeping pony. Her shiny white coat and gently flowing mane of blue, green, and magenta was what made her stand out from the flowers. Another noticeable aspect about her was that she had both a horn and wings, which was extremely rare for pony kind. Lastly, she appeared to be about 7 years old, while already having the image of a shining sun emblazoned upon her flank.
After some time, the little alicorn stirred from her slumber. One thing she noticed immediately was just how dark the room she was in appeared to be.

"Hello?" The little pony meeped into the darkness.

She slowly began to stand up, taking in what she could discern about her surroundings. Luckily she saw some sort of entrance to her left, and began to walk towards it. As she reached the entrance she spotted before, a small golden flower like the ones she saw before jumped out of the ground to meet her. One key difference was that this small flower had a little face.

"Howdy, I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!"

To Be Continued.....

Author's Note:

So did ya like it? Yes, no (maybe so)
Comment down in the comments what you think of the story.
(or else flowey will kill you)
Anyways, I'd like to thank tatsurou for his many stories that inspired me to write this one
BTW he's on board with the idea.

That's it for now

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